So where is this (and the other jiffy groups) moving to once G+ shuts down in next year?
FB? Reddit? both?

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Jiffy for iOS
For those of you that may have switched over to iPhone (no judgement ;). We've developed a version of Jiffy for iOS, it is an MVP at the moment, meaning, it has all the features needed for every day time tracking, but is lacking some of the more sophisticated features developed for android over the years. If you are interested in getting your hands it's on the app store already, and we have a testing set up through test flight (ping us if you'd like to help out testing it).

I finally figured out, after all this time, why the clock isn't intuitive. When you have a clock that you need to set forward, you move the hands clockwise but on the app, you have to turn it counterclockwise. It would be nice if this could be updated.

Also it would be nice if you could just say what month and year you want to look at without having to use custom.

Hi. Is there any way to remove all jiffy data associated with an account? I attempted a sync on the app with my new phone which was terrible and it would be great if I could start fresh without having to create another account.

We work since 4 Years with Jiffy, and we are very happy.

Now we have to use a project management with timetracking.

Your strength is mobile use! almost all competitors in timetracking rely on browser extensions, or other desktop using tracking !! Clickup will thank you !! They have an openAPI!
So, we dont need to type every task twice!

Hi! Im using Jiffy for about 3 Years now.

Works good and reliable.

Im interested though if this App is still in development?
If yes, why has there not been an update for such a long time?

Is it posssible to invest time und money to iron out some small bugs and get some new features going?

We would be interested in investing both in the app.

Hope someone of the developers sees this and gets back in touch.


I have had blocks of time disappearing that I discover later in the day.

Here is the sequence of events, it's fairly repeatable.

1. Forget to change my time when working a new task. Select the new task to start time at that moment.

2. Go into the history, agenda.

3. Select the previous task and edit the stop time.

4. Select the current running task and edit the stop time to be the stop time of the previous task.

5. Save and exit out to the main screen.

6. Type text into the note field & select OK.

When I switch tasks the next time this entire entry usually disappears or best case only shows about 1 minute worked.

Minor annoyance since I usually catch it, just surprised how repeatable it is.

Because the "Backup & Restore" screen shows only "Backup name", "Backup to", ... it only appears to offer you the ability to back up your phone - not to restore data from another phone that you have backed up (such as to DropBox). In fact, though, you can do so. Fortunately I figured out how to do it, but with no commands specific to restoring from an existing backup, I'm sure that someone has given up in the attempt. Please make this more obvious. Thanks.

I've reset my phone to factory settings, and reinstalled Jiffy on it. Now I can't restore my projects because Jiffy doesn't see the backup on Google Hidden files. The backup is still there though. But Jiffy just asks for access again and shows in Google as another application called also "Jiffy".
So now I have 2 "Jiffy" applications with access to Google drive, and nothing showed in backups list.

Feature Request:
It would be great when manual adjustments to working time would also be exported to CSV.
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