ok so I haven't posted here in like forever so...........................
my new Killer Crush is Archangel Gabriel from the Syfy TV show: Dominion
he's so bad and he hates humans, i just really respect his whole being
Archangel Micheal is pretty cool but i'm not into him but he's the kind of guy that keeps things interesting

killer crushers i have a challenge  for you
name one killer who was real and do a full report on why he is your crush

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So your in remote, desolate location and you have to choose between Jason Voorhees, Micheal Myers, or Victor Crowley. 

All 3 are very similar, they're large, dead, and ready to chop you up!!!!

Your objective is to survive 24 hours.... Who would you go against?

Take the poll on the blog... we interested in hearing your answers!

short Bios, pics, videos, and things you may have not known about the characters and the movie included!!!!


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Check out our latest blog.....  CHUCKY Vs. LEPRECHAUN!

Bios, pics, videos, and a poll for you to answer who you think is the best out of the 2! 

Come take the poll and vote on your favorite

Comment, share, like etc....


What do Freddy Krueger, Pinhead, and Candyman all have in common?

They all have to be summoned in some way to get to you. Freddy in your dreams, Candyman in the mirror, and Pinhead through a box..

Now if you were stuck in a situation where your only way to get out was to have to call on one of these 3, who would it be?

Answer that in the poll  and much more, like info and a few behind the

scenes things you may not have known about the characters!
Also clips and more…


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My Killer crush would be Sweeney Todd! Plus it's Johnny Depp! :3
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My killer crush today (Lizeth Hernandez) is Johnny Depp, but from Dark Shadows.

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This is my killer crush for today. Burke from Burke & Hare.

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hello killer crushers im up late and ready to hunt 
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