I've never had any aspirations about being potus; but, I've always thought it would be cool to know someone who did. Being a kid from the the 'hood; I never thought I'd see the day that it was even a possibility.

I met Martin O' Malley in the 9th grade at Gonzaga College High School in Washington, D.C. when I was 14. Marty was everyone's friend, even back then. I think we all knew that politics would be his calling.

We were classmates for only one year. I left the school the following year; but, I never forgot that kid, Marty. There was always something special about that guy. I vaguely remember him preventing a food fight in the cafeteria as a freshman. That's an incredible feat for a faculty member, let alone a scrawny freshman.

Eventually, I heard about some guy named O'Malley winning the election for Mayor of Baltimore. I was incredulous, like, nah, it can't be. He looked older; but, it was still the same ol' Marty. I started thinking then, what if he goes all the way to the White House, wouldn't that be cool?

A few years go by and he's running for governor. I see him campaigning on T.V. and anywhere else he can be seen. I see other candidates at the subway station and start to wonder, will Marty show up one day?

My question was answered when I saw a tall guy in a suit shaking hands with everyone. I was disappointed because the Marty I knew was about 5'6" and maybe 100lbs. This guy resembled him; but, I just wasn't sure. So, I walk up to this guy to shake hands and get a closer look. I was face to face with him and simply asked, "Did you go to Gonzaga?". Suddenly, he lights up and says, "Smith!!, I remember you, man. How are ya?"

We had had a brief reunion. I couldn't believe he remembered how I dominated the games in gym class. He recalled how fast I used to be....."I remember you being as fast as all get out".

I was glad he remembered me. I was more satisfied that it was actually him. After seeing him on T.V. and the news for years; I'd always hoped I would come face to face with him. We may as well had been back in school for those brief moments. We were just old classmates reminiscing for a few minutes. I wished him good luck and he asked if he could count on my vote. I said, "Go Eagles!!......you've always had my vote".

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I went to High School with Tom Sluby for a year. I was a freshman when he was a senior.

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This is a picture from the front page of The Washington Post on Wednesday, November 5, 2008. Some of you will remember this from the Tuesday night before, when President Obama was elected. I actually know the tall guy in the center holding the cell phone. 

I have seen William Shatner a few times.
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