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Co-teaching? Thinking of co-teaching? Be sure to join us for #coteachat  every 2nd & 4th Tuesday on #Twitter

Need more info on Co-Teaching? Check us out on

Have a great website to share?

We are looking for outstanding resources for teachers. If you have a website that you have found incredibly useful, please submit it in the comments. If we think it's worthy, we will feature it here. These websites should provide outstanding resources for teachers, not products to be sold.

Interested in becoming a BETA Reader?

We need BETA readers for a couple of upcoming educational books. One is centered on Co-Teaching, the other is about teaching writing, "From Scribblers to Scriveners." If you are interested in BETA reading for either book, drop a message in the comments. All BETAs get free hard copies (along with other perks) when the books are released.

Need a great Young Adult book for someone special in your life?

I'm  a 4th Grade Teacher from Fort Worth, Texas and also write    .    is the first in a series of books designed to hold today's readers' attention.

Growing up with #ADHD  made me scared to read books. Recently, I've made it my mission to write books for kids who struggles to read. Sally Singletary appeals to a wide #YoungAdult  audience. It's fast-paced and exciting and something your reluctant readers might enjoy.

Know someone who might be interested? Please share!

Amazon Link:

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Does anyone have an online planner that they love?

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It's time to fun with Playdough Food. learn here, how to make playdoh cup cake by silly kids.

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Hi, I'm from Dominican Republic I would like to get some help from an ESL teacher of how to use the NYC standars with my ESL program.
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