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A very quick GUITAR RIG rundown of European & British Blues Awards nominee +Simon Campbell's ever changing guitar rig.

This is all about the TOUR and FLYING with your sound on a pedalboard and filmed just before the soundcheck at the Hooded Ram Festival at the Isle of Man TT Races.

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AS WE ALL KNOW, President Obama issued DACA, as a fiat order to deal with the political dilemmas, caused when the Democrats neglected a constitutional convention, by 2009 or anytime after the UC Civil War ended, and the Republicunts fucked up and let Lincoln watch TV that night.

So then, Obamanazis could not issue a successor OR a constitution OR healthcare, but they do insist ACA is healthcare, when it's shit, and a hedge for the insurance assclowns, who are a RICO and hedging your gay butts with media agendas, which are a punk exec's write-off circus, and now a word about meds, inc.

So ACA always was about the insurance, NOT the damn coverage, fools, leading to failure, by dwindling, then insurance flop, since all your income and actuarials are a total, bitch-spamming FRAUD.

So since Jesse Eisenberg turned up, foreshadowing actual WORK, for Tax Attorney Steve Moskowitz in the SF Bay Area and any gamer babes he's banging, we've had a dearth of material facts, abetted by lack of factual reporting, BY CONSPIRACY TO OBSTRUCT JUSTICE AND FURTHER SEDITION, ongoing.

So hey, I do post BITCH-ALERTS, from the aggravated causes of action, leading to hella Sharia as I.S. pops and bangs and booms.

One rolls around on deck before Ramadan.

And the DDDP wants to fuck around with spin, on this churn. Why? Jose shot.

Kate died, assholes. He is Hadj, WAITING FOR YOU TO CONDUCT DISCOVERY, whores.

YOU STONEWALL, needing seawall.

I AM WHERE THE STONES, RAMONES, JOURNEY, and find a damn pistol and get a clue why my tuneups have I DID YOU NO WRONG in there, PUTAS Y PUTOS.

And The Dead, whores! Like US Blues, a nudge at how look where my contemporary at CAL, Coach of USMNT Rugby Jack Clark wound up, and I'm a little accountant, getting rolled by rock putos.

You let Wells Fargo roll me with Filipinos, lately as Filipina hookers, and this grinds, and I am 66, and Hadj knows ALL of this, better than I know it, and I lived the fucker.

So you die at concerts, whores, without even sucking my dick OR hearing me play real good, like the ME-262, hos, my Melody Maker, BITCHES, and the three-guitar fuckovers, waiting for me to fly are like ALL THE THREE AND TWO-GUITAR PUNK BANDS, RIPPING ME OFF, with my one part, that blows you the fuck OUT OF THE AIR, B-17 -year-olds, while Punk-51-flave pimps pump out shit, inc., from Santa Clara, California, and mission-town Catholic shits, all over the world talk shit.

And the soundtracks yet pick two or three BOB tunes, to pull their modern lineups, like in KINGSMEN, and I still need a Louie-Louie recording session, in 2018.

THAT happens because ALL the corporations make ALL the money and spend it all fucked up, so ALL the teachers push distortion, with ALL the pigs, including the lawyers.

SO you bitches can't REALLY play the GIGO versions of BOB tunes, better than I can.

Sure, Punk-51 horseshit shot me down and keeps me from taking off, again, whores!

So eat my shorts to get the goodies!

But without proper DDDP participation, the Republicunts just fuck your little dicks off, Pelosi-fans. You never let me out from under the Stanford hookers, working Jonestown Jackie Speier toward some hell, on TV, with me, explaining JOURNEY ripped to pay for her operations, with all of AC-ZZ.

So Wells Fargo up in SF could incite Fukushima, underwriting shitty Barry, keeping False-Flag Bob Mueller III as FBI, to let Atta on the planes, for Bush 43, so Obama droned and smiled like a shit-head, with 'friends.'

BUT NO CIVIL SERVANTS, AMONG THE MS ROLL OF 2013 HE FORMENTED, but Mujahidin sure were in the immigrants, like Jose Garcia-Zarate, and whoop-whoop, but isn't that BROCK TURNER, getting a judge in trouble, but it was two Swedes who caught him after that strange, Assange-evoking bonk behind a dumpster, of drunk girl, at LSJU.

STANFORD SUCKS, worse than it admits, and at every campus, WORLDWIDE.

THIS is how CAL sucks, by letting this happen and get on the UC Regents.

And no constitution OR internet, yet?

You stole AC-ZZ, Demos hog it, out west, R-cunts, as we work east, toward Atlanta and Time-Warner.

You are at a riot, with Hadj, and you won't discover him OR me, or the fatwa around ME, at YOUR shitty riot!

You and your bitches, DREAMING, in traffic either get it from me or Jose.

Aerosmith is stolen, so if you are too fat, to fly? DON'T TRY, BUZZARDS.

As for your DREAM ON, that was off my Gibby, cunts from Stanford.

Mr.Trump is extremely likely to be delaying whacking Mueller because Trump owes me money in FIVE BUSINESS LIVES, over this, and he fucked up his reporting of tax and property over it, EVERY GODDAMNED YEAR.

BITCHES. Got my riffs, is that it? U2 sounds more like Skynyrd, daily.

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Intro; Poetry is just words but when it comes from the heart it's poetry.

This is an earlier version of me I was just a kid hehehe,But seriously I wrote this song of my real romance and in the end I did get my girl "WOW !".
This is my song "She Runs Away"

©All rights belong solely to Alan Kerns original music and romantic poetry my seal JAAS 2017.
4ever in love

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This is my new acoustical original called "Flying in a Dream" played on my all mahogany Fender CD140S. Hope you enjoy.

Dennis Radigan Sr. : Flying in a Dream (original):

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