Hi folks!

I'm preparing to run a game on Saturday for some friends, and since we won't have that much time, I was thinking of pregen characters - the book mentions that we can find some on the website, but the only ones I could find are the "halfgen" characters...

Are there full pregens, too? if so, where? 

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Hel, goddess of everyone not cool enough to go to Valhalla, has been my default convention scenario for a few years now.  I've run it perhaps a dozen times.  Hel never wins, even against new players but I believe she's a bit tougher than Thor.


+Ryan Macklin or anyone else who may read this who has built their own Myths, two questions...

* what is a reasonable range for the five base stats of a Greater Myth? (e.g. Wound Cost, Storm Dice, Starting Thunder, Starting Might, Might Refresh). The rules give range suggestions for lesser Myths, but not for greater.

* Do these values really matter that much in differentiating Myths, or is it really the Weapons that make the difference?

I ask because I plan to run a 4-7 session campaign of this starting in April, and will need to make up multiple Myths.

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Some cue cards I printed up to serve as play aids for Mythender!

Battle rules, Mythender time, and Mythmaster cue cards.

More rules questions:

The bonus storm dice you gain from charging a blight is that around until the end of combat, or until the end of turn?

If you take a titanic action, and roll nothing do you still get the option of paying might to re-roll before, you check the result?

this place still active? i became a huge fan at GenCon 2015

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Apparently, Judy Blume has been writing Mythender fanfic on the side...

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A while back, I mentioned that I was working on a web friendly version of the Mythender rules. With a bunch of help from +Alan De Smet  and +Ryan Macklin 's kind blessing, today I purchased MythenderSRD.com. Things should largely be working, but there are probably some formatting issues here and there. It should display OK on iOS devices, but I'd be interested to hear how it looks for Android users.

All in all, it's pretty much done, but if you find a rough edge that needs filing, please let me know.

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I whitnessed the most glorious thing yesterday. A Mythender stood motionless at the foot of Thorbege while a horde of Einherjar surged around him. He helped bring about their end by making them believe that they had been tricked into leaving Valhalla and would not be allowed back. He and his companions then honoured their slain enemies with a proper funeral. When Thor arrived and attacked them, the same Mythender proceeded to literally shame Thor to death for knowingly sending the Einherjar to their death because he was too lazy to face the Mythenders himself.

I've never seen those so metaphysical attacks before… they were awesome!

Someone help me. QwQ

I've come across Mythender, I think about a month ago. I was supposed to play it with a group of people on the internet on roll20.net, but the GM (or Mythmaster) suddenly backed out on us. 
To be honest though, I still want to play. I just don't know what I'm doing. I've read the book, and learned pretty much the background of Mythender, but not the actual game itself. I don't know what wounds, or what thunder dice is (I vaguely understand it.) I would love to see like an example or for someone to put maybe a little bit of time of their day to help me understand enough, that I can host my own mythender adventure, I guess? I've tried searching for youtube videos, but there was barely any search results, either. 
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