Hey RPG Ambience dev!

How has it been going? I am curious how your work on the next version is going.

I addition I just wanted to express my excitement about your mention of possible HUE Bulb integration. That sounds like it could be an exceptionally exciting addition to your tool.

Your app is already the best thing since sliced bread, and is now a staple in the campaigns I and my friends run.

It's been a while, but now there's a new version of the RPG Ambience Soundboard alpha with a few small additions and changes:

- The new Menu button lets you select how adventures are sorted and whether to group scenes by layer (Background/Foreground at this point).
- The playback interface now correctly shows which scenes are playing; those that happen to have the same name are no longer highlighted.
- Similarly, starting a scene during online play now causes only that scene to start on the other computers, not every scene that happens to have the same name.

Although there are always details to tweak and change (as well as adapting the playback interface for smartphones), the soundboard itself is nearing feature completion, except for the lack of an editing interface. I have already started thinking about how and when to implement the new version of RPG Ambience, which most notably includes an overhaul of how scenes are organized and stored. This will most likely affect the soundboard as well.

As always, if you've got feedback, let me know!

A new version of the RPG Ambience Soundboard alpha is out, with two new features:

- Online play is now simpler and faster: no Google Drive account is needed (although you still need a Google Drive account from which to download adventures) and the network delay is much lower.
- Currently playing scenes are highlighted in the user interface.

As always, I welcome any feedback!

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I've had a fair amount of experience with "slow" video games recently, so I decided to write down my thoughts on slow gaming as it relates to tabletop RPGs, including well-known concepts like strongholds and downtime activities.

What's your experience with slow gaming in the tabletop RPG world?

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I have deployed a new feature to the RPG Ambience Soundboard alpha: online play. Here's a summary of how it works:

- Press Online Play in the top left corner to get started.
- Anybody with a Google account can join.
- Everybody needs to have access to the adventure being played (either by using the same account everywhere or by sharing it in Google Drive).
- If players have different adventures selected, playback will actually still work if there happens to be scenes with the same name or hotkey in both adventures. This can be used to play different audio on different devices with a single click.
- Every command goes through Google's servers, so there is a noticeable delay that might be too long if "instant feedback" (such as well-timed sound effects) is needed.

IMPORTANT: Currently, mobile devices can only play scenes that were triggered on that device. This significant issue is caused by a very annoying browser restriction that I haven't yet worked around. This means that the current version of online play is primarily useful for using your tablet or smartphone as a remote control for your laptop or desktop computer.

As with other alpha features, I haven't had time to perform extensive testing of this, so I appreciate any feedback!

Here's another question: Which cloud storage services do you use other than Google Drive? Did you get a Google Drive account only to use RPG Ambience, or did you already have one before that?

To refresh everybody's memory: some of the largest services include Dropbox, OneDrive, iCloud, and Box.

I'm looking at adding support for other storage services, especially since I'm having some doubts about the permission model in Google Drive and want to make sure that users have other options.

Hello! I am really looking forward to trying out the soundboard specifically for the mobile option. However when I try to launch it, I get an error saying "There was an error logging in. Cannot read property 'scenes' of undefined"

I'm looking for some input on a feature of the current RPG Ambience (both the main version and the soundboard alpha). When you add a media file to an adventure, that file is not copied into the adventure but is instead only linked to from the adventure. This means that even if a media file is moved to a different folder, RPG Ambience can still access it. It also means that if a media file is changed, RPG Ambience will be updated (after a page refresh) with the new version of the media file.

This is made possible by how Google Drive organizes files (using IDs rather than file paths as in a traditional file system) and it has some benefits, such as conservation of space and being able to update a media file as mentioned above. That being said, it might not reflect how one is used to imported files being handled by other applications (such as image editors or audio editors), where imported files are often copied rather than linked.

My questions at this point are essentially these:

- Have you noticed this feature, or never even thought about it?
- Has this feature been of help to you, such as moving a media file within Google Drive without having to worry about file paths?
- Has this feature caused problems for you, such as unexpectedly having a media file in an adventure changed because you happened to edit the original file?

I'm reconsidering this feature for the next version of RPG Ambience (possibly in favor of a more traditional copy-rather-than-link approach), so insights into how it's actually used are valuable to me.

I like the loading bars on each tile as the app caches the media for that tile. That is helpful, rather than going back to the Scenes tab to check how many files have loaded.

RPG Ambience Soundboard supports mobile devices, but the user interface still isn't optimized for smartphones and doesn't look great. The main reason for this is that I haven't decided myself how it should look.

Would you use RPG Ambience Soundboard on a smartphone? If so, under what scenarios would you do it, and how would you expect the user interface to look?

One of the big questions is how much room each scene should take and how they should be placed. Clearly, thumbnails could either be reduced in size or removed entirely in favor of simple text labels (a user setting for that is in the works), but there are still other factors that depend very much on how RPG Ambience Soundboard would actually be used on a smartphone.

One of the scenarios that I've always envisioned for smartphone use is that each player would have a smartphone with just a small set of scenes that they can use to trigger sound effects for their own character's spells, attacks, and other skills. This would of course require network support (which isn't available yet) but is one example of how smartphone use could be different than tablet or desktop use.
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