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Can High Creatinine Patients Only Choose Dialysis for Solving Their Problems
Can high creatinine patients only choose dialysis for solving their problems? Most of people see the high creatinine level on their test reports will feel bewildered and do not know what to do with such a problem. No one will play a joke on his or her health problem. When you are suffering form kidney failure with high creatinine level, it is the best to find a treatment according to the disease condition. Do you know is it necessary for patients to take dialysis.

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Anyone want to rp?

A terrible night with Ace in the forest has left abigail reeling.even if she willing to face the darkness inside him, is she only doing it out of pity ? Now that that mandatory assembly run by nightmare is starting up in the the country of clover,all the role-holders are gathered for a peaceful summit.abigail plans to use the event to try to untangle her feelings about ace,in the meantime elliot is also falling for her and the love triangle even tentative ones,can get deadly in wonderland ((two guys need to play elliot and ace))
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Name:Abigail of the east clover kingdom
Dob:August 7
Sword:blue crystal sword
Magic item:Blue necklace
Likes:Adventures and friends
Dislikes:Lord nightmare
Bio:Abigail family has been involved with nightmare deals and tricky games,but as the time has gone by Abigail got tired of begin in the middle of every deal there parents made with nightmare so she promise to stay away from nightmare
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HEY! Im not dead and i noticed something about this community! I love OCs but there arent enough real canon characters. If anyone wants to be a canon character you re free to do so! please do so! look at the ones available ( almost all are available ;0 )

Anyone bored and wanna rp? I'm your gal!!
Here are some rules

-NO txt talk
-Please be Lit (and by Lit i mean at least 3-4 sentences for each reply)
-Must have hangouts because Goggle+ is a big hassle
-Have a little bio and have a pic for your oc!
-Minimal cursing

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I need a Boris to role play with!!!
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Name: CandicethePanda. Role as an outsider
Age: 17
Gender: female
Likes: Boris, Elliott, maybe Peter, and tea. Tea is such a great thing 😍😍🍵
Dislikes: Blood Dupre and people being killed in front of me
Area: Tower, for now
Bio: I'm Alice's fraternal twin and we came to the country of hearts together. Our lives will never be the same again.

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Hi I'm ellie
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