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Unicon for Android Beta:

If you didn't know of it's existence yet, now you do. I'm releasing a new beta in a few days time. The beta fixes most theme-ing related issues. Do try it out and report bugs in the beta community if it hasn't been reported yet.

this APP not support MIUI,can you fix it ,my device is redMI prime 4

Hello there...
I am using thor 1.5 touchwiz custom rom in my samsung galaxy s4 i9505 .
I am using unicon pro and i am using grace ux icon pack but there are no change app drawer icon plzz help me..
How to change app drawer icon..

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Hey !!
Im using unicon pro but it doesnt change the app drawer icon

Latest unicon
Xposed v86
LL 5.1.1
OPPO r7plusf coloros 2.1.0i
Stock launcher
Stock app like camera,dial,message didn't take any effect
And sometime open unicon get fs or checking for root for very long time

Has anyone over here tried using Unicon with MIUI based ROM's?

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Help me

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Introducing ICONIX

After 2 years away from designing Icon packs, I introduce 'Iconix' theme, the evolution to the successful free 'Iconic' Theme.

Sadly, it was unfortunate that the lost of keystore and time constraints 'Iconic' theme which accumulated 200,000+ downloads and 4,000 positive reviews on Google Play store, I had to to discontinue development and support. However, with the introduction of the new theme, I do hope you continue to support my work, as it is very much appreciated.

Iconix, is the continuation of what was left of Iconic theme with hit of refresh . As you know, it takes time to develop icons, therefore I had to introduce a little fee of £1.50 for my work.

Currently the app is freshly baked, therefore you can expect bugs and a limited no of icons at first release. I am working hard to add new icons every week and would appreciate if you guys can support me and use the request tool, so I can add new icons more swiftly. Would appreciate contacting me before leaving any negative reviews.

Special thanks to +Jahir Fiquitiva for the use of the open-source dashboard

As always, thank you for your support and hope you continue support on this next project.

#iconpack #theme #nova

Hello friends I do not why but unicon frequently stops to be applied on my phone, do you know why, if there is a workarround or if this isdue can be solved? Also you may implement an option to remove the app from menus because it can be accessed from the Xposed installer

Does anyone know why the developer stopped working on this app? There is so much more he could add and make it way better. Also android N is out and isnt supported.
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