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To wrap up 2016 and look ahead to 2017, share one online "gift" with colleagues in your #INeLearn Community of Practice. It could be a lesson, a resource, a blog post, or anything else you think might be helpful for a peer in your content area or grade level. You can share something you created or that you found and have used.

The engineering teacher at my school is looking for advice on balancing dual credit college course requirements done on the computer with time in the shop. He finds that expanding on computer content is necessary, but takes away from hands-on work in the shop. Any suggestions? 

I'm looking for free software to run/use our CNC Lathe and Mill machines.  Does anyone have any good ideas for a free solution?  Any advice is appreciated.  Thanks!

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Make sure to visit our webpage where you'll find a holiday message from the Office of eLearning Team! #INeLearn  

Tomorrow's a purple day, means I have two #manufacturing classes. This year's class has an increase in the number of females 17%. 

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Welcome to the community of practice - an open space for collaboration and resource sharing! Feel free to introduce yourself, share a link, request a resource, or suggest additional categories for sharing within the group. If you are new to Google+, the link below will help you get started!
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