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Domino logging to Syslog
Darren Duke
So you have Domino. And you have a syslog server where everything except Domino is logged to. You want Domino to play along with everything else. What can you do? For starters there is this event handler type in events4.nsf.
But in typical IBM fashion the documentation for the above is practically non-existent on how this works . Nor does there seem to be a way to specify a remote syslog server. So I would presume (and dear reader feel free to leave a comment with links, etc if you know them) that this only works with a Domino server running on Linux and AIX. Now with Linux I could syslog locally and then punt my logs to another syslog server. So theoretically this could do what we want on Linux platforms.

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Replication / Save Conflict of Itself
Paul Withers
For a while now I’ve been niggled by a quirk that I couldn’t understand the cause of. In one application, which uses a lot of local replicas and has been in use for many years, I occasionally had calls about documents that had “disappeared”. In each occasion I tracked them down as conflicts. But the strange symptom was that the $REF field – which gives the parent UNID – was the same as the document’s UNID.

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Support Flash Alert: iOS 12 native Mail app authentication issue with session based authenticaiton
+Daniel Nashed
There is a support flash for an issue with iOS 12 with the native mail app.
Before this change in iOS 12 a wrong configuration did not impact the user for normal operations. There have been only issues when the password was changed.
Mobile devices cannot handle forms based authentication. If you configure session based authentication or multi server session based authentication the server will not use the basic authentication headers.
On the other side the recommended authentication on a Domino HTTP server and also on a Traveler server is multi-server session based authentication with LTPA cookies (from security and performance point of view).
For mobile devices connecting to Traveler you have to ensure basic authentication headers are used because mobile devices do not understand the forms-based authentication for sync requests (they do in the web browsers).

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IBM Champion Nominations are NOW Open
+Libby Ingrassia
The nomination period for IBM Champions will run from 17 September through 22 October this year. Yes, it's a bit earlier. We are trying to ensure that newly selected IBM Champions will have the opportunity to get to Think with the Champion discount.
Wan to re-nominate yourself or nominate a colleague or community member? Tell us about your activity that advocates for IBM and supports the community.
I think most of those reading this blog are familiar with the IBM Champions program. If you're not - or if you're looking for someplace to send a colleague or community member who's less familiar with the program, I suggest you refer to the main IBM Champion site, check our Twitter.

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The story of Async in JavaScript
Tim Davis
In my last post I talked about some Javascript concepts that will be useful when starting out with Node.js. This time I would like to talk about a potentially awkward part of JavaScript, i.e. asynchronous (async) operations. It is a bit of a long story, but it does have a happy ending.
So what is an asynchronous operation? Basically, it means a function or command that goes off and does its own thing while the rest of the code continues. It can be really useful or really annoying depending on the circumstances.

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Upgrade ODS on Notes Databases, Templates And Mail.Box Files
+Johnny Oldenburger
We are currently working on the final preparation for the upgrade to Domino 9.0.1 Feature Pack 9 next week. One of the new features in Feature Pack 9 relates to performance, namely that databases and views can be opened more quickly in databases that are enabled for transaction logging. It takes less time to open databases and views that are at ODS 52 or higher and enabled for transaction logging. Previously, performance for opening databases or views could be slow in frequently updated databases. This improvement is due to the implementation of less contention with update operations.

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Adminlicious – My Favourite TCO Features in Domino 10
+Gabriella Davis
This is my presentation from Icon UK on Thursday 13th September. There are lots of TCO features coming in Domino 10 that I’ve been working with and look forward to putting into production. In this presentation I cover things like cluster symmetry, pre send mail checking, deletion logs and the newrelic statistics reporting.

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When / How / What To Upgrade #Perfect10 Priorities and Dependencies
+Gabriella Davis
In this 8th episode of my #Perfect10 webcast I look at why understanding priorities and depenencies are an important part of planning an upgrade.
Next Up: Estimating Work Effort & Downtime.

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Accessing the IDVAULT with LotusScript
Ulrich Krause
NotesIdVault and NotesUserId are new classes as of IBM Notes 9.0.1 FP9. These classes provide a representation of the secure storage facility for UserIDs that may be configured for Domino by policy.
The classes are also available in Java and JavaScript.
This sound promising. As a developer you are now able to access the IDVAULT programmatically, get and put UserIds, resetPassword, mark an ID as active or inactive and force a resync if an ID becomes corrupt for some reason.
Well, this is what I thought when I first read about the new classes.
Let us take a closer look at some methods.
When you look at the list of methods in the NotesIDVault class, you can easily see that a couple of methods are not available.

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Things to know with JavaScript – JSON, let, const, and arrows
Tim Davis
While we eagerly await the arrival of the npm domino-db module with Domino 10, I thought I would spend this instalment of my blog series on Node.js talking a little about some concepts in JavaScript that are used a lot in Node development. If you haven’t looked at JavaScript much since Domino web forms or XPages SSJS then you may not have come across them. You will see them in examples and articles on Node around the web and will want to use them in your own projects as they will make your life easier when starting out.
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