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To everyone here in this community please don't say any bad words, and anything that has to with spam or inappropriate content. The first sight of this can result into a warning then a ban. And now for the community report or tell a moderator to solve the problem. Thanks reading and remember we are trying to keep this community clean.

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You are the best

I love your maps Iwhant to play on them

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I love lion makers 🦁❤️😀

what sup LionMaker you are the best youtuber ever i want to play minecraft with you that why you are the best 🦁😎😀

i want to play in the xbox one with you my name is Bumpiercamp216 pls LionMaker

I wish that the people who say bad things about loon would realize that this is a fan page and is meant for people who actually like him. I don't want to start drama but still . I mean it's in the club name for goodness sake
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