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1. Respect the owners mods and members of the community.
2. No fighting or arguing
3. A profile is not required but is requested
4. No cursing at members outside of the rp
5. No racism, sexism, or criticism of ones religions or beliefs
6. No bullying, spamming, or harassment
7. Respect each other's rps
8. Advertising other communities is allowed but please keep it at a minimum
9. No nudes and no sexual talk as the main part of the post unless it's a part of the rp starter
10. No god modding
11. It's preferred that you rp elsewhere but if you can't it's understandable
12. Please post in the rp starter description if the rp is sexual or no

*Only 1 warning will be given. After that if you continue you will be banned

Thank you and enjoy the role playing.

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Rp name:
The rapper RK.

I was your average rapper who made everyday raps off of everyday life. I also happened to be your favorite rapper, my rap name was RK or rap king. You were upset because the concert I was having sold out and you wanted to go. You're a 22 year old girl who goes to bars occasionally.

So you went to your favorite bar named Nightshade bar. You were about to leave after 3 hours when I suddenly walked in. You got excited but didn't act, because I was getting flooded by fans. So you waited by the bar.

When everyone left but us and my 2 security guards I decided to have a talk with you but you decided to play it cool and not over react.

I sit down beside you and order a blue hurricane. You then.....

Females only, I cannot stress this matter enough.
No text talk
At least 5 words per reply.
Use proper grammar and punctuation.
This is a sexual rp but don't jump straight into sex.
Be descriptive.
If you have a question, or need to go, etc. Use ( ). Ex: (I have to go take a shit.)
Thanks and please enjoy.
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"No one has ever treated me like this..."

About You/Your Character
You were a happy young man of the age of 26. You owned one of the most popular bars in town. You were busy the majority of the time, though still found free time for yourself. You loved reading and were quite poetic yourself. You had multiple writings published, you even worked on a few books. You had went to college in the earlier years. You had a large home all to yourself, and your German Shepard Insert Name, along with your second dog Insert Name and breed of your choice. You loved your life but you felt something was missing. You'd been single for the last 2 years minus a few one night stands.

About Me/My Character
I was a young woman, I was only 18. I was an orphan and I lived in the orphanage. I was more like a staff than one of the occupants though. I was helping raise all the children along with the kind people who had raised me. I had never been adopted. My mother passed away giving birth to me, and my father died when I was 5. He had been a police officer and was killed in action. I had finished Highschool and decided I wanted to help around the orphanage and work at a small coffee shop in town.

The Story
It was Mid-July, the air was crisp and cool. It was just passed midnight on a Friday Night, making it now Saturday. The moon was bright, lighting up the city. You had waited around and the bar was now empty, you were locking up when you saw me running with all my strength down the street. My feet were bare and some of my clothing was torn. It was obvious I was terrified and running from something. You stepped in front of me at the last second and my small frame collided with your fit body. My body coming to a stop as you wrapped your arms around me, I struggled a bit screaming at first. You held me tight, gradually calming me down. Until a group of three men came around the corner just as I had. They were running as well, you connected the dots that they were who I had been running from. You let go of me, softly pushing me to the side. You ended up fighting all three men, each of them hitting the ground, you then moving onto the next. After they were all down you returned to my side. I was now hunkered down on the ground, my knees tight against my chest and my back hard up against the brick wall of your bar. You squatted down beside me, pushing my hair behind my ear with a gentle hand. Your rough fingertip gliding against my cheek and then around my ear. I slowly looked up to you, our faces only inches apart. You gave me a soft smile that made me feel safe. You looked me over, noticing my shirt was torn in multiple places, making it more revealing than it was before. You stood up and removed your shirt, handing it to me to cover up myself better. My cheeks flushed a soft red as I admired your toned torso, though I grabbed the tshirt and slipped it on. It long enough it went down to my mid-thigh, covering my shirt and my shorts. I stood up fully, my cheeks a soft red. You spoke in a soft, yet stern voice. "Let me take you back to my place... I'll keep you safe tonight...". I blushed and nodded. You took my hand and we walked back to your place, you let me in and your dogs eagerly jumped at my legs, I smiled and pet them. After a few hours we had eaten and gotten to know each other, I explained that I was an orphan and therefore no one was waiting for me to return home. You decided I could stay with you. I denied it, but you insisted and I gave in. With me in your home, you felt less alone. Like the missing piece had returned, and I was that piece. You let me sleep in your bed and you slept on the couch, though at 5AM I woke you. I spoke in a soft, almost scared tone. "I know I might be asking too much of you.... But could you lay with me?". You then.....

///<Rules AND OR Further Details>\\\

> Dominate Male Needed. Needs to be: A bit standoffish with other people, though sweet, kind, and loving with my character. Loyal, honest, trustworthy, intelligent, and just slightly poetic.

> This is a SRP, though take things SLOW. Let the romance build. There will be a legitimate relationship built in the RP before anything sexual. THIS IS LONG TERM. If you don't want to take it slow, don't ask for a pp.

> Please be semi descriptive. At least 2 lines per reply, though I'll happily allow, and reply with more. I tend to be as descriptive as my partner.

> On a PP only. You will name your character AKA you. You will name both dogs, along with the ones breed of your choice. You may also name the bar you own. I would also love some details about your character physically.

> Kinks allowed/Logical for this RP would mainly be DDLG though it isn't necessary. If you would enjoy it to be included let me know.

> If you have read all of this, comment "Subtle Love" when asking for a pp just so I know you read.

> My Character is Alexa. You can call her Lex, Alexa, Alex. Pet names for in the future would be Babe, Baby, Baby Girl, Princess, Sweetheart, Love, Peach, Honey, and Sugar. She is 18, sweet, considerate, kind, and loving.

> Thanks for reading, and have fun! I look forward to rping with you, if you so wish.
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idea inspired by someone else

Merman RP
Gay, Romance

I have three scenario’s

One: A merman trapped in a public aquarium

Two: a merman stuck under water tied up

Three: A merman stranded on beach

Play as whatever you want!

2+ Lines

PP only
Comment a number to rp
any sexual position allowed
Propped grammar
No text talk
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Anyone wanna roleplay?

I can play Uke, Seke or Seme!

Just follow these rules

Unless involves a friendship

•You have to PP me

•Good grammar

•3+ Lines

•It has to be long term

•You have to have decent spelling

•Don’t go directly to smut

•Let the Romance build

•Any kinks No shit, Or Vore

•We can Use my starter or yours Don’t just rp off a pic

•Nude pics allowed

•Master X Pet.. anything allowed


Comment “Pie” if read and “Pumpkin” to roleplay

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Hello. Thanks for having me here. ^.^

[based on a thought and FF10]

In Atlantis, Summoners and their guardians can enter a temple for the aeon Leviathan (a water themed aeon who can control water and storms). The place is typically peaceful. Well, until the prince - Dartz - desired to become a Summoner to stop Sin. To be honest, he was concerned that Sin would destroy his kingdom. So, he decided to start training. He also appointed the three knights of Atlantis to be his guardians.

So far, it has been three weeks since the decision was made. Dartz still hadn't came out.

[Yep, this is based FFX, with a twist. You can be your own oc (like Tidus). I will be asking for mainly females, but are okay. Dartz is basically 20ish? So, maybe a 3+ year gap should be okay.]

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•|Work Shift|•

This RP includes
•Suicidal thoughts
•Suicidal actions





Josiah was usually a happy male.. Or so it seemed.. Josiah worked all day and all night, He only had the weekends off which he spent sleeping

But Josiah had recently gotten a Boyfriend Whom he didn’t get to see very often, Y/N had decided to move in with Josiah

Josiah worked 10 hours as a Technical engineer at night and 8 hours as an FBI agent, Josiah had a Kitten named Blake whom he also didn’t see often

.Josiah was at work, The time was Exactly noon.

Josiah was at his desk working on a case “Ugggghh” He groans and rubs the bridge of his nose, He had a migraine. His boss walked in “Macintosh!! You and I are going to wolfsen street 1639 house.. where the hostage situation is” Josiah groaned and got up, he nods and runs out to the car with his boss, they drove there

Hours passed , Josiah’s boss had refused to call for backup and they got kidnaped and tied up then tortured

Hours passed.. hours turned to days.. which turned out to be about two weeks, Y/N had gotten really worried since his lover went missing

Josiah unlocked the front door and stumbled inside, It was about midnight when he got inside, He stumbled into the bedroom where Y/N was Awake or asleep, Your pick Josiah stumbled to the couch and collapsed groaning loudly
“Gahh!” He yelled in pain as his body quivered “it hurts......... so...... bad......” He groaned in pain while shaking a lot and closes his eyes as he passes out

Josiah lied on the carpeted floor while shaking throughout unconsciousness
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I'm looking to do some more roleplays, so if you can keep a story going and give at least a few lines, please check out my starters and comment on any you wanna do

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Rose, I'll keep you safe
But who'll keep you safe?

When Rose and Y/N first met, he/she had just gotten in with the mafia. He/She just did the occasional job so it was no biggie that Rose was dating them. As the relationship got more serious, so did the jobs. Y/N started rising in the ranks and staying out almost every night. Rose didn't mind too much, but she got worried whenever her boy/girlfriend was covered in cuts and bruises in the morning.

A couple years into their relationship, Y/N got a new apartment for them to live in. It was close to the bookshop where Rose worked and easy for Y/N to keep safe. He/She had started getting more dangerous jobs and had made some enemies. A few had threatened to hurt Rose. When Y/N brought them up to Rose, she simply smiled and said that she wasn't worried. "You'll keep me safe, you promise that almost every morning".

In early spring, Rose decided to walk home from work rather than drive. Just after leaving, a black car drove by. A guy came out and grabbed her. She fought briefly, but soon got knocked out by a swift hit to the head.

It wasn't until late May when Y/N saw Rose again. She was found stumbling along the street, holding her eyes shut and holding out her hands. She hit a building and crumbled. She sobbed until a stranger called an ambulance and got her to a hospital.

Y/N rushed as soon as they had been called. As they got close to the room, they heard a pair of doctors talking. "This amount of injury is more than I've ever seen before." "And what they did to her eyes... just terrible." Y/N charged into Rose's room. She sat on the bed, bandages all over her body. Bloody ones wrapped her eyes. Her breathing caught in her throat as she heard the door open and close. Y/N moved closer and...

(Guys or Girls, just be descriptive. At least a couple lines per response. Don't just heal her with magic or something. Ask before starting or using this starter. Thanks for reading)
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