Hope to see all WVS sys admin in San Jose Oct 6-7 for the WVS meeting at the Country Day school.  Check your email inbox.

Hi Moodle Admin.  Are any of you linking Moodle with LDAP?  Do you suggest this for new user creation?  Have you experienced any drawbacks?  We are planning to make this change over the summer but thought we'd get your advice first.


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ASPV in May:

Our second annual Moodle Fire Drill was held last Friday and went off without a hitch. Even after doing it just one year previous, our students and staff handled it so smoothly. No problems, and once again, most teachers reported it as being even more productive than an in-class day.

My collaboration with Mosaica International School in Hyderabad, India is going full steam. Students are doing most of their communication via email, their own chat, and who knows. We have left that wide open for students to use what they feel comfortable with. OFFICIAL communication, which we will evaluate, will be done on a wikispace we created (see pics). Kids ask questions, post "get to know you " vids, resources and more here.

All groups must create a presentation (again, they could choose format: Prezi, slides, etc) together. All groups will present Friday (compare-contrast of our two cities' cuisine, politics, religion, etc), then cocreate an essay. We will be recording our presentations and sharing them on the wiki, which should be interesting: both sides of the world will be using the same prezi to give their multimedia presentation. 
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Rafa, how have we not discussed we have the same birthday?! Skype, strangely, just told me today's your birthday too. Feliz cumpleanos!

It's April already.  Hard to believe.  This is just a quick update from CMS.  

We're still looking for any interested schools who would like to collaborate on a writing/art project.

On the system side we are trying to resolve an issue with our generic parent account.  I had hoped to use Cohorts to assign the parent user to categories rather than each individual course.  I searched the Moodle forums and it seems that this is no longer possible and the functionality will not be added.  How do other schools manage parent access to Moodle?

Please post updates from your school.

Poll question: Which of your schools currently has a 1:1 initiative? I know the American School of Guadalajara does, but wanted to see who else out there is doing this in any capacity. Thanks!

Hi all.  Here is an interesting Art collaboration that might work for our region.  What do you think?  We could use a combination of tools - Moodle, Google Hangout, maybe VoiceThread. 


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Here is a free webinar from Del Mar Union School District in San Diego, CA.  Their tech director will share success of using Chromebooks to support its writing curriculum and the Common Core State Standards.  They also advertise a step-by-step plan for using Chromebooks in your school.


Hi everyone.  It has been way too long, I hope you are all doing well.  Here at CMS we are continuing to utilize Moodle for blended learning, admin groups and clubs.  We have our fire drill coming up next month as well which I am very excited about.

Please let me know how your schools are doing.

All the best,


Has anyone done a "fire drill" this school year where students and teachers have class off campus using Moodle and other online communication tools?  We are planning ours for next month and would like to hear the dos and don'ts from schools with experience.
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