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Long time lurker, first time poster, not sure I'm doing this right.
Illusions and Images - need a little help understanding these.
So I get the distinction that illusions exist in the mind, images exist in the world but...
1. Neither power has a range quoted. Is either power limited by distance, line of sight etc? If you look at a building, can you target everyone in that building with an illusion without knowing how many of them there are or where in the building they are? Can you target someone on the other side of the galaxy if you're aware of their existence (if not their exact location)?
2. Neither power appears to have limits to the size of the fabrication - can you create a life-sized image of Godzilla wading out of the sea? Or a tasty planet to distract a Galactus-style solar system snacker?
3. Images work the same as illusions apart from existing in the physical world rather than the mind. What happens if 1 person succeeds on the awareness test - does the image disappear for all? Does it remain but they know it's false? If the latter, can it still be used to obscure vision even though it's known to be false?
4. Do Images have volume? Say for example... (and this is entirely hypothetical and not in any way related to an awful ruling in a badly run game that I may or may not have been in charge of as my first exposure to this ruleset ) if someone creates an Image of fog, if you're inside the fog do you see fog or do you see the edges of a "shell" that you're inside with everything else inside it looking fine, like you've clipped the scenery in a 90s first person shooter? Or if you walk inside the Godzilla from #2 above, can you look at his heart, his liver, his spleen?


This is my first post. I just bought ICONS and I have a question about the damage rules with uses of a close combat weapon.

You will have to excuse the quality of my English because I speak only French.
I wonder why the damage value of a "bashing" or "slashing" weapons can not be added to the value of the STR? It would make more sense, no?

I hit with a strength 2 using a sword (value of 4) = damage of 6. If I have a character who has aSstrength value of 4 and uses the same sword, the impact will be greater, so more damage. It makes sense, right?

I have difficulty with the proposed rules. In fact, it's the only thing that's weak in this whole system: the equipment. I wish my kids had a list of equipment to inspire them.

I was thinking of establishing a house rule that would introduce this damage aspect to melee weapons: Strength + Weapons = damage.
To maintain damage balance with health (stamina), I would simply double the value of STAMINA or ARMOR.... or I could halve the value of the dmg wepons. Does that make sense?

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The Superverse is over 300 percent funded. With 2 remaining stretch goals, and 13 days remaining in the campaign:

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Check out this sketch of the ICONS specific cover that Dan Houser will finish if The Superverse Kickstarter hits its final stretch goal. Visit the Kickstarter here if you want to help make this cover happen:

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Happy Holidays from Fainting Goat Games

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Would anyone happen to know if Spinning attacks use the power level to roll the attack, AND the damage? Or just the damage and they still need a prowress roll to hit? Thanks!

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