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Just to let you know

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Love tester? Let's see... tell me what you get.

Hey guys just to let you know that APPLE JACK IS BEST PONY

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Name: Golden Dawn
Gender: female
Age: currently 20
Species: Unicorn
Siblings: none
Special somepony: none
Likes: Colors, animals, art, reading/writing.
Dislikes: waiting, doing boring stuff.
Personality: Spirited, artistic, creative, active, impatient.
Talent: Art, Writing and reading, creating things.
Cutie mark: She was writing her own book as a filly and after she illustrated it she gave it to her parents. After her parents read it they were amazed and she earned her cutie mark that night while she was sleeping.
Pets: A cat named onyx, and a dog named quartz.

Note: I request to be co-owner. I will approve profiles, report broken rules, and roleplay with the community. If I can't be co-owner I request to be mod. PRETTY PLEASE KITTY KAT CHLOE TOY CHICA
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Name: Diamond Eclipse
Age: 21
Gender: Mare
Personality: kind, hostile when mad, gentle
Cutie mark and how u got it: Moon with diamonds around it. Discovered and named a stat
Special: im a princess
Likes: Night, her sisters
Dislikes: evil ponies
Type of pony: Alicorn
Crush: Open but it has to be a normal Alicorn
Special somepony: none
Talent: can control moon up and moon down, hides in shadows when shy, can control night magic
Parents: ??
Siblings: Moonlight shimmer, Glimmer moon, and the sun alicorn
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For staff the alicorns that are open so fare are

Day alicorn:
Night Alicorn: Princess Diamomd Eclipse +KittyKatChloe ToyChica​​

Winter alicorn:
Sprjng alicorn:
Fall alicorn: Princess Autumn Maple +KittyKatChloe ToyChica
Summer alicorn:

And normal regular everyday alicorns
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