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Hogwarts has been reopened after an unfortunate cornish pixies infestation. A new term has began and students have gotten their letters. The snow frost has began to melt and the Hogwarts Express is awaiting at the station. Come join us for a new term filled with magical adventure!

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Student Apps:
Name: Leila Lace
Age: 15
Blood Purity: Halfblood
House: Ravenclaw
Bio: °Born to a wealthy Pureblood
°Went to muggle schooling
°Tutored by a famous pianist
°Went to Hogwarts
°Continued piano tutoring
°Found a love for potions
Personality: Leila is shy but observant and intelligent. She is perfectly posied due to the manners installed into her at a young age. She follows a strong moral code and will do anything to protect those precious to her.
Year: 5
Face Claim: Arden Cho

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Teacher (Mods) Apps:
Name: Margaret Hodson
Age: 53
Blood Purity: Pureblood
Bio: °Born to a wealthy pureblood family
°Went to a magical school in France
°Moved to Britan and married
°Began working as a potions mistreess
°Invented many healing potions
°Won an Order of Merlin for her work
°Began to teach at Hogwarts
°Became widowed
°Became Headmistress of Hogwarts
Personality: Margaret is a poised intelligent woman with a strict but outgoing lookout on life. She loves to study and research things to add to her knowledge. She cares deeply for her students and staff. She HATES politics.
Face claim: Cindy Crawford
Magical Talents: Potions, Dueling


Face Claim Rooster:

Arden Cho- Katherine Haslei
Cindy Crawford- Katherine Haslei
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