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Hi fellow heroes!

I've just published the first version of the 3.0 beta. I've planned several updates through the next weeks, so you can expect more improvements and new features.

I'd be glad to have as much feedback as possible on this version. If you have any problem with it, feel free to comment, or better, send me an email.

Your data from the 2.0 version will be migrated, but if it's not the case, don't uninstall the app, or you'll lose everything. There is a backup system so the migration will be made on the next update in case of trouble.

Here's the link to get the beta version:

I'll post the coming features as a comment, so you can have a little preview.
Enjoy your comics!

Haven't used in awhile. Has webp support been added yet or in the works?

Do you feel like adding an opds feed option ?
I bought the full version but my OneDrive files don't populate my library (unless i download them)...
Is it normal ?

Nice job

A side issue: My "show thumbnails instead of icons" Folder Option setting on my PC shows .jpg, .mp4, .avi, but, not .cbr or .cbz. Win 10.

Is there a separate app needed for these? I once had them but I think I was messing with a file converter app, or something. They did not last.

On my tablet where I use Astonishing there is no problem. Only on my PC.

How do I add comics to my SD? I bought an SD card specifically for my comics but I don't know how to move my files there. I have the android version and download my comics from Google Drive. Is there a way to add a storage options directly in the settings?

I am a teacher in Portland, Oregon. I have been using this with my students to read comics for silent reading. However it recently stopped working on all of our computers. Is this a known issue? It won't load or start up all of a sudden.

I've been trying to get Astonishing to import my comics from ComicStreamer with no success. I press the button and it immediately crashes. I've heard that you need to buy an upgrade to do that kind of thing but I've gone through the Android app and have found no way to purchase an upgrade.
Anyone have any ideas?

Would love to see folder within folder options in the collections section so for example I could have two main collections (Marvel/DC) then within those have folders for the separate story arcs. Just a thought for you :)

Well we be able to delete issues and volumes we read from the app?

Hi there I've just installed the app and wanted to add a friend of mine's CB. He sent it to me in form of a list of images. I made a .CBR file using them but your app does not want to add it. Any advice?
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