Anybody using the Ether IP driver? How can I guarantee that my ao record's OUT field is prepending the service request with 4D indicating a command? Thank you!

Hi, I'm using the s7plc driver to monitor and control an RF modulator which has a PLC sending a 253byte data array and receiving a 16byte data array to/from my IOC. I did some test using the PLC server emulator (server.tcl) which was into the s7plc folder and all is nice and working right! I obtain the right process variable (PV) values I expect!!! But when I connect my IOC to the real PLC I have problems with the PVs. The PV values sometimes are correct and often wrong! Do you have any idea about the possible causes? Thanks in advance. Regards, Gianluca

I'm trying to compile the s7plc driver on my linux ubuntu but I have this error and I don't understand where the problem is:

make[2]: *  No rules to make target "s7plcBase.dbd", needed by
"s7plc.dbd".  Stop.

The s7plcBase.dbd is in the folder...

Any ideas about it?

Thanks in advance.

Error while installing MEDM3_1_10, did anyone had this issue before?

In function `_start':
(.text+0x20): undefined reference to `main'
collect2: error: ld returned 1 exit status
make[2]: * [getopt.o] Error 1
make[2]: Leaving directory `/usr/lib64/base-3.15.3/extensions/medm-MEDM3_1_10/printUtils/O.linux-x86_64'
make[1]: * [install.linux-x86_64] Error 2
make[1]: Leaving directory `/usr/lib64/base-3.15.3/extensions/medm-MEDM3_1_10/printUtils'
make: * [printUtils.install] Error 2

I've been using the asyn module and have been having issues setting my record to the values I'm receiving from my UDP port.

I'm setting my receive values from an array and using the asynUser->reason and setting pvalue in readFloat64 to the value that I've received. I know I'm getting my data, but my record isn't getting the data. What am I doing wrong? 

Hi all! I have a question about synchronization... I want to send several PV at the same time to several machines. When I set a PV using CCS/BOY I have no control of when is initialized in each machine. I was thinking if there is a way to do this with EPICS.

Researching, I like the idea that pyepics proposes:

import epics
p = epics.PV('XXX')
p.put(1.0, wait=True)
print 'Done'

In where more than wait, I would rather prefer the PV be initialized at a specific same time and without the use of python, just c++ or code into the .db files

Does anyone faced something similar or has any idea?

Here's another one... Is there any way to have an FLNK field only cause its link to process if the VAL field of the record containing the FLNK changes?

I saw that calcout mentions something like that, but it doesn't affect the FLNK field if it contains one.

I'm also open to another method so long as it accomplishes the same thing.

I'm sure I'm making a silly mistake, but I'm not able to get my records with SCAN set to "Event" and EVNT set to 1 to process. In one of my subroutines I include sbScan.h and call post_event(1); but that doesn't make the record process. What am I missing? Thanks!

What's the recommended method for message parsing in EPICS? I need recognize messages of various lengths (mbbi?) and then take parts of those messages and parse them out into other records based on offset in the message and the length of that record. Thanks!

Hello everybody and congratulations for this group!! It's very helpful.

I am trying to do a project with EPICS and a Siemens PLC S7 300. I installed EPICS and CSS Boy in a Ubuntu virtual machine. For this type of PLCs I have read I need s7nodave or libnodave to communicate it but... I am a little lost with all the concepts. Do you know any simple example to do or do you have any tip in advance?

All your comments will be a big help because I am new in EPICS world. Thanks!!!
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