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OmniPlus, a new featureful and stable ROM by me

Added your favorite features to OmniROM.

Current Features:
1) All current OmniROM features.
2) Lockscreen Notifications.
3) Slim Heads-up.
4) Soft reboot option in advanced power menu.
5) Battery Saver Mode.
6) Floating Windows.
7) App Circle Bar

*More Info & Download Links are in XDA Thread:*

All graphics/images by +Ketan Karambelkar
Special Thanks To +David L.-W., +AOSPAL+Yanuar Harry, +Google+SlimRoms

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My unofficial AICP build with PA style volume panel:


I built it from sources of about 2 weeks ago. I won't update it. I won't build AICP anymore.

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this time, not unofficial ;)
New official fresh build from today's sources of kitkat-staging branch (that's where test builds come) for Nexus 5:

PA base: 4.5 Beta 1
I built it with sabermod 4.9 (for kernel) and sabermod 4.8 (for rom), graphite is enabled

Hey buddy.Any news about builds?

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omni with floating windows + lockscreen notifications + app circle bar is ready for nexus 4 mako:

i did not tested but i used true vendor blobs for omni (donkeycoyote) so it must work.

i am building omni with floatong windows, app circle bar and lockscreen notifications for nexus 4 mako. it is ready in 2 hours. i need testers.

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Please buddy make another pa build of today source.

any news?
sorry for bothering you buddy but i really like your work and can't wait.
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