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1) You must be approved to roleplay
2) There will be only one person as each character/no double characters (ex: Two people as Haru)
3) You are able to make siblings to other characters
4) Listen to mods
5) Be respectful to everyone unless its during roleplay
6) Don't copy other member's OCs
7) Please do not ask to be a mod, I only promote people I can trust
8) Please don't post spam (ex: Other communities, repost or die, share to 3 communities, etc.)
9) Lastly, have fun!

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> "I won't be attending middle school here. I'm going to Australia. I'm going to a swimming school. I'm going to become an Olympic swimmer!"
> "This will be the last time the four of us swim together."
> "This is our last chance. Let's swim together, Nanase. If you swim with me, I'll show you a sight you've never seen before!"
> "The four of us won this together, so it doesn't make sense for one person to take it home. So, let's put it in a time capsule and dig it up when we're grown up. Romantic, right?"
> "I'll show you how different we are now."
> "As always, I can't make any sense of you. (...) And you're as icy as ever. Yeah, you really piss me off."
> "Does this mean that I can't ever beat him?"
> "He won tournaments all over the place and brought home lots of throphies and medals. His dream was to become an Olympic swimmer. But he never achieved that dream. He got married and had me. He became a fisherman. Then he died, just like that. (...) I want to achieve the dream my dad couldn't. And there's someone I have to beat before I can make that happen."
> "Haru. I win. This means I'll never swim with you again. Never."
> "You'd better watch your don't want to get bitten.”
> "I'll take that cold expression of yours...and make it hot."
Name: Rin Matsuoka
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Hair color: Maroon
Eye color: Red
Favorite swim style: Butterfly (specialty), freestyle (crawl), breaststroke, backstroke
Swim suit style: One piece
Swim suit color: Black with red stripes
Birth town: Iwatobi
Current town: Iwatobi/Wherever Samezuka is located
Personality: When he was young, Rin showed a lot of passion and competitiveness for swimming, as well as an interest in teamwork. After years passed, his ideals about swimming drastically changed. He does not care that much about the trophy they won during their elementary school days.
As the Iwatobi High School Swim Club continues to practice and have fun together, Rin often times catches glimpses of them during their practices and is notably morose when he sees how happy they are together while he stands there alone. The teenager aspires to make his father's dream of becoming an Olympic swimmer come true and has detached himself from everyone while working toward that particular goal. At times, Rin displays a softer side, as he is shown to still harbor concern for his friends' well-being and acts like a mentor toward his younger sister Gou and teammate Nitori. Rin is conflicted emotionally, but his pride as a swimmer is used to mask his insecurities.
Likes: Swimming, racing Haru, sharks, family, friends, butterfly stroke, freestyle, Samezuka, Iwatobi, Australia
Dislikes: Struggling, losing to Haru, being taken off the relay team, being lied to, Sosuke not telling him about his shoulder, not being able to fulfill his dreams, not being able to be like his late father.
Family: Gou (pronounced like You) {Sister}, Toraichi {Father, deceased}, Unknown {Mother}, Kyou {Grandmother
Friends: Haruka Nanase, Nagisa Hazuki, Makoto Tachibana, Aiichiro Nitori, Sosuke Yamazaki
Crushes: Haruka "Haru" Nanase
History: Rin's father died when Rin was very young; his father was a swimmer who had dreamed of going to the Olympics but had to give-up his goal and become a fisherman. Due to a tragic incident (a storm), his father drowned three kilometers off the coast along with the rest of his crew. Rin stated that he has very few memories of his father and cannot even recall what his father looked like, as his father would be gone for days while out fishing. Rin decided to try and become an Olympic swimmer because he believes that by following this path, he will be able to see his father's face. Rin puts his swimming goggles on in the same way his father did (by pulling the strap back and letting it snap back onto the back of his swim cap). Rin joined the Iwatobi Swimming Club prior to leaving for Australia because that was his father's old club, where his father and his teammates had won the relay. Rin wanted to make a team and win the relay to emulate his father as he started down the path of becoming an Olympic swimmer.
In elementary school, Rin was in the same swimming team along with Haruka, Makoto and Nagisa. After they won a tournament, Rin then went abroad to Australia to attend a swimming school.
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Haruka was at the Iwatobi Swim Club pool swimming somewhat lazy laps in it since his lungs burn. He wasn't supposed to be there because he had gotten sick for swimming outside in the cold a few days before instead for practice he was forced to sit out and watch so he waited till everyone left then got into the pool and started swimming not caring that he was sick. He has a bit of music playing softly in the background on his phone so he doesn't have to swim in the quiet not really in the mood. He stops swimming for a second once at the edge of the pool and starts coughing uncontrollably glad that no one was around to see it.

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Rin didn't have to go to the Samezuka's Swim Team's practice because it was their free day, meaning they didn't have practice. He wanted to race his childhood best friend, Haruka Nanase, but couldn't since Iwatobi Swim Club had practice that same day. Meanwhile, Rin was wandering around Iwatobi trying to spend time, not sure what to do. Nothing exactly sparked his attention so he just continued walking while listening to the music he had on his phone.

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Haruka Nanase



Hair color:

Eye color:

Favorite swim style:

Swim suit style:
One piece

Swim suit color:
Black with different patterns of violet

Birth town:

Current town:

Haruka is a strong and quiet person who loves water. He is a taciturn and reserved individual. His strength lies in his confidence in his decisions. Up until Rin beat him their swim race, Haruka never questioned his reasons for swimming. Haruka is very protective towards his friends, especially Makoto. During the team's summer training, Makoto relived his childhood nightmare in the ocean and felt compelled to tell his team the truth about his fear when the subject was brought up. Immediately sensing Makoto's hesitation, Haruka commanded Reito drop the question. Haruka's attraction to water makes him a very comical person; he will swim anywhere and in anything with water (including a fish tank). His style captivates many others, and he has a powerful fixation towards freestyle swimming in particular.


Not being able to swim
Losing (though not that much)
Not knowing what to do
Fighting/hurting his friends

Maiko Nanase

Rin, Rei, Makoto, Nagisa, Maiko

Might make it Makoto might make or Rin maybe none I haven't decided.

Haruka had been friends with Makoto ever since they were very young. One day, at the playground near their homes, Makoto asked Haruka to join the swimming club with him, but Haruka immediately refused, saying it's "too much trouble". When Makoto said he won't join as well and was asked why not, Makoto said that there was no point in joining if Haruka wasn't with him. Makoto eventually got Haruka to join the club with him and since then, they were the members of Iwatobi Swimming Club.
Starting his junior high school life, Haruka wasn't intending to do club activities at all because he didn't like that they would cut his swimming time down. He didn't see the point of doing anything other than swimming and time spent in P.E. classes doing sports was enough for him. On the first day of school, Asahi approached Haruka and said, "You look like the type of guy with no friends," therefore having a one-sided friendship with him. Haruka didn't seem to like Asahi and when he asked him to call him "Haru" like Makotodoes, he said that he could, but just because he did not want Asahi to follow him around more.

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Ashley sat in the local coffee shop, their hair dripping slightly with water, as they sat string their cup off coffee around and wrote some things down on a note pad,

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It should have been a day off of training for the Iwatobi Swim Club, but Nagisa wanted to get better at his swimming, especially trying to get faster at his breaststroke. He burst out of water after doing a few laps before realizing there were other people around the pool.


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Quotes: "Who ever said I liked you anyway?"
"Am I more than you bargained for yet?"
Name: Ash/ley/ Johnson
Age: 16
Gender: Non-binary
Hair color: Black
Eye color: Blueish gray
Favorite swim style: backstroke
Swim suit style: One piece but the trousers kinda go into bottoms
Swim suit color: Red and black
Birth town:
Current town:
Personality: Shy usually when they first meet you and barley speaks but gets a little more light hearted after a bit.
Likes: swimming, music, guitars, video games
Dislikes: huge crowds, skirts, green tea, painting
Family: /Adopted/ Mum- Alice Johnson
Friends: Open
Relationships: Open
Crushes: Open
History: Ashley was a 'mistake' because of this their birth mum put them up for adoption. They got adopted by their new mum Alice, who is a chief. The house they lived, and still live, in has a lake out the back which they went swimming in since they was young. They was never popular in school or anywhere. The reason they has such a dislike for skirts is one time they were running home their skirt blew up and a boy wolf whistled at them making them embraced and ran home.
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//"Haru-chan! Mako-chan! It's been forever! I'll be joining you here at Iwatobi High School."
//"There are cherry blossom trees next to the pool! Weren't there cherry blossom trees next to the pool at your grade school, Haru-chan?"
//"But, that's your name, Haru-chan."
//"What does that have to do with swimming? That just means he likes baths."
//"Did they just ditch us?"
//"He's kinda changed."
//"Your name is Gou, like the Sengoku warlord Azai Nagamasa's third daughter, right?"
//"Haru-chan still reminds me of a dolphin."
//"You looked like an elephant falling in!"
//"You can't eat a pool."
//"I don't think Rei-chan likes water..."
//"Rest house? What's a rest house?"
//"Stop talking like a couple about to enter a haunted house."
//"Because Rei is for refrige-Rei-tor!"
//"We're stranded on a deserted island! Aren't we supposed to harpoon fish and search for edible mushrooms?"
//"Haru-chan say he doesn't care about his times and winning races, but he's motivated when he's racing Rin-chan."
Name: Nagisa Hazuki
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Hair color: Honey Blonde
Eye color: Magenta
Favorite swim style: Breaststroke
Swim suit style: One piece
Swim suit color: Black with pink stripes
Birth town: Iwatobi
Current town: Iwatobi
Personality: Nagisa has a cheerful personality. He is very strong and is not afraid to speak his mind; these traits define him as a straight-forward person. It was this very straight-forward and bold personality that established the current Iwatobi Swim Team in the first place. He can get very enthusiastic about most things that catch his eye and if there is something that remotely interests him, he will instantly act upon and pursue those feelings.
Nagisa admires Haruka's swimming style and eventually enrolles at the same high school to get a chance to swim with him again, as he previously attended another middle school away from Haruka and Makoto. He can be quite pushy in some situations, especially when Haruka doesn't share an opinion with him, which can be seen as rudeness by some people. However, this helps Makoto to get Haruka to do something most of the time. Additionally, Nagisa lacks manners to some extent, as he frequently speaks with his mouth full, and tends to be very noisy and untidy.
Nagisa also has a certain rebellious side, as he insists to sneak into the indoor swimming pool of Samezuka Academy which was closed at the time, commiting trespass. He still acts very much child-like and has nothing against swimming naked in the pool, which someone would find embarrassing. He is shown to be sly in some way and above all, stubborn, especially when it comes to Gou's name. No matter how hard Gou tries to make him call her "Kou" (which she considers more feminine name), he always contradicts wtih calling her "Gou", much to her dismay. Nagisa is not particulary gifted in arts and can be very intrusive. Although Nagisa often thinks of unconventional and strange methods to solve relatively simple problems, his eagerness always influences the situation to work to his favor.
Whenever he sees something is wrong with Rei-chan, he gets serious and tries to help. He gets along well with everyone in the series and has many friends.
Likes: Swimming, food, sweets, relays, swimming with friends, Rei, friends, family, penguins, Iwatobi High, Iwatobi Swim Club
Dislikes: Being force to quit the swim club, not qualifying for nationals, Win leaving for Australia, eating healthy, things being kept from him
Family: Unknown Parents, Nanako (Sister), and two older sisters
Friends: Rin, Rei, Haruka, Makoto
Crushes: Rei (I ship it)
History: While having lunch at the second day of high school, Haruka and Makoto encounter their old friend, and recent transfer, Nagisa Hazuki. Nagisa not only wishes to swim with Haruka like they used to, but also suggests that they dig up a time capsule containing a relay trophy they had won with their friend Rin Matsuoka at the dilapidated Swimming Club. While at the old swim club building, the group shockingly runs into a completely changed Rin in the hallways. Rin immediately challenges Haruka to a race, and Nagisa and Makoto try to stop them from jumping in the pool, only to find that the old pool is empty. At school the next day, a scarlet-haired girl observes the group with a friend and remarks of them being old acquaintances before Makoto and Nagisa are reprimanded by a teacher for trespassing at the swimming club. As Makoto and Nagisa visit Haruka that evening, they discover the scarlet-haired girl turns out to be Rin's sister, Gou Matsuoka attempting to pay Haruka a visit. They then learn from her that Rin now attends Samezuka Academy upon his return from Australia.
The group, once again, commits trespass, but this time into Samezuka Academy indoor pool, in order to maybe meet Rin again. To Haruka's joy, Rin appears and they have a match, while Nagisa and Makoto stay on the side and watch. After the match, the group is once again reprimanded for trespassing on Samezuka Academy grounds. Makoto and Nagisa run into Gou and they all agree that Rin's attitude had dramatically changed in the past few years, simultaneously learning that Gou had been the one who sent him to the Iwatobi Swimming Club while Nagisa suggests that they form a school swimming club. After getting Haruka on board, Makoto and Nagisa propose the idea to their homeroom teacher, Miho Amakata, who agrees after Nagisa gives her a little prompt. Finally, the club is accepted by the faculty on the condition that they find one more member, and restore the school's swimming pool themselves. Nagisa begins the task of finding a fourth club member, which proves much more demanding than they had initially thought.
While taking the train to school, Nagisa tries to recruit Rei Ryugazaki to join the swim club to which he bluntly refuses. Gou proposes that the swim club join an indoor gym so they can practice swimming until summer, but due to its expense, they seek sponsorship from the school. Miho reveals that they won't get sponsored until their club earns accomplishments in tournaments, but would still require a fourth swimmer. Nagisa informs Haruka and everyone of Rei's perfect candidacy due to his feminine given name. This prompts Nagisa to wait for Rei after practice, much to his surprise and continues to pester him about joining. The next evening, while doing pole vault training, Rei's coach admits that his form wouldn't improve unless he stops calculating his movements beforehand, much to his frustration. Gou informs the club that she had successfully scheduled a joint swimming practice with the Samezuka team at their indoor pool, but they would still require a fourth swimmer. The following morning, Nagisa meets up with Rei on his run to school and explains his reasoning for wanting Rei to join prompting Rei agree on a trial basis.
At the joint Samezuka-Iwatobi practice, Rei tries to avoid swimming in the time trials, but is forced to and much to everyone's surprise, it is revealed that he cannot swim. The next day at his pole vaulting practice, Rei doesn't use his calculations and falls. He approaches the spectating Nagisa and everyone and admits that he would like to achieve a form similar to Haruka's and officially joins the swim club while tasking Nagisa with teaching him how to swim.
The Swim Club officially starts training in the refurbished pool using an old training regiment of Gou has had unearthed. Rei's inherent academic skills at learning all the swimming theory prove to be useless since his body refuses to move in the water. Nagisa and Makoto start teaching Rei how to swim and learn that while he can float, his problem still eludes them. The following day, the guys try to come up with designs for a club uniform but Gou instead gives Rei's lessons higher priority and makes a revamped swimming regiment during which he must master swimming in one week before their first prefectural tournament. Nagisa and Makoto try and fail to teach Rei their signature techniques; the breaststroke and backstroke respectively causing Rei to blame his inability on their teaching methods.
Believing that the added pressure will help the Swim Club in their training, Gou continues to make her countdown calender for the upcoming prefectural tournament. Meanwhile, as the guys decide on which events they will each participate in at the tournament, Gou discovers a decades old training regiment of the past Iwatobi Swim Club, and excitedly proposes that they use it and venture to an island for a summer training camp. On the day of the trip, Goro takes the Swim Club to the island where they coincidentally discover the Samezuka Swim Club, along with Rin, training at a special swimming facility on the island. After the guys get settled on the beach they begin their stamina training regiment which involves making three long-distance swimming circuits between the deserted islands of Sukishima, Oshima, and Mizushima. At the end of the first day, the club only manages swimming half of their goal, leaving Rei to feel a bit disappointed for lagging behind.
That night, unable to sleep due to his performance, Rei heads into the ocean to continue training when a sudden storm takes him by surprise. Makoto awakens at that moment and goes looking for Rei, frantically diving to his aid upon hearing Rei's cries for help. The commotion wakes up Haruka and Nagisa, who follow. Nagisa rescues Rei and Haruka brings Makoto, who has been strangely affected by the ocean, to safety. Rei apologises to Nagisa for making all of them worry and tells him that he saw Makoto come to rescue him, but he didn't look like his usual self. Nagisa and Rei go to find Makoto and Haruka at the other side of the island. The group decides to look for a shelter where they can stay until the storm stops and finds Sukishima Rest House nearby. As they enter the rest house, they find a kitchen and start looking for some food, since all of them are starving. As they're eating around the table, they started talking about their current situation. Haruka then suggests that they spend a night there since there were no signs that the rain was going to stop soon. Nagisa then gets the idea for them to play a game while they're staying in the rest house. All of them got to say something about their past or to do something (Rei had to tell an embarrassing story, Haruka had to tell a love story and Nagisa imitated rockhopper penguin). They later go outside to see a beautiful sky above them, as the rain has stopped. As Rei tells the group about the constellations he sees in the sky, Nagisa notices a puddle beneath them that reflects the beautiful starry sky. Makoto looks at his friends and smiles.
The next morning, the group swims back to the coast where their tens are, as well as Gou and Miho, who didn't know what happened last night. Rin sees them while jogging and wonders what they're doing. When they finally arrive at the coast, Gou and Miho watch them as they sleep and wonder what they're doing. Gou tries to wake them up, but doesn't succeed.
Gou and Makoto watch as Haruka and Nagisa swim. Gou is amazed by Haruka's timing and tells him that it's his new personal record. Everybody agrees that their training camp has paid off. Gou then tells Nagisa that he'll have to train a little more, but then Makoto tells her that they all have come so far in such a short time. While the guys are eating their lunch, Gou finds them and shows them the pictures that she took during their summer camp. While the rest looks over the pictures, the one that has captured Haruka's attention is a picture of Rin. Nagisa whispers to Makoto that racing with Rin motivates Haruka.
At the tournament, Haruka looses to Rin and the next race starts. Goro finally finds the group watching races and apologises for being late. Nagisa gets angry with him for showing up late, but Miho interferes thanking Goro for helping them the other day. Goro says once again that he thinks that he knows her from somewhere, but Miho denies and turns away from him. After Nagisa scolds Goro for trying to hit on Miho (which Goro immediately denies), Rei tells him that Haruka had already swam him freestyle heat. As Makoto prepares himself for his race, Goro asks Nagisa and Rei where Haruka is, but Rei tells him that they couldn't find him. Nagisa runs away telling them that he is going to find Haruka because he wants him to watch them swim. He finds Haruka sitting in the hallway wondering if things would be different if Rin won the race they had before he went abroad. He tells Haruka that Makoto's race is about to start and that he should go and watch him swim. Haruka then tells him that he'll pass, but Nagisa grabs his hand and runs with him to the pool.
Nagisa is up next for a race. When his race starts, Goro, Miho, Gou, Rei and Makoto cheer for him, like they did for Makoto as well, and Haruka still stands speechless as he watches Nagisa swim. Nagisa comes back to where others are with a defeated look on his face. He apologizes for not making it and Goro and Gou comfort him. As soon as the first day of the tournament ended, Miho and Goro left Makoto, Nagisa, Rei and Gou alone. Gou then decides to tell the group that she signed all of them up for the medley relay on the second day of the tournament. The group protests a little for Gou not telling them about it sooner, but Rei immediately agrees on swimming in the relay, making Makoto and Nagisa agree as well. They go to Haruka's house with the goal to make him agree on swimming in the relay with them as well, but nobody's there. They break in the house and start searching for Haruka in the hope that he's somewhere in the house. After going in every room and not finding him there, they decide to call him, but he doesn't answer. After Rei, Nagisa and Gou leave him a voice message, they spot his phone in the house. Makoto then tells them that Haruka doesn't bring his phone with him often.
Next morning, the phone's ringing wakes Nagisa up. Ha answers the call and finds out that Haruka will swim in the relay with the rest of them. Just when Gou mentions that Nagisa and Rei are still missing at their meeting spot, they appear running towards them, apologising for being late. Nagisa reveals to them that they were at Iwatobi High's outdoor pool practising for the relay, and that there's no possibility of Rei completely failing. The group decides to give it their best shot and enters the venue.
Nagisa and Makoto are at Haruka's house, persuading him to go the the festival. Makoto says that there is a shrine for the god of water, and Nagisa adds that Rei is waiting for them, and that he says that the four of them must attend together or else it would be meaningless. Haruka agrees to go, surprising Nagisa and Makoto. While deciding what food they want, Rei spots Rin and Aiichiro and nudges Nagisa, bringing it to his attention. Nagisa successfully blocks Haruka from spotting Rei, and says that he will go and buy burgers for everyone, wanting Haruka to wait at a rest area. Makoto gets the hint from Nagisa's winking and leads Haruka away. Nagisa tells Rei that he invited Haruka to the festival to get his mind off swimming but now it might have the opposite effect. They speculates that the worst case scenario would be to have Haruka quitting the relay. Nagisa comes up with a plan, asking Rei to follow Rin and update him on his whereabouts so that Nagisa can lead the others away.
On the way home from school, Nagisa asks Rei what is wrong and Rei replies that he does not understand why Rin suddenly decide to take part in the relay. He complains that their goal is to make it to the national as a team but everyone is talking about Rin instead. The team, along with Gou and Miho are over at Goro's house, eating hot pot even though it is in the middle of summer. When Nagisa accidentally upsets a stack of old magazines, Goro realises that the reason he found Miho familar was because he saw Miho being a model for swimsuits in his magazines.
The night before the regionals, Haruka meets Nagisa, who tells him that he is out looking for Rei since he is not in his room. At a playground, Nagisa tells Haruka that he is nervous about tomorrow, surprising him. Nagisa explains that he is scared of screwing up tomorrow, and ruining the relay for everyone. However, Haruka tells Nagisa that it is all thanks to him that they are racing Rin tomorrow since he came up with the idea of creating a swim club. Nagisa agrees and jokingly tells Haruka that he should show more gratitude to him. When Haruka agrees and thanks him, Nagisa is taken aback before being overjoyed and jumps on him.
As Rin miserably fails at his race at the regionals, the team decides to go and search for him. They are running out of time, as the relay is starting soon, but the team makes it just on time. When it is Rei turn to swim, Gou, Goro and Miho stare in shock while Aiichiro and Seijuro also spots Rin. Iwatobi High achieves the first place and Nagisa starts crying tears of joy. Outside the building, Miho is telling them off for pulling off such a stunt. They were disqualified and had to endure a scolding from the staff there. When Goro asks the reason for their actions, Rei says that it is only right and the rest agrees, saying that even though they are from different teams, they are still teammates.
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Quotes: "Fear: Forget Everything and Rise"
Name: Maiko Nanase
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Hair color: Jet black
Eye color: Blue
Favorite swim style: Free, just like Haruka
Swim suit style: Two pieces
Swim suit color: Mint green
Birth town: Iwatobi
Current town: Iwatobi
Personality: Maiko has a strong personality very similar to her brother. She is kind and reserved, making her seem quite all the time. But when she has an opinion or doesn't agree with something, she speaks her mind.
She used to love the being in the water every time she gets, up until she almost drown during practice one day. Everyday since her accident, she wanted to get over the stupid fear, but she couldn't. She was just terrified that it will happen again.
Likes: School, family, friends, Haruka's friends, swimming (before her accident), competing, free swim, the colour mint green, chocolate, ice cream, having fun
Dislikes: Swimming (after her accident), being bullied, people not understanding her, being forced to swim (after her accident), losing in competitions, her brother always being desperate to be in the water
Family: Haruka Nanase (Brother)
Friends: Rin, Haruka, Rei, Makoto, Nagisa
Crushes: None
History: Maiko was born just a year after Haruka was born, which made them really close. They grew up learning how to swim but were on separate swim teams, the boys team and the girls team. During one day when she was practicing for the up coming competition, her knee ended up buckling causing her to fall under the water, making it hard for her to get back up to the surface of the water. She fell unconscious only to wake up on the concrete surrounding the pool. Her brother and his friends ended up saving her from drowning, but she wouldn't go near the water. It wasn't until Rin came back from Australia, several years later, when she decided that it was time to get over her fear.
Extra: She's bisexual 
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