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Coursera is an excellent resource for online courses taught by professors from the best universities and research centres. Here is a list of good social media courses that may be useful for future social scientists, marketers, and PR professionals.

Managing Social Capital (University of Pennsylvania)

Become a Social Entrepreneur (Copenhagen Business School)

Social Media In Public Relations (National University of Singapore)

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I have been always interested in math and digital technologies. Thus, I have recently decided to join a Machine Learning course at Coursera. Machine Learning is about Artificial Intelligence (AI) - teaching computers and robots to recognize speech, images, make decisions, infer patterns from data, or play chess and Go. It is a booming field of science with numerous practical applications. The course is brilliantly taught by Andrew Ng from the Stanford University who ensures that the info is accessible to people without deep background in Linear Algebra and Calculus. Give it a try!
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