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#GD‬ Topic: Talks with Pakistan should be explored further - ‪#MBARENDEZVOUS‬ for more GD Topics please visit at

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Here are the options to chose the best #ExecutiveMBA  colleges in India. 

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I trust that all of you are full of energy and ready to spend a eventful week.
I was wondering if you could make sure that the assigned readings have been completely done. And yes, please see your assignments, with my comments on them, before coming to the class. I am expecting questions coming from your side about the last assignment.
See you in class in a short while. 

Happy sundyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
Asalam o Alaikum to allllllllll :-)

There is a Mel Gibson movie named 'What Women Want", who has NOT seen the movie?
The folks who have seen it should tell, in detail, about the advertising compaign designing in the movie.
It is NOT a very good humorous movie by any means, however, I liked it in couple of chunks, particularly the one with add designing.

hmmmm hectic week started again.......

Ok Sir we will try to do that and  Insha Alllah show 100% credibility for that.
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