Our relationships with one another is poor, but why? Have we all become so self indulged that we have forgotten how to naturally interact with another person or organism. We all need love, it is love that gives life not hate.

What is wealth really? Is it having all that one can desire? Is it possible to have all that one desires? Is the accumilation of money? What if wealth could not be measured in the accumilation of materials, but yet the abundant source of energy in which we can use to sustain life.

We know that divided we fall and together we stand. We do not have to except the world the way it is, because change is forever occuring.

We are all suffering from health issues one way or another whether physical or mental. But what chance does anyone have of being healthy if we continue to create such a negative environment. we all need to pitch in to make the planet a healthier place and then we can all share in the gift of good health.

Animals are dying left, right, and centre. Plant life is under consistant threat by the industrial world. People have become ugly inside out but instead of helping one another we have become enemy to one another and it must be stopped. The air we breathe is no longer clean for it is filled with toxic gases. Our water is no longer clean as it is also filled with harmful toxins. If we do not correct our mistakes on earth, our excursion to outter space will just yield greater devastation on a greater scale. We are one from fire to air to water to earth. All of these elements helps to create and sustain life.
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