Elena said that she will let u post those but nothing more she did tell u the rules right

ummmm hi king Emo what are u doing here

Post has shared content

Post has shared content

Eve Hashma is now a owner

misah ismail is now a moderator 

I'll just tell u them

I love AARMAU it is a perfect SHIP

same and welcome plz read the rules btw there is a rule 4 try to find it I have said it so many time in some of the posts and thank u for joining :D

rule.1 do not change the name of the community rule.2 NO SPAMING rule.3 no other people that are not part of aphmaus people p.s. u get to have 3 stricks if u us up all the stricks the u are kicked forever and I will always warn u rule.4 is if u break the rules and u lose all 3 stricks u are banded forever those are the rules
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