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Hoping that you all will join this new community it's a free for all!

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Oh my lord...I can see that stuff must've happened.

So, as a way to settle down and help everyone feel better, (this probably isn't needed but yolo) here's a funny pic and some old memes that I made xD xP
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Birch wtf happened

First I would like to apologize to +ivedtae as I was in a bad mood and what I said to you was frustrated sarcasm...

As for the rest of you, who despise new people, If you are SO AGAINST new posts (which, by the way, there are no community rules on), Why not set the community on private? the fact that it is still set to public means anyone can join and post

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you know who you are. and I do not care who sees it. I AM POSTING IN THIS COMMUNITY

I am calling for the members of this community to answer a question. where does one make those custom MC pictures?
Summons all of you before me with my magic

I wanna make a request... I would like to be a moderator

guess what baby...... it's my turn
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