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Welcome! I'm the owner, and I'll be on here at this schedule:
Monday - Friday: Around 5:00pm - 5:00am
Saturday: Almost all day.
Please read the rules while your here.
Enjoy telling us about your progress on breeding, trading your bred Pokemon, and seeing other people's progress, and maybe even help them out!
Go on, and breed those Pokemon! (Pic from Serebi)

Does anyone have any pokemon starters with their hidden ability that I can breed

Breeding for 6iv but have lots of 5iv contrary snivys with egg moves. Post if you want one

Put in fc: and ign

I'm looking for someone with power save to change a poke all for me. I'll give you a charmander with 6 IVs I bred (without cheats obviously)

I'm a need of a hidden ability Goldeen/Seaking. I don't have much for trade besides 5 IV modest charmanders with dragon pulse. Please help

can somebody breed me a 5 iv adamant avalugg please? you can name the offer as long as it's not a legendary or shiny, or a mega stone

Hey guys! I just joined this community, and I'm currently breeding for a 6IV Shiny Competitive Chansey in a Love Ball.
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Wonder trading 4 to 5th dedenne's. Was trying for a shiny and did it in 25 eggs. New record for me. Going to trade them tomorrow. If you want one just post. Don't care what I get in return
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I need a squirtle with storm drain ability can anyone help
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