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I've been holding this off but I feel I should say this now. I'm starting a war against +Something Sensible​. I'm going to need more people. Add your friends and siblings to this community and man your positions. I'm adding him here and we're gonna talk. No one is allowed to speak to him except me. Once I declare war he shall get ready.

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I did it, I beat him. No more worried about this troll.
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Does anyone want to join my more active community? You can leave this one for the active one.
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The ass hole wants to fight me in a tournament. Well he better get ready for the pedos.....

I can't believe he hasn't been on for a while. But apparently the new owner of Anti Recoloring Squad kicked him out in order to make a better place....

Lol who is this +Something Sensible?

This community = dogs dropings

best part is nobody knows the truth

Call me dumb (Literally. Feel free to call me dumb) but what the fuck is recoloring? It sounds stupid

And since this is the internet, it probably is
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