It looks like an import of Whats App is not working properly. It seems to import a number from What App and then connects it to a wrong person. Also the name is changed but only in Contacts+
When I split the person I can see that the splitted contacts have the same phone number but they have different names. In What App everything is fine.

I can't change the name of de imported Whats App number..

Can you fix this please?

I want to back up my entire call history with a specific person, and when I look at the call history it only shows me phone call 5 months back. Where can I find the rest?

Can't send GIFS, anyone know how to fix? I turned on the don't use lollipop

I purchased the premium app - and was missing phone calls, Verizon helped me for hours on end to try and figure out what was going on. They sent me a new phone, even sent a support ticket out for routing issues. Problem was contacts+ - spent a total of about 5 hrs with Verizon Tier 2 support working on this. The switch for Block all known spammers was turned on and this was the issue, no 800 numbers were coming thru., no company calls, etc Missed several important business calls .... indicator shows calls block 218, but there isn’t a way to see those numbers or when they came in. This is the second major problem have run into with this program the other was not backing up mms messages. - got that solved by by a program called My Backup Pro for a couple of dollars, and it will do sms, mms, files, etc ...... and restore - Right now Contacts+ is not on my top 10 list. Guess will have to let all spam calls come thru in order not to miss the ones that are not spam. - Not happy here as a customer

I'm getting so many spam calls every day that even blocking numbers isn't slowing the flood (every time they call it's a new number). You know what would be great? If i could block by area code. Most of the time I'm blocking numbers for which I would never receive a call from that area code. There are already apps that compete with Contacts + that do this. EVEN BETTER would be if I could designate "whitelisted" area codes and set a toggle so that calls from other area codes go straight to voicemail. That way I don't even have to bother entering new area codes, I just whitelist the ones that I know I will be receiving calls from. I will still get SOME spam calls from the spammers that spoof those "whitelisted" area codes, but that would be 95% better than right now....

The missed call log is not showing any entries for Unknown Callers (or private numbers).

I am in Australia and was wondering if these entries are showing for people in other countries, which may help you fix this bug.

Great app, been using it for years, on Android 7.0, galaxy S8.

I am a premium member and I have multiple duplicate folders and multiple duplicate contacts in Contacts+. My Google Contacts is accurate and up to date. I want to wipe out all my data in Contacts+ and reload it fresh from Google Contacts. How is the best way to go about it.

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Contacts+ claims (888) 481-3436 is spam.

It is not a spam number.

It is the customer support number for +Fido, which is a cellular provider in Canada.

Can't sign in using Google.
I just get the spinner which times out after a while.
I can sign in with Facebook but I want to connect with the same account as my other device.
I tried clearing the data and starting again but the result is the same.
I have a pro account on both devices.

How do I sync my Facebook to this app
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