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Edvard Grieg - Peer Gynt, Op.23 - I Dovregubbens hall / In the Hall of the Mountain King

(The troll-courtiers): Slagt ham! Kristenmands søn har dåret
Dovregubbens veneste mø!
Slagt ham!
Slagt ham!

(a troll-imp): Må jeg skjære ham i fingeren?
(another troll-imp): Må jeg rive ham i håret?
(a troll-maiden): Hu, hej, lad mig bide ham i låret!
(a troll-witch with a ladle): Skal han lages til sod og sø?
(another troll-witch, with a butcher knife): Skal han steges på spid eller brunes i gryde?
(the Mountain King): Isvand i blodet!
english text:
(The troll-courtiers): Bucher Him! Christian man son has fooled the Mountain Kings finest Maiden!
Butcher Him!
Butcher Him!
(a troll-imp): May i cut him in his finger?
(another troll-imp): May i rip his hair?
(a troll-maiden):Hu, hej, let me bite him in the thigh!
(a troll-witch with a ladle): Shall he be made into a stew?
(another troll-witch, with a butcher knife): Should he roasted on a spit or browned in the pan?
(the Mountain King): IceWater in the Blood!

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It's Barry 64 the Civil Rights 64 racist agenda shooting hoax gun sales champ and baby Giselle 64 !

Yeah man, MLK said to have died on 4/4 and 44 years after the Civil Rights 64 Act in '64 Birther 44 was chosen in 2008 to be 44th president to sell out not only black people but everyone in Jew Mason America.

Obedient little puppet Barry O will always take it up the ass for Zionists' rituals by the numbers.
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Easy way to see how lying media scripts every day news all over the world... take the date, type it in a web search and click news...
(today is 7/7)

77... lol

And who owns the worldwide news?
Jews do. And Freemasons. Secret Societies. Kabbalah number freaks.

There was that 7/7 London bombing hoax.
Washington on the 77th Meridian, where that fake 9/11 Flight 77 hit the 77 foot tall Pentagon 77 minutes after taking off.
77 years, 7 months, and 7 days old Trump on Inauguration.
Yup. Faking it.


Yup, it is 7/7, the 188th day of the year.
Bavarian Illuminati.13 original bloodlines to rule the lesser people, the Goy.
The Goy who prove the Outfit right in mocking the lessers.
Almost everything is arbitrary.
Coincidence theorists.

13 bloodlines.
13 stripes on the flag, 13 years of public education indoctrination.
13 layers of bricks on the money, and more.
7 denominations on the bills.
Yeah, the sum of the bills is arbitrary, to Goy minds.
1+2+5+10+20+50+100 = 188

I wonder what would happen if I typed 188 in web search, and clicked news.
Oh yeah.

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Passing on knowledge on this July 4th day of deception, especially for those who are unaware of the Freemason Saturn/Sun/Time occultists who founded - and continue to run, with each successive puppet acting as president selected - the nation that never was a sovereign one, the lie that is We The People, America.
Same story for the Saturn'ian nation of Canada.

A lot of New World Order nations.. from UK, to France and all of Europe, to Russia, China, North Korea, Asia, Australia, Africa, the Middle East, and so on.

I'm in Canada, another New World Order nation warped and twisted by Freemason founders out of terrible treatment of the original native people, an illusion of democracy largely owned and controlled by powerful lobby groups and those they represent, lobbyists like the Canadian Jewish Congress. There are other lobby groups, but that one is the biggest and most influential. We have a big Zionist finance syndicate operating mainly out of the central machine in Toronto, and afield in New York, London, and other centers. We're definitely in the UN/NATO military industrial complex. We did our disgusting part in those two manufactured World War slaughters, as well as other banker tyrant generated meddling in other nations to benefit no one other than the architects, the banker financiers, and of course, we are "a friend of Israel". I live in a TV watching, rigged hockey loving, newspaper reading, junk food fueled, Hollywood celebrity worshiping nation of clueless sheep glued to their phone, lacking real knowledge of what this country is, and the courage to stand up against the ones who steal their money, time, and lives from, the banker controllers. I live in a nation of self-centered, vain pussies that believe anything, human livestock who can't wait for the next big purchase, just like they're trained to do. There's hope though. I've managed to get through to the odd one here and there.

Canada was founded by the same occult network of Saturn/Sun/Time worshiping Zionist Freemasons that founded America. They leave a trail of telltale numerically coded identifiers in their wake. They drop clues all the time, and it's not that hard to learn how to read it.
Founding date: July 1, 1867
7/1/1867 = 7+1+18+67 = 93
Israel established in 1947, on September 3... that's 9/3
Recall the first WTC bombing, it was in '93
And on 9/11...
North Tower explosion left a huge hole, floors 93 to 99
South Tower explosion, at 9:03 AM
And, alleged Flight 93 that crashed in Pennsylvania, where they found paper passports, box cutters, and turbans, but no wreckage.
They tell us the real keeper of time, the Sun, is 93 million miles away.
I think it's no coincidence that they created the following word to have a gematria of 93, tying in with their Saturn/Sun/Time thing.
Propaganda = 16+18+15+16+1+7+1+14+4+1 = 93
Canada = 3+1+14+1+4+1 = 24
Hours in a day: 24

In the occult religion, Thelema, they greet each other not with hello or goodbye, they just say Ninety Three. Very weird.

And not coincidentally, to tie Canada and America together, America was founded in 1776.
17 + 76 = 93
It's the same occult people, and they all need to be put out of business for good.

Thanks for taking the 'time' lol to read and absorb all this. Hope it's clear enough. Want to learn more about this crazy beautiful world we live in? It's free to learn, check out +Zachary K Hubbard


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Some reverse engineering of CBC headline, the 5.8 earthquake today in Lincoln Montana, which not by accident has 58 gematria.

This earthquake comes 144 days after Abraham Lincoln's February 12th birthday, likely in part, a tribute to that actor agent who, like all selected actor presidents, lived and died by the numbers. Honest Abe was supposedly shot by an ACTOR in a THEATRE, on the 14th of April, or 14/4...144
Clicking on 144 reveals that it is the 12th fibonacci number. There are 1440 minutes in a day, 12 hours AM, 12 hours PM, and 12 months in a year.

Today, July 6th, day of the year, 187 - police radio code for murder.

An earthquake by mad science?
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Delete 4th of July

Erase Christopher Columbus

No more six million Jew World Order lies


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