Hello. Hope you are having a good Monday evening. Had a nice visit today. Watching Andy Griffith. Trying to work on music.

Hello. Good Sunday afternoon to you. Been busy trying to come up with more music. Like Justin Timberlake, Boston, One Direction. Etc.

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Hello. Sorry about posting kids on my Rock-n-Roll ad. Just came up and said it was published. Didn't mean to do this.
Hello. Good Friday morning to you. Just got back from running errands. It's raining. In Tell City. Had to get a new phone. Other one went out.

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Hello. Good Wednesday morning to you. Trying to get awake. By drinking coffee. Here is another group. Songs include. Breaking the law. Living after midnight. Hope you have a great day.

Hello. How are you doing this Tuesday morning? I'm fine. Have a question? Will you sponser me on my Music? Really need you

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Hello. Good evening. Hope it wasn't too rough of a day at work. Everyone needs you. Excellent hand surgeon.

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Hello. Good Thursday afternoon to you. Watching Reba. Got some rain. Been out running.
Hello. Look who is back. Watching pink panther. How's your day? Been out running. Looks like rain. ForEtell City.
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