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/\Set during "Prom Queen" Season Two/\

Prom. Aivvia was only a sophomore but the New Directions were performing meaning she got to go. Three days before prom and she didn't have a dress, not that she needed one, she was only performing not actually going. Why wasn't she going to prom? Because she didn't have a date and wouldn't have one. Why didn't she have a date? She's a pretty girl boys should be all over her, right? No. She was recently out as lesbian meaning no dates for her. So screw it you still have two more proms Aivvia. But that wouldn't fly, not with anyone. Kurt would at least make her get a dress. Joe would try and get her to ask someone out, anyone. Dad would be sad that his only daughter wouldn't go to prom. Carole would give her some sappy talk about it and Finn would try and help with the sappy talk. Blaine might even intervene. So Aivvia simply wouldn't tell anyone unless it came up. Perfect right? No she was being talked to by someone. She had tuned out and was thinking about her softball team. Everyone else on the team had dates. She was stuck alone. Maybe she would go stag just to please her family. But no, that's weird and her friends would say that's unacceptable.

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||During Episode one of Season Five||

Aivvia went awol over the summer. She had been jumped by a group of ex-Titans, being thrown in a dumpster for the last time she cut her hair and dyed it purple. A tattoo of a barcode was now on the back of her head and she wore black denim shorts and a Black Fall Out Boy crop-top with pure black converse. She started going by Carson her middle name and quit both glee and softball. Her old teammates Ruby and Cassie were currently trying to talk her into taking her old spot back as Captain and pitcher.
Come on Aiv, we can't win without you. Ruby said holding up a jersey with the number 3 and Hummel on the back of it.
Yea, V. You've got the fastest pitching average in the state. Cassie pleaded. Aivvia rolled her eyes and replied with a sound of annoyance in her voice. First of all, if you haven't heard I go by Carson now. She was only partially telling the truth, only the decks called her that, the decks being a new generation of the Skanks. and second I'm not coming back, I'm done. Cassie and Ruby looked at each other and said together We don't care. Aivvia scoffed and stalked off towards the back of the school, she was supposed to have graduated the year prior but was missing three credits and decided instead of summer school she would just take her senior year over. She leaned on the back wall and closed her eyes, wanting to take a nap during her free period. She was bombarded by someone about 10 minutes after, blinking her eyes open Aivvia said What? Hastily and put her hands behind her neck and yawned. I'm trying to sleep. She said frankly and closed her eyes without really seeing who was talking to her.


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((Again, Closed to +That One Girl From the Circus. Set in season 2 after "Never Been Kissed" but before "Furt". Location: Boy's locker room.))

Kurt had a rough day. First some jocks had slushied him in his fabulous new outfit, effectively ruining it, then someone had booby trapped his locker with bleach, ruining his second outfit. Inspecting his locker revealed all of his other spare outfits were ruined also. Great! And he was also covered in bleach. After seeing what had happened, Artie had kindly lent him a spare shirt and trousers. They weren't at all to his taste, but it was all he had until he went home. He thanked Artie and, was given leave from Glee Club to go change and have a shower in the locker room. Fear flashed through Kurt's mind back to the forced kiss and seemed nervous until his friends said that the football team would be at practice for about an hour so he had plenty of time to have a shower, get changed and return before they even knew he stepped foot in there. Some of the boys offered to escort Kurt to the locker room, but the teen declined, saying he'd be fine. If he only knew...Kurt just finished his shower, luckily the bleach never got into his hair, and put his new trousers on when someone unexpectedly entered, coming face to face with him, making pure fear and dread run through Kurt. It's David Karofsky...

{Open Rp}
{During the episode, Duets,}
*Alessia just looks around not at all sure who she'd even do a duet with, she just looks at everyone else and it seems as if she'd have no one to sing with. So she just stays in the back of the room silently*

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"It's your life. Be who you are and let no one stop you."
"I am what I am."
"Talk to the hand 'cause the wrist is pissed."
"Lets have a gay off!"

Full/Birth Name: Jackson McRow.

Other Names: Jacky.

Face Claim: John Barrowman.

Former Face Claim: N/A.

Age: 41. ((Season 2.))

Birthday: 11th March.

Birthplace: Glasgow, Scotland.

Zodiac Sign: Pisces.

Gender: Male.

Species: Human.

Sexuality: Homosexual And Very Much Proud.

Former Love Interest: Anyone over 18 ((Flirts with)).

Current Love Interest: Anyone over 18 ((Flirts with)).

Martial Status: Single and doesn't really "date".

Spouse: None.

Religion: None.

Political Views: Liberal.

Occupation: Teaching Assistant.

Height: 1.83 m.

Weight: Unknown ((Actor Has Not Stated)), Muscular.

Hair Color: Brown.

Eye Colour: Blue.

Scars: None.

Tattoos/Piercings: Has a small butt tattoo ((But he obviously isn't flashing it)).

Parents: Marion McRow ((Mother)). Charles McRow ((Father)).
Siblings: Carole McRow ((Sister)). Andrew McRow ((Brother)).

Personality: Cheeky, jokey and charming, Jacky often flirts with anyone he meets ((over the age of 18)), even if they're married, male or female. He would, however not make an actual move on a person who's taken already or doesn't swing his way. He's openly gay and is never going back into the closet. Jacky would also stand up against any homophobia around him and is up for seemingly anything. He enjoys the company of others and often wishes to help his students with their lessons, actually giving a damn if they pass or fail. Jacky is also one of the teachers who'd know the names of his students and would always be there as a shoulder to cry on or as a best friend when needed. Unlike many manly men, he's not afraid to show his emotions or pain, seeing it as something that makes him even more Human. Very camp and quite sassy most of the time.

Abilities: Singing And Dancing, Sports, Cooking, Multilingual, Acting, Sports, Strong, Horseriding, Extreme Self Confidence, Can Put On Different Accents Really Well, Highly Skilled At Walking And Dancing In High Heels ((Sometimes Even Better Than Some Women)).

Backstory: Jacky McRow was born and raised in Glasgow, Scotland as the youngest son of Marion and Charles McRow along with his elder sister Carole and elder brother Andrew. He and his family later moved when he was 13 to America where Jacky began attending a new school in his new town of California. The other kids began bullying Jacky for his accent alone so Jacky decided to up them at their own game by developing a perfect American accent. In school, he soon found that he excelled at the arts and, after graduating, many years later became a Broadway performer. Many, many, many years later Jacky gave up the Broadway life, wanting to teach others and became a teacher. He was a substitute teacher for many American schools and soon found his way to McKinley High where he began working permanently as an assistant to many different teachers, but his main three were the Drama Class ((Glee Club)), Cheerleading Assistant and the Football. He joins Glee in the beginning of season 2.

Extra Info: His shoe size is 12 & 1/2. As he's new to McKinley, no one would know he's gay just yet. He owns several pets: Penny, Lewis, Tiger, Charlie, Captain Jack and Harris ((All Dogs-Some Are Deceased)). His phone ringtone often changes to either flirtatious or humorus ones ((To Name A Few)): Sexy & I know it ((LMFAO)), You Give Love A Bad Name ((Bon Jovi)), Moves Like Jagger ((Maroon 5 ft. Christina Aguilera)), Happy ((Pharrel Williams)), Wannabe ((Spice Girls)), Barbie Girl ((Aqua)), It's Raining Men ((The Weather Girls)). Jacky Has A Soft Spot For Teen Gays ((Who'd He'd Help More Than Others, Knowing How They Feel)). Wears Casual Clothing And Sometimes Would Randomly Wear High Heels As Well As Drag. Here's A Link To Him Singing:
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Full Name- Mika Alice Ellis
Nicknames- Wildflower (By Sue) Meeks (her family, mostly her parents)
Face Claim- Allie DeBerry
Former Face Claim- n/a
Age- 16
Birthday- July 18th
Birthplace- Lima, Ohio
Zodiac Sign- Cancer
Gender- Female
Species- 63% Demon (on the inside, but she looks completely human) and 37% human
Sexuality- Straight
Former Love Interest- n/a
Current Love Interest- n/a (open)
Martial Status- Single
Spouse- n/a
Religion- Jewish
Political Views- n/a
Occupation- n/a (doesn't have one)
Height- 4'9
Weight- 112 lbs
Hair Color- Blonde
Eye Color- Blue
Scars- n/a
Tattoos/Piercings- ears, otherwise none
Family: yep
    Parents: Mother and dad, nameless for now
    Siblings: Has a younger brother who is seven years old
If hybrid, tell what you are- 63% demon, 37% human
Personality: Nice, encouraging, she can get a little shy at times though, if you get on the wrong side of her she can be really sassy and diva like and might black mail you, but she is really smart, she also has a bit of sarcasm in her too.
Abilities: her smartness, singing, good at blackmailing people, drawing and alright dancing skills.
her demon side of the abilities: Mika can manipulate emotions of people, she can also turn invisible and she can read minds.
Backstory: Mika has been different quite a lot in her life and her parents accept her for it. Though she was a bit of a trouble maker when she couldn't control her demon side, her parents still accept her for herself, she was adopted anyway. But once she could control her powers fully she learned she could manipulate people and change how they thought of her. She has the personality of a demon, but with a sweeter heart, and she looks completely human gladly so she can fit in. She has otherwise had a simple life though, because not many people know about her demon side, she doesn't use her powers much. Though she did have a twin sister who drowned when she was 12, her parents somehow wiped the memory of her sister away, so she doesn't remember the sadness part of it all.
If you have a quote you could put that to
"Oh for sure, this will be so fun."
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/\Set After Born This Way Season Two/\

Someone slammed Aivvia up against the lockers. She cried as her shoulder hit the open locker, he slammed his hand into the locker by her head. Why are you crying lesbo? She whimpered and tried to stop. You're a stupid little lady lover. Why can't you get it straight that you aren't allowed to be with anyone? Or that glee we never be cool. Or that you're stupid. She crumpled to the floor as he turned to leave the halls.
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Holds out a hand to introduce his-self "Bruce Wayne."
After sees Kurt being called a 'fag' from a jock: "Is there a real and reasonable reason for you to bully others who, as far to my knowledge, have not done anything towards Neanderthals like yourself?"
About Alfred: "I don't need friends. Why can't he understand that?"
To Kurt: "Is Blaine Anderson your boyfriend? If not, he should be. You both seem like you would be a good couple."
Bully: "Think you can walk around here like you own the place?" Bruce rolls his eyes. Bruce: "Of course not. I own a company, not a school. Why would I own a school?"
Bully: "I don't care who you think you are. This will teach you that you don't mess with 'The Hitman'."
Bruce: "Wow. With such a creative output like that, you could help three year olds with their art activities. You may even get a sticker for such good work! Hold on, let me edit that. Two year olds would be able to withstand your stupidity without being bored to death by your face."

Full Name: Bruce Wayne

Nicknames: Sir/Master Bruce (From Alfred). Mr Wayne. The Batman/Batman/The Dark Knight.

Face Claim: David Mazouz.

Former Face Claim: N/A.

Age: 16, but looks younger. ((In Season 3.))

Birthday: 4th July.

Birthplace: Gotham.

Zodiac Sign: Cancer.

Sex: Male.

Gender: Male.

Species: Human.

Sexuality: Bisexual, but doesn't really focus on dating/sexual relationships.

Former Love Interest: Males/Females Who He Attends School With.

Current Love Interest: Kurt Hummel.

Martial Status: Single.

Spouse: None.

Religion: None.

Political Views: None.

Occupation: CEO Of Wayne Enterprises.

Height: 1.6 m.

Weight: 137½ pounds. ((Muscular)).

Hair Colour: Dark Brown.

Eye Colour: Green.

Scars: Many hidden scars ((and bruises)) which make-up is used to cover up his bruises from his fights as his alter ego.

Tattoos/Piercings: None.

Parents: Thomas Wayne ((Father-Deceased)). Martha Wayne ((Mother-Deceased)). Alfred Pennyworth is legal guardian, but Bruce will refer to him as his 'father' to avoid questions from anyone about who his parents are.
Siblings: None.

Personality: A transfer student from Gotham Academy, Bruce is closed of and secretive towards everyone he meets. He often avoids answering questions about his-self or his past and avoids reporters/paparazzi to keep his fame and wealth a secret. After he became friends with Kurt and the other Glee Clubbers, he opened up to them, but is easy to loose his temper at time, often using his words rather than violence though. (In the story I'm writing) Bruce becomes uncomfortable with Kurt and Blaine flirting towards him as he's not really talked about sex or anything like that before, also they want to find out if he's gay, bi or straight.

Abilities: Very Strong. Vast knowledge and skills. Multilingual. Martial arts. Can sing opera. Highly trained in sports.

Backstory: Born in Gotham City, Bruce Wayne had a happy childhood until he was eight and witnessed the murder of his parents in a mugging gone wrong. The murder got sentenced for their murder, but got a reduced sentence for giving information on various gangs around Gotham. Bruce distanced his-self from the outside world and lost his love for singing that he'd had with his mother and father.
At the age of 12, a man called Ra's al Ghul approached him and gained his interest. The man trained him in battle and increased Bruce's natural skills. After his training was complete, at the age of 15, Bruce left the League of Assassins (Ra's al Ghul's group) and knew he had to make a difference. He invested his money into becoming the vigilante known as the Batman. He saved Gotham countless of times, often going up against stronger foes than his-self, but using his skills and vast intellect to win his battles.
When he turned 16 (during mid series/season 3 of Glee), Bruce transferred to McKinley High and moved to Ohio for unknown reasons and kept his celebrity status from Gotham a secret as his face is not well know due to closing his-self off in the past. Not long into his first day at the new school, Bruce witnessed a boy being bullied for being gay and stood up to the bullies, ordering them to stop picking on him for something he was born with. The bullies left and the boy he stood up for introduced his-self as Kurt Hummel.
Blaine Anderson soon met Bruce and convinced him to audition for Glee Club, Bruce only going through with it so they'd get off his back and leave him alone. Bruce sang 'When You're Alone', a song his parents used to sing to him when he was young, and broke out in opera, shocking all those in Glee Club, Rachel Berry ending up tearing up, and Bruce ran off crying, overwhelmed by the emotions after singing as it reminded him of his parents. All those in Glee Club became his friends, something that Bruce hasn't ever had before and later Bruce confided in Blaine and Kurt, revealing the truth about how his parents were murdered in front of his eyes. He slowly grew more confident with singing and later joined in with their songs.

Extra Info: Often wears fashionable, smart and expensive clothing. Bruce doesn't look it unless his shirt is taken off to reveal a six pack. Very hot to many girls/guys in school. ((This is actually from a fanfiction story I'm writing where Bruce Wayne meets Glee.))
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