Hello !! I am interested in starting my research in the field of SDN. I looked around the internet for which SDN controller is the most suitable for research purposes, but it seems that the SDN community does not agree on a specific controller.

I would like to get advice about which controller is optimum taking into consideration the following:

* Preferably uses Python environment (I am an intermediate Python user but not a professional).
* Provides a decent level documentation as to how to use different network components (I will be simulating a complete network from hosts to core routers).
* Provides a GUI for configuration or at least a graphical representation of the simulated network.
* Best supported with an online community in case of future issues of concepts and connectivity.

During my online research I found that most people recommend POX. Although after setting it up and using its basic functions, I did not feel that it is the most suitable.

Really appreciate your help and time regarding this issue.

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