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Hi everyone. I just had a look at Thimble and I'm loving it. Do you know where I can send some suggestions to improve it? I have found some related stuff on GitHub but not the application itself.

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Makesmiths... I admit it, I don't know that anything I have done with the Mozilla tools so far would be considered "unexpected". I do think that I have tried to figure out tricks in Thimble and Popcorn to compensate for features the tools did not have... IE: Remixing two popcorn videos at once and creating a new one out of them since you don't really have the option to  "remix" to videos in the same file.

I have actually not had the oppurtunity to collaborate directly with someone on a #teachtheweb project yet. Would anyone have time to put our heads together and use Thimble, X ray goggles, or Popcorn in a way you haven't yet with me?

I would also love feedback / remix ideas on my week 5 project:   to use it in more/different settings, but that is not a necessary part of it. However - just thinking we might be able to collaboratively remix this as an online-based activity and make it prettier.

Any takers on either or both of these ideas? I can probably make time this weekend I am on EST.
The value of collaboration
The value of collaboration

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Hi Makesmith. Just wanted to tag this to you all from the main thread b/c

1. Used an existing successful template
2. Original author leveraged a pop culture passion
3. That passion has been stoked by a peer circle
4. Community member remixed it, added to the reference and had conversation through making and pop culture. (Remix is in comments)

Seems like some lessons in here.

quickly hacked the Six Word Memoirs template on thimble for #teachtheweb (

At MOUSE, our unofficial team mantra is #typmih  - which pretty much applies to any undertaking:  hooray-for-finding-meaning-in-bad-80s-movies!

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I made this mind map on Coggle as a pre-cursor to my Thimble remix.... I would really like others to edit it too, if you have any ideas or suggestions. I love that coggle will let me keep track ofedit history. BUT it does not let me share it to a group to edit without putting in specific email addresses. :(... so if you're interested in editing / giving me some ideas for creating a coherent flow of thought... let me know and I'll invite you. There are probably other tools that skip this problem... I am trying out xmind next.

Quick question for everyone - what are your Twitter names? Would be great to build a bit of a network and share links outside of G+! // cc +Jeannie Crowley +Heather Angel +sarah macred +Wade Gardner +Ollie Simpson +George Brett etc.

So, I've got this Arduino. For Week 3, anyone want to work with me on making a web page that makes it something? #arduino #TeachTheWeb #teachthewebassignment  

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I thought this would be cool for makesmiths!
Thinking of @Heather Angel 's post  Here is a pretty ugly way of making a chain of thimble edits.
Check the page, Edit it, publish.
paste the published url into the form on the page and submit.

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Would anyone be interested in collaborating to create a new thimble project for the Mozilla page? or/and I think it might be cool (and not beyond my abilities?) to create a layout that is made to be constantly updated - I thought, as a take off the meme maker - designing a constantly updating meme page - we start with a picture, and open it up for anyone to "meme" it, but if you meme someone else's photo you have to add your own photo to be meme'd and continuely share the "edit" link so that it can keep being updated... and each person who updates maybe shares their twitter handle.... I am going to start playing with the idea today but could probably use some help from someone who has a little more of a css background then me. I will check out the group throughout the day, and can probably make time for a live collaboration tonight if anyone wants to... not sure, that might not even be necessary.  Feel free to add to/ refine the idea here or throw other suggestions at me that might even be better.

How does everyone feel about a makesmiths collaboration for this week? I would love to do something fun with you guys! Maybe try out Github? I have not tried it at all yet. We could probably create something to facilitate this community of designers/artists in the future too :) I love all of the make ideas this week - maybe we can incorporate some other stuff in it as well.
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