Columbus Catholic Men's Conference  -  Regeneration Weekend!  1/30 - 1/31!   Get signed up!!!! 

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 Robert McGonigle 
Date: December 1, 2014 at 4:51:34 PM EST

Subject: Advent Get Together - Holy Hour


Please keep one of our founding Rogue Men, Patrick Kinnell, in your prayers. Though he no longer lives in Ohio
but lives with his wife Toni in Florida, he is still receives our emails. He had surgery about a week ago to repair a broken hip.

Our December get together for dinner and fellowship
is scheduled for December 19th at Guiseppe's Ritrovo
on E. Main St. in Bexley   
Being the Advent season, many groups are getting a head start on their Christmas celebrations (but we know Christmas doesn't start until Christmas Day) so it has been difficult to find a place that will take our reservation (Ol' Bag of Nails does not take reservations for Fridays) 

That said, Giuesspe's is available so our gathering time will be 6:30pm and we will order dinner at 7pm. Once we finish dinner, we will leave for St. Patrick's for a Holy Hour before our Lord present in the most Holy Eucharist. We should be able to arrive at St. Pat's by 8:30 - 8:45pm.

Please let me know if you plan on attending so I can adjust the reservations accordingly. As usual, if you know a gentleman from St. Patrick's that might like to join us, please invite him!  If you have teenage sons (about age 15+) please bring them a long and let them see that Catholic men can be in love with Jesus and His Church and also the bond that can be formed. One of the friars will give a talk on what is a Holy Hour and what it is not and perhaps some history of the Holy Hour.

God Bless,


"Let me seek you (Lord) in desiring you and desire you in seeking you, find you 
in loving you and love you in finding you." ~St. Anselm, bishop

 Thank you for the help this week end!   The St. Patrick's sub sales was a success!


It has come to our attention that the retired Dominicans (about 15)  that reside in Mohum Hall at Ohio Dominican University do not get many visitors.  As a group who love and support our clergy we would like to make a difference here.  Robert and I would like to know who would be interested in visiting these good men.  Robert is working on getting the contact info and hours for visitors, I am putting a list of interested men together.  Our goal is to have 2 visits to Mohum hall a week.  The visits can be an individual, a family, or whatever works. 
If this sounds like something you’d be interested in please send me an email.  Robert and I will be organizing and sending out more information in the next couple weeks.
Patrick Dowdell
Washington Court House Human Resources
Work 740-335-7440

To:  TMIY Saturday, November  29, 2014
We Need YOU!
Please join us as we help Little Margaret’s Charity conduct their sub sale on Saturday, November 29th.  Help is greatly needed and appreciated, and this is a wonderful cause to support.  Little Margaret’s Charity is the charitable arm of St. Patrick’s church, and the money raised by the sub sale goes directly towards helping those in need in our parish.

Beginning after the 7am Mass, we will be setting up an assembly line to make 400 Atlantic City Subs with the help of Fr. Michael.  

We will need people to:
Cut Bread (knife work)
Slice and prepare vegetables (more knife work)
Man the assembly line stations (very manly)
Wrap subs in butcher paper (it has the word butcher in it. very manly)
With your help, this can be a fun way to support our Church in a substantial way.

Who: You!
What: Little Margaret’s Charity Sub Assembly
Where:  Patrick Hall
When: Saturday, Nov 29, after the 7am Mass

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From Jim!!! 
From: "Jim Maholm - Outreach Coordinator" <>
Date: October 28, 2014 at 5:37:47 PM EDT
To: "Jim Maholm - Outreach Coordinator" <>
Subject: ATTEND for NO COST Nov Men's Retreat - TWO TICKETS Available

To all parish captains – thanks for your efforts as a Volunteer
CMM Outreach has two scholarship tickets to this November Catholic Men’s Retreat
Please reply if you are interested in this NO COST opportunity
                TWO SPOTS are open
We will need to have your name email and phone number ASAP – this is a first come first serve opportunity
We thank you for your service as a volunteer and look forward to having someone use these
ALSO please promote this event in your bulletin, men’s groups and or Knights of Columbus
614-260-2376 mobile
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