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A few years ago I put together a set of 'Hello, World' demos using various GWT patterns e.g. MVP, EventBinder, UIBinder.

All use Gradle for building the demos.

Might be useful, might not, but sharing them anyway.

Hi! I'm trying to start up a we b application suing GWTP 2.6 / GWT 2.8 and Java 8. I noticed there is an archetype project that is supposed to start up a new application to start with. Unfortunately there is no arhcetype for release 1.6. How can I start using release .16 / GWT 2.8 / Java 8 without it?

Hello. Why Presenter has constructor with only one parameter (View) ?. Is it possible that Presenter will not have a parent ?

P.S. Or it's just a hack for the RootPresenter ?

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I am looking to modularize my application in a way such that base components could be used by all the applications. Eg: A login page should be used by Application A and Application B , now both application want to show login into a different slot and also after successful login new place will be different for both application. Is there any recommended way of doing it.

Can anyone tell me how to use rest dispatch to consume a service that uses JWT?
I can not think how to make all requests send the authentication header

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Can I get a little help with REST dispatch and @BeanParams ?

I have a simple GET RestAction which accepts a BeanParam model.

In this model I have a series of properties one of which is a Date value.

Default QueryParams work fine with regards to dates, they are formatted using 'yyyy-MM-dd'T'HH:mm:ss.SSSZZZ' but the Date values inside my BeanParam are sent as milliseconds.

Is there a way to tell the serializer to format my dates appropriately within a BeanParam?

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A new tutorial on our Youtube Channel!

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Testing REST-Dispatch in GWTP by Olivier Lafleur and Joel Trottier-Hebert - #GWT #GWTP
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