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Engine cylinder head is a relatively complex parts, which long-term work in harsh conditions, "nose area" between the valve seat heat load is very serious place, often cracks. Generally, the waterway lumen scale deposition thermal deterioration; long-term work at high temperatures so that part material strength decreases; and manufacturing, improper use are the leading cause cracks. Thus, do you know that the measures of preventing cylinder head crack? Today, let me share the measures for you.

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Due to copper sleeve press-fit process problems, leaking copper sleeve fault (cooling water into the fuel oil return path) has been the difficulty of the engine cylinder head manufacturing.
Copper sets of nozzle holes for the bulk of water leakage, cause analysis as following:
1. The human factor
Put seals on all staff training, staff and finally to blow the chip seal groove blow nozzle hole, and produced copper sleeve leaking rework process record sheet production line leaking copper sets copper sleeve pull rework process must be carried out under the supervision and inspection, found that the drain discharge seals and sealing groove has iron against those responsible assessment
2. Factors machine
To avoid leaking equipment may cause misalignment of the press-fit produced special tools to detect and adjust equipment to ensure that the center bar and the same axis as the nozzle hole center
3. Factors law
Whether to press-fitting seal is cut bad argument again, check seals, using cut-resistant fluorine rubber material; inspection cover copper surface roughness
4. The material factors 

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Today, we will introduce you to a few turbocharged vehicle maintenance tips.

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OEM No.:

Fitment Car Model:
Sentra 1.8L
Almera 1.8L 2003-2006

Bore Size: 50mm

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A rocker arm is a valvetrain component in internal combustion engines. As the arm is acted on by a camshaft lobe, it pushes open either an intake or exhaust valve. 
The most basic rocker-arm design is the stamped-steel type. The design originated early in the overhead-valve era and was standard issue on production small-block heavy engines from '55 through '96.

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Valves define what it means to be a four-stroke engine. All engines require air and fuel for combustion inside their closed combustion chambers; after combustion, those used gases must depart to make room for more air and fuel. Intake and exhaust valves are the doors that permit air/fuel to enter and exhaust gases to leave the engine's combustion chambers.

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The turbocharger often in high speed and results at high temperature, which is about 600 ℃. So in order to ensure the normal operation of the turbocharger, the use of We should note the following points:
1. Do not left the car
2. Do not turn off immediately
3. Keep clean
4. Be cleaned
5. Note overhaul

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How to Pick a Correct Turbocharger Size. Turbo selection isn't what it used to be.Turbochargers make power as a function of the engine's original horsepower and torque, so building an engine to make more power before bolting the turbo onto it will likely yield benefits that compensating with huge boost won't.
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