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The RiteTag browser extension just got a monster overhaul: now it's a total social media marketing toolkit

IdeasWatch Ideators, RiteTaggers and all Startup Bootstrappers: get your hands on this now - and get with image drag-in, animated GIFs that you get from typing word > GIF button... get your Social media seen, like never before. - Saul
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New RiteTag Chrome Extension
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What are the key skills that your CTO should have to deal with tomorrow’s challenges?

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RiteTag Mobile (iOS and Android) is on ProductHunt Today

e just got our first app live on ProductHunt, would really appreciate your thoughts

Links for RiteTag in iTunes and Googleplay are in there. Comments, ProductHunt stuff - greatly appreciated.

Thank you for five years of support, ideas - everything!

Hello All,

Please read complete post before sending a PM. I am a sole founder of a real estate app which helps find Flats and Flatmates. I am looking for cofounder on Equity sharing basis to expand the reach of app.

Currently targeting only 3-4 cities, which I look forward to expand nationwide (India) and other countries. Expecting high revenue returns and innovative app.

Kindly PM me if you fit into any of below role:

1. Angel Investor, who is looking to be part of this adventurous journey by putting some money in for development and expansion.

2. Developer, If you are passionate PHP developer and understand technolgy who can take care of all technical aspect of startup. The web app is already running and accepting user.

3. Marketer / Growth Hacker, This role is available only if you have some proven track record in growth hacking and marketing. Some sort of funding is still needed in this role for development and expansion of startup.

4. Incubator / Web Development Cos, you are also welcome. In this case you can be technology & strategy partner. However I expect an investment to balance the investment done by me so far.

Don't wait simply PM me.

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My favourite social media management tool Agorapulse recently released a cool new feature – scheduling posts on ‪#‎Instagram‬. This reminded me it’s been a while since I’ve written anything on Instagram, so I thought I’d do a post on how to make the most out of it.

There’s everything from useful tips, to cool tools that will help you create better images and engaging videos, and tips on how to schedule posts on Instagram so that you can save some valuable time!

Check out the post here, and don’t forget to download the list so you always have it handy.

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Good Day Startup Bootstrappers!

This QnA page in my site might be of help to some of you.

"Each time this happens, this partner may choose to better himself or stay in his comfort zone. Pick the one who chooses to..." - Me (Zent Lim)

Have a productive week ahead!

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Do you want to become more successful in your business AND your personal life?

Highly successful people all over the world have many common habits and characteristics.

In my latest blog post, I look into 8 habits of highly successful people and show you how to improve your lifestyle in order to achieve more success.

Check out the post here and don’t forget to download the free extended list of 20 habits of highly successful people, complete with advice on how to adopt these habits and achieve more success.

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Do you want to write content that is appealing to your audience AND helps you get to the top of Google searches?

In my latest blog post, I show you how to write great content that is properly optimised for Google.

Everything is covered, from choosing the right keywords, writing great headlines, and how to write meta descriptions.

Discover how to write better content that Google and your audience will love.
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