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Hello! Here is the template for what we would like to see when you are ready to make a character profile. Feel free to copy this!






*You can add anything else
*You can just have a picture, no need to describe your character 

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Name giant kiara
Age 21
Likes playing with dolls

+Tiago tails

You are walking through the maze, looking confused. Zenia comes up to you Hello. Who are you?

Anyone want to role play with me I will be the kid who plays with u

Zenia's baking some cookies when Dianna appears

I thought you were done changing form to being Dianna.

(Closed to +Cala Aburn)

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Name: Diana/Artemis/Cynthia/Kynthia
Age whatever I want
bio I helped break the dollhouse curse and pretended to be Phoebe's imaginary friend
Goals uhhh I already completed my goals I'm just that good


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Zenia's walking down the hall with a blonde girl with blue eyes. She looks about your age and it looks like Zenia is showing her around. You ((closed to +Tani Lasid ))

Name: Tani Lasid
Age: 16
Bio: My whole life I've seen odd things, floating sparkles to be specific. But one day I notice they all disappeared and now hover around the new girl. Since she seems to know what they are, I confront her. One thing led to another, and now we're best friends.
Goal: To learn everything about magic
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