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Message: Pr.M.Lazar
Date: 29/11/2017

Let us read a verse from Isaiah 1:22 were GOD says: “Your silver has become dross…”
Dear Brother and Sister,
If you are seeing this verse for the 1st time, or you are feeling like reading this verse for the 1st time, read carefully. GOD is speaking to you.

This verse is not about the worldly metal, in depth GOD has pointed out something very important related to our Spiritual life.
What is this Silver?

Spiritually, Silver is a picture of:
1.Our Salvation which GOD gave us
2.The Talents or Gifts which GOD gave us

Silver is:
1.Bright, White and Weight, which represents the Salvation and talents which GOD gave us

Dross is:
1.Dirt, Unclean, Useless, which represents the sins of this world and lust of our flesh

When GOD gave us His salvation, it is like we have become a bright, weight and white silver, a useful vessel for Him.
How the silver becomes “Dross”?

If the silver is not used it’ll become dross. GOD has given each one of us a certain talent to Glory His Name on this earth. But sadly satan using those talents for the for wrong purpose.

Dear brother/sister/friend
You can’t say: I don’t have any talent.
GOD has given you a talent for sure. Ask HIM to show that to you. In I Timothy 4:14 Apostle Paul advices Timothy: “Do not neglect the gift that is in you…” GOD has given you certain talent. Start to use it for the Glory of His Name.

I heard about a brother, who was struggled to pray. He felt very shy to pray before others. He started to pray GOD to anoint him with the Spirit of Praying. Slowly but steadily his prayers become very powerful. GOD started to use him to heal others. For whoever he prays, GOD healed them, demons ran away. It is not stopped there.
God blessed his ministry. God blessed him to plant churches. God made him to make many Spiritual leaders. God made him to preach and teach amidst many leaders of the world. God made him the elder for many churches.

Where he has started? With a little prayer.
GOD wants His children to use their talents which He gave them.

Do you have a good voice? Praise and Worship our GOD
Do you have the knowledge in music? Use it for the Glory of our GOD
Do you have the knowledge in Bible? Meditate the Bible more; GOD may use you for His Ministry one day
DO you have the longing to pray? Pray more for the country, for the people around the world
Do you work hard? Do more in the Church than others

But please don’t keep your talents unused.
Because the Bible warns for those who don’t use their talents for the Glory of God in Matthew 25:29
“For to everyone who has (used their talents for GOD), more will be given, and he will have abundance; but from him who does not have (used their talents for GOD), even what he has will be taken away.”

What about you dear brother/sister?
Are you using or just keeping?

The chemical reaction or the process of oxidation will make the silver into dross. That is the components in the atmosphere will make the shining silver into spoiled silver.

Watching unwanted videos in mobile
Making fun about others
Speaking bad
Making bad and dirty jokes
Bad fellowship and more
It is very common now seeing young girls talking in mobile phones for a long time. Parents should know who they are talking to. In India i heard and saw about many young girls who have grown discipline had lost their life due to bad fellowship and bad friends.

These days are very evil. Young people don’t care about holiness or living before God. In the name of fashion and trend satan seeded all kinds of immoral things among young generation. But GOD is watching everything. A day is coming soon for all things.

Recently a Godly man said:
If you have 100 friends, how many of them are spiritual? The ratio will declare about your spiritual life.

What kind of program you watch as a family?
What you husband and wife speak before your children?
May be all those looks nothing, but behind everything the satan has plotted an evil to defeat us.

The contents of the atmosphere will spoil the silver.
The contents of the world will spoil our salvation.

Last year a young girl met me and said something happened to her, which made me shock. She has been grown much disciplined by her parents. Later for some time a particular person met her. She spoke to him friendly and him to. Her parents don’t know about this. One particular day he crossed his limit with her. She lost her to him. Her life becomes a question mark now, because of the bad fellowship or wrong fellowship.

How about you?
Do the dirt of this world influencing you?

Proverbs 25:4 – “Take away the dross from silver, and it will go to the silversmith for jewellery”

First submit yourself to GOD. Ask Him to show the dross in your life. Holy Spirit will surely help you to find that. Then fight against it. Yes it will be hard. But don’t worry; if GOD sees that you are willing to get rid of that dross, HE will surely give His Grace to do that. You can’t do it for yourself.

GOD will again make you as shining silver. Not only silver, it is said: HE will make you like jewellery in His Hands. Hallelujah. What a life to live! You want a life like a Shining silver without any dross – fight for it dear brother/sister.

Our Spiritual Silversmith is ready to make you a fine and beautiful jewellery for His Kingdom.

Will you submit you today for that?

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Message: Pr.M.Lazar

Dear brother/sister according to Deuteronomy 32:10: “He found us in a desert land and in the wasteland, a howling wilderness, He encircled us, He instructed us, He kept us as the apple of His eye.” We should remember this until our last breath. In the next verse it is written: “As an eagle stirs up its nest…”(Deut.,31:11).

In Tamil language it is written: “like the eagle scatters the nest “. Why sometimes GOD allows some scatter in our life and bring us alone. May be a situation made you and your friend to get separated. Or you have come separately from your relations.

Why GOD allows this kind of situations?
It is also His Heavenly plan for your life.
Yes! Our Almighty God expects quality! He does not want quantity!

If you have 50 friends means how many of them are spiritual and God fearing? That is what GOD want in your life. HE wants everything good around His children. He doesn’t want His children to get polluted by dirty world.

From the beginning itself God is doing this division. We can read that in Genesis. He divided the light from darkness. He is dividing the good and evil. He is dividing the Holiness and sin.

In Galatians 1:15 Apostle Paul says: “God, separated me from my mother’s womb..”
In Romans 1:1 he again says: “…separated to the gospel of God”

Yes! God wants to separate us from every bad thing.
Let us give ourselves to Him for this separation.
From whatever or whoever He separates us, let us submit us to HIM. Our God is Good God. He does everything in our life for our very own good only.

JESUS came to do the division:
In Luke 12:51-53 Jesus says about the division He came to do in this world.

1 Corinthians 5:6 says:”…a little leavens the whole lump.” Our loving Father knows that a little sin our life will surely ruin our entire life.
He doesn’t want a little evil to come in our life. So that HE allows trials and tribulations in our life. Through that He separates us from this evil world and makes us Holy. We children of God should understand this otherwise we will end in backsliding.

Today we see many Christians, especially young men and women speak badly about God. They say: If God is kind means why He is doing this and that in our life. They don’t understand the Heart of God.

In Leviticus 20:26 God says: “And you shall be holy to Me, for I the LORD am holy, and have separated you from the peoples, that you should be Mine.” This verse alone explains us why God is doing certain divisions in our life.

Dear brother/sister
Let us understand the Heavenly plan for us.
We have been separated to be His people.
Let us submit ourselves to GOD for this.
You will see glorious things in your life.

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No one can serve God:
1.In own strength
2.Without living in Christ
3.Without knowing the Will of God

To do the above three, one important thing is important – The Anointing of Holy Spirit. In today’s world we can’t able to do not even a single thing without the help of Holy Spirit.

David – the man lived in Old Testament period knows the importance of The Anointing. See what he prays in 23:5
“…You anoint my head with oil; My cup runs over.” In another translation it says: “the anointing overflows on me…”.

We should pray like that. Enough of praying like this: “Lord anoint me, Lord anoint me”. From now start to pray like this: “Lord let Your anointing overflow out of me”. Hallelujah!
I personally want to use a term for this: “The Next Level in the Anointing.”

We knew about the miracle Jesus did at the marriage in Cana of Galilee. He told the servants to fill the water pots with water and then changed it to wine. This is one level.

After few weeks now Jesus is walking in the streets, a women having a flow of blood for twelve years touches the border of Jesus’s garment in faith to get healed. See what Jesus said that time to the people around Him: “Somebody touched Me, for I perceived power going out of Me.” (Luke 8:46) Jesus didn’t touched or spoke to her. The Anointing just went from Him. This is what I am saying: “The overflow of the Anointing or The Next level of the Anointing”.

God does not want us to stay in the same level.
He wants us to get next level.

We know Elisha had the double share of Elijah’s anointing. See what that anointing did: ”Elisha died and was buried. Groups of Moabite raiders used to invade the land each spring. Once when some Israelites were burying a man, they spied a band of these raiders. So they hastily threw the corpse into the tomb of Elisha and fled. But as soon as the body touched Elisha’s bones, the dead man revived and jumped to his feet!” (NLT - 2 Kings 13:20&21)

Wow, isn’t a big miracle. Even the bones of Elisha had that power of the Anointing. For us this anointing looks great. But see what Paul has said in 2 Corinthians 3:7-10:
“But if the ministry of death, written and engraved on stones, was glorious, so that the children of Israel could not look steadily at the face of Moses because of the glory of his countenance, which glory was passing away. How will the ministry of the Spirit not be more glorious? For is the ministry of condemnation had glory, the ministry of righteousness exceeds much more in glory. For even what was made glorious had no glory in this respect, because of the glory that excels.”

From this we understand, that the Ministry (Anointing) of the Old Testament period is not glorious than the Ministry(the Anointing of Holy Spirit) of the New Testament. See how blessed we are.
But sadly many of us don’t aware of this. If bones of the man who lived in the Old Testament period had that much of power means see how much power God given to us in this New Testament period!

Old Testament Anointing helped to kill the enemies (Canaanites, Moabites, etc.) of the world. But they won’t take us to hell.
New Testament anointing helps us to kill the enemies (Anger, lust, bitterness, revenge, etc.) of our spiritual world. These will take us to hell.

David and Samson are the anointed men of God. They have defeated the lions and bears. But they can’t able to defeat the lust in their flesh. They have fallen in adultery.

Jesus was also anointed. But He doesn’t defeated any lion or bear. But He defeated the enemies of the flesh. Total New Testament says us to concentrate on our inner life. That is what we read in Ephesians 6:12: “For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood…”

Physical fighting is over. It won’t make us to live a pure life before God.
Spiritual fighting is what we have to do now. It will make us to live a pure life before God.
The fullness of Anointing is needed to fight against our spiritual enemies.

Is there any level in the anointing? Yes!
In John 4:14 Jesus said: “But whoever drinks the water that I shall give him will never thirst. But the water that I shall give him will become in him a fountain of water springing up into everlasting life.”
Here Jesus compares the Anointing of Holy Spirit to – Fountain of water

Now in John 7:38 Jesus says: “He who believes in Me, as the Scripture has said, put of his heart will flow rivers of living water.”
Here Jesus compares the Anointing of Holy Spirit to – Rivers of living water

1st level – fountain of water
2nd level – rivers of living water.

We have another scripture to understand this in Ezekiel 47th chapter.
Ezekiel sees the water (Anointing) flowing out through the south side of the east gateway.(2nd verse)
1st level – The water was up to my ankles (3rd verse)
2nd level – This time the water was up to my knees (4th verse)
3rd level – It was up to my waist (4th verse)
4th level – It was deep enough to swim (5th verse)
Step by step the level of the anointing increases. God wants to fill us like this only.

Lord, please make the anointing You have given us to overflow from today.

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James 5:9 says – The Judge is standing at the door!
James 5:8 says – The coming of the LORD is at hand.
Yes! Time will delay no longer.
If we don’t examine our ways and repent today, we can’t escape from the coming judgement.

2 Corinthians 5:10 says – whether it is good or bad whatever we did, for that we have to appear before the judgment seat of Christ.
1 Peter 4:17 says – judgment will begin at the house of God [Church]
Tomorrow is not in our hand.

A film actress lived a sinful life. One day on the way to her film shooting she saw an Evangelical meeting. There she heard from the preacher saying “Repent, these are the final days. Jesus is calling you”. She went along.
Next day she saw the same meeting there. Again the same words came to her – “Repent, these are the final days. Jesus is calling you “.
She wrote like this in her dairy: “Let me be saved tomorrow!”
On the way she was killed in an accident.
The preacher while returning home, he saw the crowd and went to see what happened. That actress was lying dead there. He got her diary from a person there, it was written like this:
“Yesterday I don’t have idea to get saved”
“Today I don’t have time to get saved”
“So, let me be saved tomorrow!”

Dear bro/sis today is the salvation day! Repent!!
Jesus Christ was:
We read in Isaiah 53:3-6 – that for our sins, for our transgressions He took the punishment. He set us free.
He became one of the culprits to make us righteous!
1 John 2:1 says – Jesus Christ as an Advocate intercedes for us. If He don’t speak for us means, then there will be no Grace, there will be no Salvation for us.
Today also He stands for us.
Let us take that chance to live a righteous and zealous life before Him and for Him.
Because of the love He kept on us. He became a culprit and an advocate.
He is going to come as a JUDGE tomorrow. There will be no forgiveness, no mercy, and no way to escape.

Yes, King of Kings, our righteous Judge Lord King Jesus is going to judge us!
According to John 5:22 – people those who didn’t accept Jesus as their God will get ashamed when Lord Jesus judges them.
HE is the only Truth
HE is the only Way
HE is the only Life
Let us be prepared
Let us make others to be prepared
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Message: Sis.Christy Lazar
(Verses from NLT Bible)

Repentance is not a one day procedure. It is an everyday process.
It should happened everyday – every hour – every minute – every second.

In Matthew 3:2 the first preaching in the New Testament starts with “Repent” by John the Baptist. It is not about tithes- offerings-blessings but Repentance.

This true repentance will bring the Spiritual Fruits which was listed in Galatians 5:22&23 verses. Each and every day we should ask God to help us to grow those “Spiritual Fruits” in our life.

In Matthew 12:33 Jesus said – “If a tree is good, its fruit will be good. If a tree is bad, its fruit will be bad.” The problem is for most of us, that there are many bad trees in our life but we show that I am producing good fruits. This is called hypocrisy.

1st we should be truthful to God. We should say Father please cut away these bad trees(anger,lust,jealous,etc) from our life and plant good trees that I may produce good fruits for you.

As God expresses His desire of His Heart in Isaiah 5:2 we shouldn’t produce bitter fruits. We should learn the humble and gentleness from Jesus (Matthew 11:29) to produce good fruits.

We have to read and meditate the Words of God daily. It’ll help us to grow in Christ.
Parents – will grow their children in their knowledge
God – will grow His children in His Words of Wisdom.

Now a day’s people used to see, learn and do from movies faster. They imitate their style, way of speech, dress etc.
But how many of us seen, learnt and did from Bible?

I saw many blind & physically challenged proclaiming the Words of God everywhere. They are getting ready to go to heaven.
We have good legs, hands and body – are we ready to go to heaven?

“He will not fight or should or raise His voice in public”(Matthew 12:19) a wonderful verse about Jesus. We used to say that we are the Children of Jesus. If it is true, do we have the same character or following the same attitude of Jesus in our home, family, working place? – No fight – No shout – No loud voice!!

In Matthew 18:3 Jesus said – “unless you turn from your sins and become like children, you’ll never get into the Kingdom of Heaven”.

What is Child like?
A child never cares for others words about it – whether it is good or bad it won’t take it as serious – a child won’t get offended – a child won’t lust on anything – a child will be like Jesus.
God wants us to become like a child.

We should not again go near the sin which we overcame with the help of God. We have to repent truly.
A true repentance will make you to hate the particular sin very badly.

In Psalm 7:12 Bible warns: If a person does not repent, God will sharpen His sword.
For what? - To cut the tree to throw into the fire.

We read an incident in Jonah 3:5-10. After the people of Nineveh repented truly – God has changed His anger from them. They wanted to repent. They did.

To repent truly – we have to desire for it; we have to wish for it. Then God will help us to repent. Let us repent truly.


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Message: Pr.M.Lazar

In Matthew 12:36 Jesus said – “I tell you this, you must give an account on judgment day for every idle word you speak”.
Listen to this: “Every idle word”. Jesus mentioned this strongly.

The words we speak will determine whether we go to heaven or hell.
But unfortunately most of the Christians never care about their words. They used to speak all that comes in their minds.

We should be very very careful about our words we speak every day.

Ecclesiastes 5:2 says “let your words be few”. Yes God is hearing our every single word.
I heard about a servant of God, pasted a poster on his home and room saying “GOD IS HEARING”. Yes, our God is hearing us.

How are our words today? Ecclesiastes 5:6 says more seriously about this: “Don’t let your mouth make you sin.” Yes! Unnecessary words are sin before God.

Proverbs 10:19 says – “Too much talk leads to sin.”
In 1 Timothy 6:20; 2 Timothy 2:14,16 – Paul warns Timothy about the unnecessary talks.

David says in Psalm 17:3 – “I am determined not to sin in what I say”.

Let us ask ourselves:
How are my words?
How am speaking to others?


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We all as a “Children of God” have a “common call”. That is to “become His disciples and make disciples of all the nations”. Yes! God wants us to become His disciples.

But today instead of becoming His Disciples, many became and becoming “Nominal Christians”
Many heathen religious activities came in Christianity today.

Clothing like saints with a long beard [to get Jesus look as seen in photos]
Wearing cross on necks
Shaving heads for a certain prayer if it got fulfilled
All Hippocratic activities are grown in Christianity very much today.
This is not our call! God never acknowledge all these!!

To become His Disciples
To Glorify His Name
To reveal Jesus from us – this is our call.
But Christians are drifted far away from God.

Apostles Peter and John had no Gold or silver in their ministry – but today those who say I am the apostle of Jesus are all having Gold Crosses on their necks, gold sticks, gold crown etc.

Apostle Paul who planted many Churches, lived wealth and owner of many ships before he accepted Jesus but after he became Paul he become a little tent maker and lived a simple life as a disciple of Jesus Christ!

He surrendered Himself to God’s Call totally.
But today “God’s Call” – its meaning has been changed to earning money, becoming rich – buying planes and costly cars etc.

In between all this our Loving Lord Jesus searching for Isaiah’s and Jeremiah’s – who will stand for his people and country, to cry for them, to pray for them – without expecting money, materials, titles, positions, reputations, crowd etc.
To live and preach for Him
To guide people towards Him
To build a Holy Church
To preach the Gospel truly as it is
Our God’s Call has been coming to you always!

Are you going to accept His call as Isaiah said “Lord here I am sent me!”
Are you going to neglect His call like Moses?

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Topic: Judging Ourselves
Message: Pr.M.Lazar
(Arise & Make Arise meet)

We all know that one day, we all going to stand before the judgment seat of Christ to get judged. But there will be one category of people who weren’t going to face the judgement.

They are “Those who judge themselves” according to 1 Corinthians 11:31.
This is the most prominent truth we should know. We should judge ourselves.

Jesus told a parable about two men went to pray(a tax collector and a Pharisee) in Luke 18:10-14.

The Pharisee compared others with him and for his eyes he seems to be better than others. So, he judges others and went home. God didn’t even listen to him. But the other one judged himself and wept before the presence of God. God said “He is the righteous”. God heard him.

Today the main problem with us is we used to compare ourselves with others. That leads to judging others. This is not the mind of Christ.

In Matthew 21:31 Jesus said – “I say to you that tax collectors and harlots enter the kingdom of God before you”. Why Jesus said like that?

Because they won’t like that they didn’t any sin – they’ll agree accept their sin. but those who say that they are Godly will lie and they’ll judge others.

In the sight of God Spiritual Adultery is far worse than physical adultery. Judging ourselves – is the only way to get out of Spiritual adultery and from the wrath of God.

In 1 Corinthians 10:1-15 verses we read about the Israelite.
They saw miracles
they were baptized (2nd verse)
they ate spiritual food (3rd verse)
they drank from spiritual rock (4th verse).
But with most of them GOD was not well pleased.
Their bodies were scattered in wilderness. It is the example for us today.

We are baptized
we take part in Holy Communion
Have spiritual gifts: but still there is danger to get destroyed.

I saw many people used to come church for Holy Communion only.
They may thing taking part in Communion will save them from judgment and will take them to heaven. No!

That is why 1 Corinthians 10:12 warn us: Let him who thinks he stands take heed lest he fall.

We can learn a good lesson from the life of Isaiah. In Isaiah 5th chapter Isaiah says “woe” to some people in 8th,10th,18th & 20-23verses. But in 6th chapter after seeing LORD – Isaiah says “woe” to himself(5th verse).

The mark of a true Christian is he will judge himself all the time
The mark of a person who says I saw God will humble himself before God.

They never raise finger on anyone. Even Jesus never judged anyone while He lived on this earth, though He had the authority to judge.

Let us start to judge ourselves.
Let us teach others about the importance of judging ourselves.

May our Heavenly Judge help us to Judge ourselves.

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Message: Pastor.M.Lazar

What is our ambition in our Christian life?
“Have to go to heaven” – if this is our answer, then we are definitely selfish.
“Want to live like CHRIST lived” – if this is our answer, then you knew the WILL OF GOD.
If JESUS was selfish means, we even don’t know what SALVATION is! But HE came to earth to do HIS Fathers’ Will.

Anyone says – I am a Christian (or) I am living for CHRIST, then they should know this verse from 1 John 2:6(NLT).
“Those who say they live in GOD should live their lives as JESUS did.” If my life is not like as JESUS LIVED, then I can’t say I am a CHRISTIAN.

Now let us read a verse from Philippians 2:5(NLT)
“You must have the same attitude that Christ Jesus has.” In some other translations it is like this – “have the same mind that Christ Jesus had.”

What is the Attitude of Christ?
What is the Mind of Christ?

From the same Philippians 2:6-8 we have the answer.
JESUS being in the form of GOD – HE is the only begotten son of GOD – Everything has been created for HIM.
But HE never cling to those. HE gave up all HIS Divine Privileges and took the humble position of a slave! GOD became slave.

See, from the very top – HE came to the very down.

No one ever did a ministry as JESUS did. But at the end of HIS Ministry HE washed the feet of HIS disciples. Not like today’s servants of GOD, who begins with Humble and ends in pride. JESUS began HIS ministry in Humble and ended HIS ministry in most humble.

Look at the Life of CHRIST:
1.He chose the poor mary and joseph as His parents.
2.He chose the lowly place for His Birth(manger)
3.He chose a lowly job to work (carpenter)
4.Whenever He did a miracle He hid Himself.
5.Even though He is a Master He washed the dirty feet of His disciples.
6.He was nailed in between the thieves.
7.Even His body was kept in a tomb which was owned by someone others

The life of JESUS is filled with Humility & Humblesness.

If you see a Servant of GOD with pride means, there’ll be two reasons:
1. GOD didn’t choose him for HIS Ministry, he himself taken that.
2. He began with humbleness but now satan entered in him.
HE also chose people from humility & lowly state only.

1.Mary(Mother of JESUS CHRIST)
From a very poor family – a very poor village – GOD choose Mary to be the mother of CHRIST. Historical background says many kings’ daughters prayed to become the Mother of the coming Messiah as foretold by prophet Isaiah. But GOD didn’t choose Palaces but a little manger only! Mary herself expresses about her in Luke 1:48(NLT) – “For HE took notice of HIS lowly servant girl.”

2.Matthias(12th Disciple came in the Place of Judas Iscariot)
We can’t read anything about “Matthias” in the whole New Testament except in Acts 1st chapter. The only testimony Matthias was “he’s been following JESUS the whole time” Acts 1:21&22. In the entire gospels there is nothing written about “Matthias”. Even the disciples could have neglected him. But GOD chosen him. The one who hid himself all the time.

3.The second thief on cross
Confessing his sins, the 2nd thief on cross got salvation from JESUS in that very moment. He humbled himself before GOD and accepted the punishment which he deserved. GOD always accepts those who acknowledge their sins.
People may “reject” us – but GOD will “recognize” us!

Dear brother/sisters if we meditate the mind of CHRIST or the attitude of CHRIST while HE lived on this earth, it will surely change our life totally. Let us pray GOD to show us the way JESUS lived on this earth.
May our Mighty Holy Spirit fill our mind with the Mind of CHRIST.

Glory to our GOD
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You are the ONE!
Our Almighty God never seeks for a group or a multitude of people for His Work. He always searches for ONE!

The one who has a thirst for HIM
The one who has a thirst to do His Will
The one who need Him on everything
The one who places Him first on all things
The one who depends on Him fully
The one who seeks His Answer on all things
Are you the ONE?
On the entire world God found only one Noah!
On the entire Egypt God found only one Moses!
On the entire nation God found only one Abraham!
On the entire kingdom God found only one Daniel!
On the entire earth God found only one Mary!
God can change the whole world using one man
God can change the whole world for only one man!!
Ezekiel 22:30
“…I sought for a man among them who would make a wall and stand in the gap before Me…”

Psalm 14:2
“The LORD looks down from heaven upon the children of men, to see if there are any who [one person] understand, who seek God.”

Isaiah 59:16
“He saw that there was no man [one person], and wondered that there was no intercessor;”

Jeremiah 5:1
“RUN to and fro through the streets of Jerusalem; see now and know; and seek in her open places if you can find a man, if there is anyone who executes judgement, who seeks the truth, and I will pardon her”
In those all above verses we can clearly see that our Loving Lord seeks at-least one, one person for HIM!!
Because of One Noah we are here today
One Moses split the Red sea
One Joshua stopped the Sun and Moon
One Daniel stood for God in the whole nation
One humble Mary became the mother of Son of God
Now wants you dear brother and sister. He wants you to be the One for His Heavenly Work.
Will you surrender yourself in His Mighty Hands?
Heavenly Father
Like Isaiah told Lord here am I! Send me
Please accept me
In Jesus Name
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