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Hi fellow heroes!

I've just published the first version of the 3.0 beta. I've planned several updates through the next weeks, so you can expect more improvements and new features.

I'd be glad to have as much feedback as possible on this version. If you have any problem with it, feel free to comment, or better, send me an email.

Your data from the 2.0 version will be migrated, but if it's not the case, don't uninstall the app, or you'll lose everything. There is a backup system so the migration will be made on the next update in case of trouble.

Here's the link to get the beta version:

I'll post the coming features as a comment, so you can have a little preview.
Enjoy your comics!

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How to fix this? Please help me,everytime i moved my comics to my sd card,it gets like this but when i moved it to my internal it gets normal,please i want to save my space on internal and i want to move it to my sd card

I like this app, however I am still unable to read PDF copies of comics on it. 

Tried adding some PDF comics to the app and it says they re there but when I select them to read them the screen is blank.

I can't seem to sync with Google Drive. No matter what I do it comes up asking me to check my internet connection or storage space. Both of which are more than fine. It was doing this on stable and now on the beta as well. 

How can I delete a comic that won't open? 

The app can't read the SD card path on my SD card on marshmallow no matter what file explorer I use. Cannot import as well. Anybody has a solution for this? All files I'm trying to import are CBR files. 

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Hi, found some more issues.
Sync through Google Drive now works, it is able to connect and download a file. When I go to search for it, it doesn't appear anywhere. Sort by most recent, same thing, doesn't show up. Seems to be a bug.
Improve UX: Search should say "nothing found" because sometimes I don't know if it's thinking or it just freezed.
Update UI: Old icons still showing across other apps.
Keep up the good work
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Hi! If I purchase the Gauntlet Cloud Sync addon, will I be able to sync comic progress between devices if both are set to sync with the same service?

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For those who are using Twitter, I've just published my brand new app: Condor. It was a kind of side-project for the summer, but I'm sure you'll like it :)

Oh and don't worry, some pretty nice stuff are coming for ACR :)
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