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Software Defined Networking (SDN) Market

The global #SDN market is estimated to reach USD 70.41 billion by 2024, according to a new report by Grand View Research, Inc. #Softwaredefinednetworking has witnessed a surge in its popularity in the recent years and rightly so owing to the myriad benefits it offers over the existing legacy infrastructure. The SDN solutions provide centralized control and operational capabilities, which help the #network administrators and engineers to respond quickly and efficiently. The SDN architecture comprises different tools and techniques, such as the controller, switches forwarding, and backplanes, among others, that make the systems more agile and flexible.

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SDN acts as a bridge between the applications and #routers and #switches to relay information and #data between them. As they provide a virtualized view of the network and storage, the SDN solutions help in deploying applications and services at a fast pace. The demand for SD solutions is anticipated to be on the rise as there is a growing necessity for the increasing operability and bandwidth of the carrier networks for service providers as well as large enterprises. The increasing data traffic due to increased mobile devices, social media #cloudcomputing, and even #InternetofThings #IoT is expected to propel the data traffic in the coming years, which will create a steep demand for enhanced networks.
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Hello everyone !! I am interested to sit for the ONF SDN Certified Engineer (OSCE) exam. I was searching for study materials (study guide, past exams, etc.) but came up with nothing.

Please if anyone can help me in this regard I will really appreciate it :D

Hello !! I am interested in starting my research in the field of SDN. I looked around the internet for which SDN controller is the most suitable for research purposes, but it seems that the SDN community does not agree on a specific controller.

I would like to get advice about which controller is optimum taking into consideration the following:

* Preferably uses Python environment (I am an intermediate Python user but not a professional).
* Provides a decent level documentation as to how to use different network components (I will be simulating a complete network from hosts to core routers).
* Provides a GUI for configuration or at least a graphical representation of the simulated network.
* Best supported with an online community in case of future issues of concepts and connectivity.

During my online research I found that most people recommend POX. Although after setting it up and using its basic functions, I did not feel that it is the most suitable.

Really appreciate your help and time regarding this issue.

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