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Name: Galora
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Likes: Magic, purple, vidio games and books
Dislikes: fire, mean people, loud people and murders
Bio: When Galora was little she lived in a little town but it burn down and she was the only one who survived (at least that's what she thinks)
Family: dosent remember
Enemies: none
Crushes: none yet

(Crapy art is mine)


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Name: Shanora
Gender: Female
Age: 25
Race: Dragon
Sexuality: Straight
Likes: Fighting, training with her spears, swimming, sweet foods (fruits, candies, ect), drawing and doing art work, children
Dislikes: Prank challenge (once you challenge her, you HAVE to fight. She hates being pranked for fights. Unless it's little children that is.), cold environments, others making fun of her for being a dragon, forced to fight
Personality: Won't hesitate to fight if challenged, has a small temper, very patient. 

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Hello this is my furry oc but I'll be in rp with other ones more often!
Name: Dusk
Gender: Female
Bio: Grew up in the suburbs but loves to go outside on cool days to look at the nature :3.... also had to grow up with a brother....but then her sister always makes things better.
Likes: Music, friends, drawing
Dislikes: Haters (don't we all), posers, and people who hurt those I care about
Enemies: none really
Crush: Well theres bae! :3
(Art by me!)


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Are we allowed to add things to the template? Also thanks for inviting me Frisk!

Thx for the invite +Duskygal Mlp​ but I don't have a furry oc so:(
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