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Finale Arc

Memories of Akasha

Act 1 - Phantom of the Abyss

❝Do memories dream...?❞

Following the events of the “Succession Incident” Akasha had succeeded in becoming whole yet again. Returning the full power of the Record Owner to its rightful place, the Land of Memories has been striving to return to its rightful place. However, remnants of the previous conflict have taken root in the firmament of Akasha. Seeping into the many worlds for a long while would be the influence of the Deathless, rogue memories sprung forth from the Records and tied together to the collective unconsciousness of those attached to them. In doing this, they have brought havoc across a plethora of worlds. Some of them locked away from the touch of the Akashic Records.

Within Akasha, the emergence of demons running amok from fleeing the Aura Gate or even being summoned forth has caused pockets of havoc to and fro’ the various city-states of Akasha to the utter devastation of smaller settlements in this world. Many of these incidents are being handled by various organizations. The Akashic Knights and NOL spearhead the defensive all the while the Order of Agnis and JPs research further into their causation. Nonetheless, their research has resulted in nothing and fighting back only causes more outbreaks in forgotten areas.

The Records bequeathed tasks for those who yearn to protect her interests. Some must venture to the bowels of the labyrinth once dubbed “Naraku” and defeat what still lingers while others must protect the world itself as chaos sinks its fangs in the world yet again…

Even still, as endless fighting ensues again… A truth is blanketed by the hell that is loosened among Akasha.


- There will be a total of 3-4 “bosses” for this Act of the arc. The defeat of only one out of this group is necessary to progress the main story forward. Neglecting the existence of the others, however, will change the storyline.

- Raid posts will arise upon occasion and also request. These are not necessary for completing the story, but can assist in strengthening your character in some cases.

- Rebuilding/assisting/etc for the betterment of Akasha will lead to faster progression of this arc.

- If interested in playing a “main” role in this, notify another moderator or myself.

- There will be two to three separate narratives tied to this. Only one is needed to understand the basics of what will occur here on G+ and then upon the next medium.


If you would like to ask questions here or within the community Discord, feel free to tag me when doing so. The arc itself does not have an official start time, but posts made in reference to it will be labeled as such.

To my 19%, you guys are the real MVPs.

To my 81%, you guys are still cool, but you’re only getting a commemorative sticker.

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We took you all to the other side so you can do like you do and you can do like me....suddenly your free to fly!

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So decided to delete my old Touxes account and move it to a different alt, so expect my updated rp profile after I get done remaking the biography.

Join my gang

We'll sit in a library and eat snacks whilst being nerds

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Hey all, it’s your boy with a rather simple or complicated question depending on how you want to look at it. It’s about what we’ll be doing to jump ships once G+ finally decides to sink.

Now, many of you already have a MeWe and that product is being optimized for the uses that we initially had on this platform. This, of course, begs the question of will we make an Akasha community on MeWe. Your answer? Maybe.

The staff and I have been discussing options and it is easily between MeWe and a more “out there” possibility. Forum based RP. We would be utilizing the medium of proboards or another site in which we could build our own domain. Utilizing this route, we could efficiently build up our own unique experience.

I’d like to open up a vote and discussion as to what you all would enjoy. This is us providing a service and so we should take note of what the community would want rather than listening to our own desires on this topic.
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Uh forum sauce.

so how many families, gangs, etc do we have in Akasha now because there needs to be law and order

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I feel like having at least one fight with Elsword before swapping him out with Haseo, unless it is possible to have two profiled per account here. Seeing that his profile was approves a week ago and with me currently having a good deal of motivation, what better time to make an rp request than now? Who would like to fight Elsword. I'll make the rp post and you can decide where it takes place.
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