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Thank you for those who has joined, as you can tell this is the pizzeria (it's just role play so don't correct me and say it's not the pizzeria it's a community) and you are welcome to roam around here, but please when you go into the pirate cove don't startle Foxy ;)
So anyway, back to what I was going to say...
Guys and girls don't report posts for nothing it's really frustrating when I have to look in the reported posts and there is a post that has no reason to get reported. Seriously people.
Also look at the rules, play nice and have fun! :)

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I'm gonna be toy chica :)
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something inside me just...broke when i saw this...and i think that it will make me go cry in the corner now goes to corner and sobs

I'm bored

I'm Foxy, any land lovarr' wanna chat?

hmm, 21 members already! Yarr'!

I was united and I can fap fuuuuuu

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