i use to be a mod here and im sorry i didnt do better at it
but today this is me saying goodbye i cant handle anything anymore so i wont i thank this community simply for exsisting and wish you all well goodbye

So tired of it

I try to be nice I try to be polite I try to be myself I'm done with it all

life is shit

i did leave a short time period ago do to some isues ive been haveing but i relized it was a rash idea and i have come back i appologize

+Dion Jackson +Sgtkreig Mac  , Ms. +ZeeZee Strick  and everyone else: Thank you so much for retaining the community as you did. Life goes on, and you and the remaining team helped a lot of people. Everyone, keep living your best life. Take what you can and be proactive when the world throws you a curveball. Do what you think is best.

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I would like to be a moderator. I am always online and i am a true friend.. Or at least try to me... I might be hard.. But toufh love is sometimes the love people need to get though what they had... I try to find what will help.. I learn about you then start fixing your issues intill you feel better. I also own alot of other groups and moderate alot too. I am 15 and i believe i could be a good moderator.
(this is my spare account so promote +William Maddox​ not me)

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place is too quiet still a sentry here btw 

Hi umm I kinda need some advice? Could anyone help me?
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