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When donors make a gift online, they MUST designate Sid Feldman Legacy Fund, otherwise the student does not receive credit and we don't get the money. Make sure your students know to emphasize this in their communication! Screenshot below to demonstrate what the giving page should look like. Send the donors to to get the appropriate link to Donate Now.

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A generic gift letter on DePaul letterhead for you to use if needed.

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DePaul University's Tax ID is 36-2167048

If anyone asks for a W-9 or proof of DePaul's tax ID number, this is the form to use.

Do’s and Don’t for Online Donations:

1. Under no circumstances are your students to use a third party vendor like Fundly, Kickstarter, or other website to collect credit card donations for Sid Feldman. The only place to collect donations online is through the "Donate Now" button on the Sid Feldman website at Once you believe a donation has been made, the student should let their team manager know the name of the individual who made the gift online and I will confirm they have done so.

2. Please make sure your team members are not collecting cash donations and then making a credit card donation online with their own credit cards. The cardholder who will be charged for the gift is the legal donor, and that person’s information needs to be typed into the name and address section on the giving form. Sometimes we see students who go online with card numbers and these students write in their own names. Or we get family members/friends who write in the students’ names in the name/address section. In either scenario, it makes it seem as if the students are the legal donors for tax purposes, which they are NOT.

When you receive cash/checks from your team members, please follow this process for turning the money in:

1. Once you have the money in your hand, record the money in your CRM in column G with a Y for Yes (as in yes, it's confirmed that the student got money from that donor).

2. Put the cash/checks in an envelope. On the outside of the envelope, write:

Gift Processing
Dept ID: 370356

3. Between 9am-5 pm, head to the CNA Building, 18th floor. (55 E. Jackson with the Starbucks in the ground floor.) Go to the front desk. Inform the front desk worker that you have money for gift processing. They will have you sign a form. Sign the form. Hand over your envelope.

4. Get yourself a vanilla latte on the way out from Starbucks.

5. Go back to the CRM. Mark Y for Yes in column H (Cash/Check submitted to Gift Processing). And you are done!

As your teams solicit online donations, please send me an email at with the name of the donor to confirm if the online donations have actually been made. (I only need the NAME of the donor. Confirmation numbers do NOT work.)

PLEASE NOTE: It takes 48-72 hours for online donations to be processed and show on my list.

I receive the list of donations on Tuesday morning, which lists all the previous donations for the week. You'll get the majority of your confirmation emails from me on Tuesdays. If you get an email back that says "not confirmed", it could be that the donor donated over the weekend so we'll wait to look at the next week's list!

Class is located in Lewis Center Room 1104.
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