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Hello dear members, I want to apologize for having been silent so long time. First I was 3 months in USA to care of my grandchildren, when back home to find out that my PC had died. It took support 2 months to send it back to me. Since begin of this year I came slowly back, feeling me guilty because I had not continued with the Opensim tutorial.

And SO happy to see that +Fred Beckhusen just put out an awesome installation, a One-Click-Opensim hypergrid enable for a Standalone. Having our own world in our PC was never that easy.

Right now at 1.5 version. He said next week he is gonna bring an update to 1.5.1

You can download the zip file from here:

Please join his G+ community to keep informed about the progress, to ask your questions and share your suggestions

We thank you bunches Fred for your contribution to the Metaverse.

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Diva Canto releases version
#twt @divacanto announced in Twitter the release of Diva

For those running own configured installation of Diva either with own MSQL installation or using the Sim-on-a-Stick can simply run Update inside the bin folder to upgrade to this newest release. I advice you to backup your regions as OARs and your Inventory as IAR file, just in case.
For Dreamworld users, not sure if you can run Update, because +Fred Beckhusen has made changes in the installation components. Best is to ask in the Opensimulator Dreamworld community for advice.

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We've figured out how to enable the Gloebit Money Module on the Diva distribution of OpenSim. If you'd like to be able to have commerce on your Diva grid, now you can.

Does anyone know what this error message means?

reason: Service request failed: The underlying connection was closed: The connection was closed unexpectedly.

I think +Fred Beckhusen may know. I'm getting it both on Dreamworldz/Outworldz installation and my old SoAS grid.

Our district is running OpenSim on a hosted server through Dreamland Metaverse. We plan to move that to a locally hosted district server. However, our district has gone 1:1 Chromebook Gr. 3-12 and the number of Macs and PCs available to install a viewer will begin declining. I am not familiar with Sim on a Stick or OutzWorld but those you who are, would it be a solution for student to work collaborative in world. Would it enable us to use Chromebooks to access our virtual environment? Thanks so any thoughts or help.

Hi Everyone! I am so new to this whole Opensim thing though I have played on second life for years but that different than this and I just recently (like maybe 2 days ago) started hosting my own Grid using sim on a stick. I am not hiring a server so I am hosting it myself on my own computer if that makes sense. It's really wonderful and I enjoy doing it. However I could really use some help please! Here are some of my Questions.

1.) Now that I have my server running from my computer.. how can I allow some of my close friends to join me there? I know I have the Wifi pages with the Diva... but not sure how that works.

2.)Can I change my avatar name and sim name? If so, how?

3.)How can I have two sims in my Grid?

4.)Short Avatars seem to bounce really bad on most viewers except for the Imprudence viewer so far. I have looked on how to fix this to no avail. Even the one thing Inuyasha posted about it didn't help since that setting doesn't exist in my config file.

5.) Why is it that mesh (on mesh enabled viewers) that mesh can have such a higher Land Impact than it does on second life? I used even the same viewer and it has me baffled.

How does one back up a 2x2 var?

I have two in my grid, and I'd rather be safe than sorry...

I'm looking to install a Insider's build of Win 10, and considering the issues I had on my Win 7 machine... I'm taking precautions now.

Anyone know if Bitdefender Total Security 2017 is friendly to opensim instances? I do not want a repeat of AVG thinking my Opensim instances were a privacy risk. Thanks.

Sim on a stick keeps crashing for me and I keep losing inventory. Is there a way to recover the inventory from the crashes if I can't get sim on a stick to run?

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DreamWorld is a "one-click" setup program I wrote a few years ago to introduce new users to Opensimulator. I'm open sourcing it in hopes others may find it useful and improve on it. It copies the necessary files to disk, sets up Firestorm all ready to log in, and has pre-configured avatars that can log in to a +Linda Kellie Western Town all ready to explore on a horse.

One of these days I will find time to set this up for the latest version with Hypergrid and the simplified Onlook viewer. That would make it even simpler for new people to discover our world. If you have the technical knowledge to do so, please consider checking out a copy and consider pushing updates and changes back to the community.

Github includes the source, (VB dot net 2010), instructions to change things up.

The SOAS has mods to change the look and feel a bit, with pre-set avatar choices in the menu system. It's based on 0.7.5 SOAS.

Source is on Github in the DreamWorld folder.
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