Any descriptive and literate RPer here? I've a story in mind, basically a family RP with a child in condition. Need people to discuss with before I write a starter. Thank you~!

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[[Female needed, 20+ lines required, the more the better. Be creative with your character, they could be another gunslinger or one who could use a gunslinger as theres demons and otherworldly things plaguing the world here in there. Or maybe your characters been wronged by the men in black the gunslingers chasing, same as he. Theyre of a sort of raider cult, though that will be explained later. The gist is they do terrible, unholy things wherever they pass and the gunslingers been hunting them down. The worlds semi-post apocalyptic, the world has "moved on" since the time of great works, and since the worlds teetering on the edge of the end, so technology is limited but very rarely there will be evidence of the old world, old machines that still work even now.]]
"The men in black fled across the desert... and the gunslinger followed."

Dust flew from the road as the man mad his way along it, not hurrying, but not loafing. The horse upon which he rode was sturdy, if a bit thin from the lack of sustenance in lands through which the man had traveled. Even so, that was more than could be said for most steeds in this day. It was threaded, with two eyes, four legs and no sign of the rot that consumed some people and animals found in the world. A rare thing, when the best most could hope for was a muty ox with three eyes, three horns or at best twin tails. It walked along steadily with its rider and load, a few bags of dry food and a number of water skins, still bloated with precious liquid. The man upon the beast kept it at a stallid pace, lot hurrying, but not allowing it to loaf. The flaps of his duster, split at the back from the waist and down, flopped and fluttered lazily in the hot breeze of the mid noon sun as he rode.

His throat was parched as he went along his way, but even so he had no real urge to drink. It was right for him to be thirsty, this was thirsty country. Even the loose grass that grew around the road was brown and dry, aside from the devil grass that had already begun to show its ugly head. The grass brought sweet dreams, nightmares. Death. To those who indulged in it. And would only grow more plentiful as he neared the desert, foretold of in blightstown where hed purchased his steed nearly a moon ago. It had been nearly two weeks since he left the last settlement. Occasional tombstone signs pointed the way along the road for once it had been a highway lined with coaches and buckas. But the world had moved on since then. The world had emptied. And the Gunslinger, who upon the worlds hide he walked, moved on with it. As he neared the desert, he knew what would await him. The desert would be hell. The desert was said to be the apotheosis of all deserts, vast, blinding and waterless.

if he were a Many holy man, he reflected, he could probably watch his own body dry with cold clinical detachment, watering its crevices and dark hollows only when his logic told him it must be done. But he was not one of the Many, nor did he follow the Man Jesus and considered himself in no way holy. Just another pilgrim, in other words. And all he could say for certain, was that he was thirsty. Though in a vague way, it pleased him. It was as it should be, what the country required. This was thirsty country after all, and he had been nothing in his long life if not adaptable.

His guns at at either side of his waist, each carefully weighted to his hands. A plate had been added to each when they came to him from his father, whod been lighter and not so tall.the two belts crisscrossed above his crotch, the leather of the holsters oiled too deeply for the dry sun above to crack. The stocks were sandal wood, yellow and finely grained. Rawhide tie downs held the holsters loosely to his thighs, swinging and slightly tapping with the gait of his horse. Thedd rubbed away the blue of his jeans long ago and thinned the cloth slightly in a pair of arcs that looked almost like smiles. The brass of the cartrages looped into the gun belts gleamed dully in the sun. The leather made subtle creaking noises as he went along. His shirt was the no color of dust or raid, and a dull red kerchief hung lazily from his neck. His hat was gone, and so was his horn. Gone for years, that horn. Spilled from the hand of a dying friend, and he missed them both.

as the sun had begun to dim upon the horizon disturbingly just off true west, the Gunslinger came upon the remains of a small camp beside the road, the latest of many hed found, cutting a trail directly south east. The remains of a small fire pit and ashes of devil grass and shrubs laid in a ideogaphic pattern, lain on the leeward side of the hill where the sun would quit soonest. Searching through the ashes, the gunslinger found only a charred scrap of bacon which he ate thoughtfully. It was signs like this that made the man wonder of his quarries humanity. Yet small signs like this never failed to please the man, a small grin forming on his lips, dry and slightly painful. Aside from the fires though, he never found any traces of the men in black. No trash, no man droppings, no water bags. Hed left four behind already since the last town. Sometimes he wondered if the fires might be a message, and if so what they might mean if messages they were. Perhaps a warning, keep your distance partner, they might say. Or maybe, the end cometh neigh. Or maybe even, come and get me. It didnt matter ehat they said or didnt say. He had no interest in messages, if messages they were. What mattered what that these remains were as cold as all the others. Hed closed on them, he could feel that. Every time he found a fire, he was coming closer to them though he didnt know how he knew this. A certain scent perhaps. It was almost like a pull, stronger than gravity. Stronger even than magnetism. But even so, messages or warning, the gunslinger would keep going until something changed. And if nothing changed... hed keep going anyway.

He waited until the last rays of sunlight crested on the horizon before he brought out his flint, gathering grass and placing it in the fire pit in a crisscross pattern that was not artful but only workable, the grass being the only thing out here that would burn. It burned with a greasy flat yellow light and it burned slow. The Dwellers out in the wastes claimed that devils lived even in the flames. They would burn it but would not look into the light. They said the devils hypnotized, beacon, would draw in the one who looked into them. And that the next one foolish enough to look into the flames... might see you. As he struck his flint and steel to the dry shredded grass, muttering the old and powerful nonsense words.

"Spark a dark, wheres my sire, Will i lay me, will i stay me, bless this camp with fire."

* it was strange how some of the things from childhood fell to the wayside as one grew, while other stuck with you, becoming all the heavier to carry. As the stars above wheeled by in their endless, glorious turning, the gunslinger brought out his makings, rolling himself a cigarette and lighting it once in his mouth, allowing himself a short pull from a water bag as well as his mount grazed. When his cigarette was down to a roach, he finally laid over upwind from the burning devil grass so as to not breath in the smoke. As he slept, the only sound aside from the occasional crackle from the fire was the wind across the dry ground. A yawing moan in the emptiness of the wastes. A witch with cancer in her belly. Occasionally the gunslinger would moan with it in his sleep. The wind occasionally blowing smoke his way, forming dreams in his mind like a grain of sand would slowly form a pearl in an oyster. And were he aware of these things, he would have found him, like the camp fires and his thirst, bitterly appealing.*

On the next day, he did not stop walking, either on his mount or with the beast trailing behind him, until he came to the town on the lip of the boarder with the desert. As night had begun to fall hed seen the town glow on the horizon and decided to push on until he reached it. "Tull" a dried out sign had read on the road there, almost too warn to be legible. The one after that had been completely worn away. Along the road, Dwellers made their living as he drew closer to the town, farming what they could to survive. Raising muty sheep or cows, scrawny and lumpy staring at him as he passed. The main crop was corn, but there were also beans and also some small fruits. They watched him with curious, hating eyes as he passed by. Four coaches made their way past him as he came, two coming and two going, the drivers not looking at him with pointed curiosity. Empty as they came, fuller as they left the town, pulled by thin though threaded horses. Spark lights lined the road as he drew near to the town, the bulbs long since broken and even if they had them, there was no power to bring them to life. The town seemed abandoned save for the occasional guttering lamp and the clinking of the honky-tonk piano that rapidly tapped out the tune of "hey jude" along with the half stoned voices that accompanied it. The town had only four streets as far as he could see from the hill before the town, the main highway street and three more at right angles to it. If not for the tapping of the piano, hed have thought the men in black had conjured up ghost to inhabit a deserted town to torment him. Even so he was certain that demons dwelled in the more broken down looking buildings.

the gunslinger came to the barn at the edge of the tiny town, a dim lanturn illuminating the inside as the owner, a scraggly man with an arched back forking hay vigorously into an upper loft.


the gunslinger called, the mans gaze turning with irritation in his eyes. His back popped audibly as he stood up straight, fork still in hand

"Hey yourself"

the hosler said, irritation poorly hid in his voice

"I have a horse"

"Good for you."

"Id like him put up, maybe for the night, maybe longer."

the gunslinger said, flicking a coin onto the wooden floor. As the man picked it up he examined the small, unevenly milled gold coin.

"Dont have change for gold"

"Didnt ask for any."

the old man frowned but nodded,leading the gunslingers horse into the stable.

"Rub him down too. Hear me well, i wanna smell it on him when i come back." the gunslingers rough voice called after the man before he returned to the street and made his way to the honkeytonk bar in which the piano heard through the town was played. As he pushed through the batwings, the piano didnt falter for an instant, but the eyes of the townsfolk were on him in an instant, even as he moved to the bar, the eyes all following him and his guns. As he sat down though, the room seemed to get back into its own pace. The bar goers were a mix of ugly men, some with faces twisted by the rot, gossiping women of different sizes though few healthy and a few old men. At one table slouched over was a coat hanger doll of a man, boney with wild grey hair and drooped alone over the table. At one table a game of cards was played, watch me as they called it.

"You got meat?"

the gunslinger asked, the bartender a blond woman who might have been pretty when she started out, but now her forehead held a twisted scar and her face was lumpy. Shed powdered it heavily but it drew attention to what it was meant to conceal.

"Sure. Clean beef, threaded stock its deer though."

threaded stock my ass* the gunslingerger thought whats in your cooler came from something with three eyes, six legs or both.

"Ill take three hamburgers and a beer, would it please ya."

another silence passed over the room. God, had anyone there ever seen anyone put away three hamburgers at a go?

"Thatll run you five bocks. You got bocks?"

"Dollars, you mean?"

the asked and she nodded, so she was probably saying **bucks. That was his guess anyway*

"That with the beer?"

he asked with a smile, though she didnt return it.

"Ill throw in the suds once i see the color of your coin."

the gunslinger nodded and placed a gold piece on the counter.

"I dont have change for this"

she said, a frown on her face, but the gunslinger just shrugged. The woman frowned at this show of wealth even at her benefit, but quickly tucked away the coin and went to the back room, coming back with three ground hamburgers and throwing them in the grill. The aroma of the cooking meat was almost maddening, and the gunslinger could feel the hungry, angry eyes on him even as he waited. Putting the cooked hamburgers, still red around the edges onto a dull plate, she put them before him and brought him the beer.

"Have any salt?"

he asked and she nodded, bring out as small bottle with thick granules that he would have to crumble with his fingers.

"My thanks. What about bread?"

"No bread, sorry"

she was lying... but he knew why, and didnt make an issue of it. As he ate, forking the meal into his mouth and trying not to imagine what animal the meal had come from, he saw one of the men approaching him in a mirror, a large hunting knife in hand

"Sit back down."

the gunslinger growled after he swollowed, not even looking at the man

"For your own good."

the man with the knife stood there, indignant for a few moments before finally subsiding, returning to his table and breathing in at a steady pace with wide nostrils. Smelling the meat at least, was free.

as the gunslinger finished his meall however, slowly drinking his beer, he looked up at the bar tender once more.

"Im looking for a few men. You would have seen them..."

he said, but before he could continue, another figure approached, having recently entered the bar. Theyd not escapped his notice, though he hadnt actually turned to look at them. He could immediately see it in them as they approached though, that they knew his kind, if not seen one before. Knew what people like him could do. They...
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Thinking of doing a sorta biblical fantasy western sort of rp if anyones interested. Probably a story of vengence. Mostly classic western gunslinger but with occasional demons or otherworldly creatures or influences. Mostly revolving around a possibly demon worshiping gang and what they did you my or our characters. Might sound kind of out there but i think with the right story telling it could be really interesting. If anyone is interested let me know, though be warned my writing standards are pretty high. And no i dont have a starter ready yet, how i make it may depend on what we discuss or i might just make it later and post it, come what may.
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Lunar of Destruction and Disguise

Genre: Romance, Spy/Undercover, Action, Slice of Life

Role needed: A femininish character that is comfortable changing outfits regularly, who can apply makeup okay, take on slightly different persona's and act according to the situations on the spot.


Bishop: Ok Agents, there's an auction for a nuclear arms deal being held in a manor by a 'Regent Kristov', you're job is to impersonate the two bidders, well you'll actually be impersonating several bidders throughout the course of the night. There's six people you will be subduing, two of them early on and the other four will be during the night. You're highly trained but I'll spell it out anyway, subdue, don't kill, take them out in a private spot, the toilets or outdoors. Strip out of everything you have from your previous cover, jewelry, everything. Change into what they had and everything as well, do your hair the same look as you can to what they had on. Once you have taken out the targets signal on the radio and we'll have another pair show up and change into those covers.

These covers are bidders, and we're rigging the auction so that it is mostly us buying this arms deal. From there you will be ushered into a closed off room in Kirstov's mansion and issued tablets, where you will be told to enter a figure which we will be the bid of 5 million. With three teams bidding out of five we're sure to win. After you have placed the maximum bid and won Kristov will be in contact with you throughout the weak to finalise the deals. Stay in that cover, go back to your hotel suite and continue to be fiance's, don't screw this up otherwise some of these continents might be a big hole in the ground if Kristov gets his way.

This auction is being held at an old castle owned by Kristov, he's holding a formal party at the same time, which you will be attending. From there spend some time mingling or finding out you're other targets to disguise yourself as.


You're first cover is just plain civilians, you'll be dropped off outside a local clothing store, buy whatever is cheap and fits you. From there it's a short walk until you come across the Luxury hotel where your first cover is. They are in the 6th floor, third room down so 6c. Find a maid and take her whole attire as cover, or simply swipe the keys off her and return them at a later date. As before there will be two people in the room, male and female, take them out. Grab what they were wearing, it's all designer modelling stuff, ya know, high end fashion and stuff so don't expect to find a t shirt and jeans, expect dresses, crop tops, high end sporting attire, heels, suits, white collared shirts, ties or tight fitting shirts or low cut tops. From there you have three hours, some of that should be spent getting ready for the auction cover wise. Slip into your suits and dresses, find you're luxury car before you drive to the party. I wouldn't do anything to much with the appearance other than stuff that will suit all covers, you might have to do a bit of on the spot styling makeup, hair etc when you change to you're next cover.

The next cover they are not destined to be married and are just going out, new and young to the millionaire lifestyle, the woman will be wearing a floral white and blue cheongsam with sleeves with her hair let down + earrings. It goes down to above knee height but has a slit in both sides starting at the top of the thigh. As well as ankle strapped heels. His hair is down and pushed over to one side as well. The male is wearing traditional modern chinese suit you could say. It's quite heavy and very straight in it's shape. A dragon is embroided over the breast and it has two pockets above the hips. Button up like the others will be. Just wear a normal bussiness shirt underneath.

The second woman has black cheongsam this time, similar to the last except it's a plain matt black this time and no slits in the side with sheer stockings. It does have lace shoulders though. Like the last it's form fitting, your hair can be put up or down, any sort of fashion you like really. The male's hair is let down this time and pulled to the middle reaching just above the eyebrows. The male is wearing a traditonal black asian suit and has a pocket over the breast with no emboridery, only buttons.

The third and final cover is the one you are going to be keeping is a black quiapo, similar to the cheongsam but it comes up to a sort of halter neck. Like the last it has no slits and is form fitting with sheer thigh high stockings. This has a design or pattern all over it, perfectly symmetrical though. The woman has her hair in a bun behind her head but you could easily put it down or in another way if you wished. She has a variety of rings as well as ear rings on. The male is wearing a traditonal korean suit that is unbotted. Luckily for you the white shirt is basically the same as our bussiness shirts. Except it's made out of a cotton and the colloar is differet. He has his hair spiked back so take gel with you I'd suggest.

The last is who you will be bidding as and hopefully winning the bid, if you thought the first cover was fashion conscience then the last is even worse, there's not a item of clothing in the woman's whole wardrobe that isn't modelling or designer worthy, she's rarely seen at any time without some form of makeup on her. Usually just some foundation or such, nothing to extravagant compared to the clothes. The male is a bit easier but he keeps his hair like that so either prepare for bed head or style it in place.


Lock Gun: We've managed to get you a lock gun to access to any locked rooms to change covers, certain agents around the party will have stored them in odd locations and will slip you their locations through conversation.

Combat Knives: You both will have black combat knives, hide them on your person somewhere accessible, boot, leg etc. If you do kill someone hide the body, cleanup crews will dispose of them and fake the deaths so it looks natural.

|The Mission|

Collin Eldrige and the his partner (Y/N) stepped out of the car on both respective sides, walking across the road into the clothes shop to get the simple clothes needed for the first part of the mission. [This will be roleplayed and then time skipped to the next part]

Both now dressed in simple plain clothes as to avoid standing out in the crowd. The sun shining down behind them with the upper class hotel entrance standing tall and proud before them. Cpllin began running through the options, upon entering the hotel and wandering around, just getting a feel for his surroundings he noticed that the cleaners were female, there was a few males around but all were being waiters at the moment. That ruined Collins chance of disguise so it would have to be (Y/N) who would either have to disguise as a maid swipe the keys Still they'd have to find a cleaner to subdue, either off duty or in one of the rooms. If they left the cleaner in an empty room with just the plain clothes his partner had on it might look like a peculiar mugging. Hopefully (Y/N) could make herself look like one of the maids to avoid suspicion on the security camera's if she chose that route..

What do you wan't to do? Find an off duty maid and grab her outfit so you're not looking suspicious walking around in a luxury apartment in plain clothes, or do you just want to steal the keys and sneak up there to take our targets out and assume our cover. If it's the first option I'll see if I can grab a waiters outfit and bring some sort of food up to the room.

Security cameras were placed down the hallways to avoid breaching any privacy rooms, there were two maids currently between shifts, one outside having a smoke, might be challenging to take her out in the open. Another was finishing her shift and would be in the elevator, try taking them into the toilets before taking them out. That was what he would have done at least but his partner may work differently. Waiters were coming and going from the toilets, kitchens, elevators, shouldn't be to hard to grab an outfit.

Female character is needed, admins gender does not matter so long as the female character is portrayed to the general requirements.

Sexual boundaries is required, it may not actually lead there if the characters do not have a good enough connection.

The characters will be changing outfits often so make sure you describe the changing of outfits in full detail like the steps you would have to take in real life to change into that outfit, all parts of that outfit to, jewelry ,underwear, shoes etc. Don't have the character complain about the clothing, it's a cover and agents adapt on the fly.

IF YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND I CAN EXPLAIN. I probably made it way to complicated and stuff, so don't worry if you don't get it!

I'm looking for someone's character to be confident and able to help push this story along. Yes I made the roleplay, but details can be changed as the story progresses. Roleplay other npc's throughout the roleplay, immerse yourself in the story and really embrace the role.

Line requirement is between 25+ lines. I'll be happy with a reply once a day or every 2 days, any longer and just say/ give me warning. I will do the same for you. If we forget feel free to tag once a day!!!.

Don't abandon the roleplay, I'd rather you tell me that you wan't to drop it and a few reasons why so I can improve the roleplay. If you wan't to pick the roleplay up again or start where we left off another time that's perfectly fine!

Our characters are friends as a baseline and partners from previous missions, they get along fine. As soon as their targets in the hotel are subdued they are to assume guise of being in love. Affectionate names or intimacy you get the drift. Please dont make it so loving is the hardest thing ever, they should be able to pull it off.

If you could find a face claim (fc) of a living actress or someone that resembles you're character that would be great, my face claim is Cloud Strife.
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•Not Forgotten or Forgiven•

*Have you ever held a grudge for a while? Like a long time? Days? Months? Years? Lifetimes?*

*Perhaps it was in high school with the snotty fashion club president, or the local trust fund baby? Maybe a sibling stole a possession from you, or a friend back stabbed you.*

*Whether the case was worth endless hours of anger and distrust, you know when to stop and forgive them or not stop and plot revenge.*

Exhibit A:
*Forgiving your sibling, though you might be a bit wary of their antics for a while just in case.*

Exhibit B:
*Realizing it's better to not fester more anger, but still a slight distaste when you speak or see them.*

Exhibit C:
*Revenge. Simple as that. It may take years to allow your plot to be executed perfectly, but nothing drives you to such an extent but this anger and fury.*

*The last example was none other than Elda Mae, a refined woman of expensive tastes but more than willing to get her hands dirty for the sake of maintaining a lifestyle that filled her hands with riches, and not all of it was material wealth.*

*Though on the mundane, human world of it all, she was seen as a woman of great power, in the underworld of it all, people knew she was not average. Average was an insult to her, for Elda was not human to begin with. Those who worked with the femme fatale had witnessed her raw demonic rage, mixed in with natural strength and agility, and argued it was a force to not provoke. To top it off, she was a mafia princess for a mob who was know to resort to violence at the slightest sign of trouble.*

*But perhaps you did not get the message in time.*

*A priceless tiara was in the hands of the Mae family, seventeenth century, European, and was fabled to grant the royalty who wore it the ability to summon an ancient war spirit. The next day, while being sent to the city's local museum, it was stolen from its bulletproof case.*

*The police force was no help in the investigation, as they did not have the leads or the integrity to pursue the thief. So Elda decided to take matters into her own hands once more, after all, this wasn't her first time hunting down a criminal.*

//So this is my first story back in this community, but I'm familiar with rules and expectations.
//Open! Females and Males
//Human, Monster, Demons accepted
//10+ lines, I can do more but I don't want to push it
//I don't have a set plotline, but if you wanna get caught that's cool. Wanna keep the chase going? That's cool too. A love-hate relationship? Cool too.

//To prove you've read this, answer me this:
"What artifact was stolen and what is it's fabled ability?"

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ωσυℓ∂ уσυ ℓιкє тσ σρєи тнιѕ fιℓє?

→уєѕ иσ






ωσυℓ∂ уσυ ℓιкє тσ ¢σитιиυє?

→ уєѕ. иσ

"нoney, ι'м eιтнer yoυr lυcĸy card or υnlυcĸy dιe."

"ѕσ, уσυ ∂σωи тσ ∂σ ѕσмє ιℓℓєgαℓ ѕтυff αи∂ gєт α ∂яιик иσω?"

"нεℓℓ ωση'т кεερ мε αωαү αη∂ нεαvεη вεттεя нεℓρ мү αss υρ ωнεη ι cσмε вαcк тσ үσυ."

•Basic Information•

fιяѕт иαмє~ Elda

Middle иαмє ~ Ø

ℓαѕт иαмє ~ Mae

иι¢киαмє (ѕ) ~ Seven
~ Sparkle

fιяѕт αи∂ ℓαѕт иαмєѕ~ Elda Mae

αgє ~ 23 years of age

мєитαℓ αgє ~ 35 years of age

ρнуѕι¢αℓ αgє ~ 19 years of age

Gender~ Female

Species~ Demon-Human Mix (Puck)

Language(s) spoken~ Italian, French, German, Spanish, English

Dominant hand~ Right Hand

Time Of Birth~ 10:57 p.m

Birthday~ July 03

Zodiac Sign~ Cancer

Birthplace~ Mae Manor, Silver City

Tattoos~ Simple lit match on ankle

Scars~ Faint scratch on left shoulder running down to middle of back

Piercings~ Earlobe & eyebrow

Clothing Style~ Ranges from casual springtime to elegant black party dresses to personal trainer._


•Incredibly athletic

•Above average IQ

•Somewhat musically talented
~ Piano
~ Violin
~ Singing
•Well under pressure

•Can use over a dozen different guns and knives

•Tech savy

•Great baker and cook

•Good dancer


~ American
~ Italian
~ Biblical

•Hand to hand combat

• Artistry


•Hiding secrets


•Math/ Biology


-Love Intrests~
-•A. Mae [ divorced ]
-•Mason Smith [ current ]
-•Edward Willington lll [complicated ]
-•Prince Caleb of the Tenth Hell Ring [complicated ]

-Sexuality~ Bisexual

-Relationship Status~
-♡ Committed but complicated

-Virgin?~ Nope

-Drinker?~ YES

-Drug User?~ Nope

-Smoker?~ On and off

-Pet Peeves~ Cats & Daddy issues


Favourite Quotes~ Anything from Edgar Allen Poe and Vincent Van Gogh

Favourite Color~ Lavender, Grey

Favourite Drink~ Lavender Mint Tea

Favourite Food~ Italian food, like actually made from fresh products and authentic ingredients

-Parents~ Alexander Alonso Mae + Alessandra Alice Mae

-Siblings~ Matthew Alexander Mae, Allen Llewellyn​ Mae

-Children~ Winter Alice Mae
D.O.B: September 16

D.O.B: September 20

-Cousin's~ Kasy Montelego
× Mother's side
~ Carlos Royo
× Father's side

-Friends~ Becky Veronique Mae

-Enemies~ Alexander Alonso Mae, Claire Willington ll

-Pets~ Becky?

-♡ -


-Occupation~ Hitman for hire
~ CEO Mae Corp.

-Weapons~ Anything sharp or with bullets

-Magic~ Demonic abilities

-•Some extra info•

-Hometown~ Silver City, USA

-Transportation~ Motorbike

-First Word~ Ciao (hello)

-First Toy~ Frankenstein teddy bear

-Childhood fear~ Abandoned/Trapped

-Childhood Trauma~ Father abused her, training her to be a demon/human weapon

-Childhood Hero~ Becky


-Sleeping Habit~ Sleeping late at 2am

-Walking Habit~ Slouching with loud music

-Eating Habit~ Forgets the water with medication if she takes it

-Study Habit~ Classical music and wine along with therapeutic scents


-0- Worst then worst
-1 - Extremely Poor
-2 - Very Poor
-3 - Poor
-4 - Below Average
-5 - Average
-6 - Above Average
-7- High
8 - Very High
9 - Exceptionally High
10 - Flawless

Health: 8/10
Strength: 8/10
Stamina: 8/10
Speed: 8/10
Flexibility: 8/10
Reflexes: 7/10
Intelligence: 9/10
Creativity: 6/10
Charisma: 6/10
Social Skills: 4/10
Confidence: 5/10
Style: 8/10
Humor: 7/10
Passion: 8/10
Spirituality: 3/10
Discipline: 10/10
Neatness: 6/10

є є
я я
я я. fιℓє ¢σяяυρтє∂
σ σ
я я

//I might as well get back into some of the communities while summer is here, and my time is used pretty much unwisely.
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This is my first ever modern day OC so sorry if it's shit

N A M E:
{ First Name } 
{ Middle Name }
{ Last Name }

N I C K N A M E S:
{ Name }
{ Given by }
An old friend of his from senior year
{ Reason }
His friend said it was a combination of his name and Russels favourite animal

A G E:

B I R T H D A T E:
{ Date }
{ Month }
{ Astrological sign }

G E N D E R:

S E X U A L I T Y:
{ Type }
{ Status }

I D E N T I T Y:
{ Ethnicity }
British and Mongolian

{ Nationality }

{ Race }

{ Heritage }

{ Culture }

A P P E A R A N C E:
H A I R:
{ Color }
Midnight Black
{ Style }
{ Length }
Past his shoulders

E Y E S:
{ Color }

S K I N:
{ Shade }
{ Features }
Has a piercing in his right ear

B O D Y:
{ Height }
{ Weight }
{ Build }
Trim with some muscle
{ Other }
Has a tattoo of a coffin and a graveyard running up his arm

{ Speed }
{ Stamina }
{ Arm Strength }
{ Leg Muscle }
{ Endurance }
{ Memory }
{ IQ Level }
{ Focus }
{ Awareness }

C L O T H I N G:
{ Style }
{ Color theme }
Black and white

P E R S O N A L I T Y:
{ Normally behaves around people }
He is rather timid and easy going and likes to try new things
{ Shows stress by }
He'll run his hands through his hair or pull on his hair in an attempt to pull it out
{ Shows sadness by }
His eyes will water and his ears will turn red and he'll be somewhat isolated
{ Shows anger by }
He will yell, throw objects, or punch if mad enough
{ Shows joy by }
Laughing, grinning, or getting giddy
{ Optimist or Pessimist }
He's somewhat both but leans towards being an optimist
F A V O R I T E S:
{ Sport }
{ Color }
Navy blue
{ Kind of people }
Honest and funny
{ Books }
I Am Legend
How George Washington Out spied The British
{ Animal }
{ Season }
{ Quote }
"There are no facts, only interpretations." - Friedrich Nietzsche

"Without music, life would be a mistake" - Friedrich Nietzsche
{ Theme Song }
Snake Eyes
{ Food }
{ Hobbies }
Boxing, practicing guitar, going to the shooting range, hunting, reading about Mythology and Folklore, gardening, cooking, and writing poems.

D I S L I K E S:
{ Sport }
{ Color }
{ Books }
Harry Potter
{ Animals }
{ Music/Songs }
Mumble Rap
{ Season }
{ Quote }
"The meaning of life is to give life a meaning."
{ Food }

{ Birth Place }
{ Childhood }
Born in a low income family he was always given hand-me-downs from his older brother however wanting something that he got himself he began doing chores around the house at age six. After earning enough money he bought tickets to his first ever concert and it was the first time he had ever heard music from a professional. He grew an appreciation for music and would go to the local guitar store whenever he got the chance and teach himself the strings and how to play.

As he grew up into his teens he knew he couldn't make a living as a guitarists and so he put his lessons to the side and focused on his academics however he would still practice the guitar whenever he got the chance.

After finishing High School at seventeen he knew that his family couldn't afford for him to go to college and he didn't have any scholarships. So he turned his attention to the military. He convinced his parents to give him permission to join the military to pay for his college tuition. A month later and at the age of seventeen he joined the Army. He spent six years on active duty overseas. He didn't enjoy the killing, in fact he had to have multiple therapy sessions months at a time just to keep his sanity. He was on his last assignment before he would request to be honorably discharged when he lost one of his squad mates due to an ambush.

On the flight home he grieved in silence over his death. Once the plane landed he was one of the few to help carry the casket over his shoulder. Instead of being given a warm welcome, protesters lined the sides and condemned him and his squad they went so far as saying that their fallen brethren were burning in hellfire and called them murderers and rapists.

After the incident he was honourably discharged from the Army and with his college tuition paid off he soon saved up the finances to open up his own bar at the age of twenty four.

{ Now }
He now works as a bartender at his bar with several staff to help him run the bar. With the Bar making a steady flow of income he was able to start affording guitar lessons and as he hired more staff he was able to find more time to spend on guitar lessons due to not having to work so many shifts.

{ Occupation }

R E L A T I O N S:


{ Name }
Alex King
{ Job }
Steel Worker
{ Status }


{Name }
Scarlet King
{ Job }
{ Status }
{ Siblings }
Older Brother- Jacobson King
{ Other Family }
{ Relationship with family }

S K I L L S:
{ Instruments }
{ Sports }
{Cooking }
{ Clean }
{ Art }
{ Writing }
W E A K N E S S E S:
{ Physically }

{ Emotionally }
He is quick to anger when it comes to sensitive topics or if he hears someone insulting serviceman or veterans. Due to all the killing he had done his vision becomes blurry at the sight of dead bodies.

Q U I R K S:
{ Darkest Secrets }
He once missed his target killing a hostage instead
{ Quotes }
"A thousand men couldn't defeat me though they tried. One by one I led them to the other side."
{ Cursing }
{ Fears }
Death, being paralyzed, something happening to his family or bar.
{ Allergies }

{ Face Claim }
Shawn James
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Does anyone wanna rp detailed sex rp with a futa with a 10 inch dick with a girth of 6.5 and who can go at it for hours

Hey guys, so I have posted in here before looking for a life is strange roleplay and yet again needing a Chloe. Well, I'm back again! But this time I have a new idea. If you saw my post last time on here, i was a oc, I would still like to be a oc if thats okay?

My next idea is that it's been a few years since Chloe and Max drive away from Arcadia Bay (or what was of it at least), I had an idea that my character and Chloe reunite and have been for a while. Maybe one of the plots could be Chloe wanting to propose to my character? Or maybe they're already engaged? If we messaged about the roleplay before, then I would have sent you my character bio and you would have been told about what she was like. I don't mind sending it again.

If you'd rather roleplay somewhere else then here, then please comment below and ask. Or just send me a message and we can arrange there.

Tumblr: Ugh-get-off-my-blog
Kik: Psychopathic_Panda_
Discord: AwkwardChild#6307
Reddit: AwkwardChild69

Anyway, thank you!

Post has shared content
Allllright i have two ideas for rps tumbling around in my head if any descriptive rpers are interested. The first is a semi-post apocalyptic setting. Basically a mix of Infamous and a sort of resident evilish setting but it doesnt have anything to do with either series story wise.. Basically there was a virus outbreak. Most people died, a few became undead like creatures, and a select few developed super human abilities. The story revolves in one of the last remaining human cities, where the government, dystopian of course, captures super humans and uses them against citizens and mutant creatures alike. Basically out characters as kids use to be part of a group of the super human variants hiding away from the city, but were separated during a raid. When they find each other again as adults, its during another raid. One of the old gang had been captured, and now works for the government hunting more super humans with no recollection of their old friends even seeing them again as they attack.

The second idea i have is on the more romantic side. A reaper new to the job was assigned to reap the souls of a mother and their child, as both were meant to die due to complications... but he refused, only taking the soul of the mother as if hed returned with nothing hed be destroyed himself. As punishment he was forced to watch over the daughter until the time of her death. He did so, and as she grew, he grew more and more fond of her, watching her grow. But there was a problem... he kept preventing her death, because of this affection after watching the girl grow up. When she was meant to die in a house break in, he killed the burglar before he even made it through the window. When she was meant to drown at the pool, he cut the neglectful life guards chair so he fell in the perfect position to save her. Ect. Etc. Until one day she finally gets in an accident he couldnt prevent... but in the end, he still refuses to take her soul, evading other reapers punishment afterwards. So her should have been death becomes a near death experience, after which she begins to be able to see the reaper that watches over, though obviously no one else can see or hear him. I dunno, maybe its dumb but i think it could be interesting as it goes on.

If anyones interested in either of these let me know and we can talk about it. Fair warning i dont often roleplay with people who cant keep up with 15+ lines.

Also im not precisely sure where i should put this. If its in the wrong spot let me know and ill move it one way or another.
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