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seeking mods tag me if interested plz & ty

I am looking for a female slave that will obey and do as she is told

This place died

Thank you for letting me join I'm looking forward to rping with you all

Well if anyone needs a master or a profile approved I'll be around

any girls need a master?

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(Comment if you want to buy)
Name: Iris

Age: 24

Likes: Males preferably, will do it another female if ordered to.

Dislikes: Being abused...

Bio: She was captured at age 19, and trained for 5 years to be a Whore, and do whatever she is told...

Gender: Female

Performances: Breast-Fucking, giving blowjobs.

Hobbies: Gaming (with permission)

I am looking for a proper slave one who will do whatever i ask without question. (Must be willing to send and receive photos.) I am a very strict master who is very particular and kinky. In return i will truly care for you.

I need a pet

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Slave Profiles:
Name: Lilly
Age: 17
Likes: Receiving tons of attention and care
Dislikes: Being ignored
Bio: She is mostly well behaved but sometimes will do things to get attention
Gender: Female
Performances: Cooking
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