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Hello My name is Kelly and Welcome to Teen Titans Roleplay!
This is a roleplay community for fans of the original Teen Titans.

Teen Titans GO! does not exist. got it? good
No bullying/trolling outside of roleplay
NO godmoding
Hentai posts must be marked as such!!
no Lewd pictures!
Make a profile. no roleplay till its approved.
Hero profile template

Secret Identity(required): 
Hero name(required):
Age:: (required ??? is not acceptable):
Weapons(required unless pacifist):
Powers(required if you have any):
Titan or Independent(required):

Antihero Profile Template

Secret Identity(required):
Antihero name(required):
Age: (required ??? is not acceptable):
Weapons:(required unless pacifist): 
Powers:(required if you have any):

Villain profile template

Secret identity(Required):
Villain name(required):
criminal record(optional) :
Age(required ??? is not acceptable):
Hive or Independent(required):
Weapons: (required unless pacifist)
Powers(required if you have any):

+Kelly Gatsby you there? haven`t seen you for a bit...))

Mind master is dead,ghost king is dating madame rouge,anti sight is being accepted back to the injustice league...a lot has happened...

((Open +Flowey the souless golden flower((Kelly Gatsby))​))

Hive east is in Tokyo as the titans are there...))

(Open +Alphys The Otaku Dino((Kelly Gatsby))

The hive gets a pie as they eat it they are mind controlled by mother Mae eye,meanwhile hive east is on a heist as the original hive appear as they aren't the same)

Hive east(laughs)

Hey gizmo,like your new clothes(he is dressed as a school boy)

Black fire:Nice clothes jinxie!(she's dressed as a school girl)

Krang:yo big guy wanna play on the gym?(mammoth is in a tuxedo)

Baxter:hey see more I like your eye patch!

((+Chara(Kelly Gatsby)​))

Name:mind master
Likes:mind control,illusions
Dislikes:party poops
Powers:mind powers,helmet
Friends:ghost king(sometimes)his slaves
Enemies:ghost king(sometimes)heroes
Bio:mind master was a normal man obsessed with illusions and so made a helmet to help him into making them a reality...

Mind master was walking around as he is stopped by titans east))

Care for a show?(he then makes a giant cat appear as it attacks...he then soon uses mind control on them)obey me new slaves!

Titans east:yes...master...

(He then is punched)

Ghost king:free them!

Mind master:no way! Attack minions!!!((open))

Name:bat creature(generic)
Age:???(because there's a lot)
Species:bat creature:(normal,albino,purple,sewer,Australian,etc.)
Likes:terrorizing people
Dislikes:the military,people,white nose syndrome
Powers:sonic screech,dive bombing
Friends:ghost king,other bat creatures
Enemies:people,pelican men,pelicans
Bio:an ainchent cross of man and bat bat creatures love terrorizing people

(is being asked by a talking cat to help)

((+Kelly Mozart ))

Antihero Profile Template

Secret Identity(required): Sammy Gray
Antihero name(required): third eye.
Gender:(optional): male
hobbies(optional): hanging with family.
Family(required): younger brothers named Jeffrey(age9) and Gary(age 11)
Age: (required ??? is not acceptable): 14
Weapons:(required unless pacifist): powers. 
Powers:(required if you have any): physic.
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