Alright, so, i've got a game coming up, somewhat convention-style, so i need to bring some premade mythenders to help shorten play time. Unfortunately, my creative juices are running dry, and I'm struggling to think of any really cool ideas that would also be fairly easy for new players to play (namely in weapon choices- most of my ideas aren't easily transferable into attacks and I want this game to be pretty easy). Does anyone have any characters that they've used previously, or at least some inspiration sources that i could use?

Does anyone have any supplies they use to represent Lightning and Might tokens? I've been trying to find some good ones online, but nothing seems to fit quite right. Could you provide a link, or at least a name of the manufacturer?

Just finished running the first session of Monster Ender where my players rid the Gothic World of the threat of vampires by Ending Dracula. It went super well, but we did have one rules question we couldn't find a firm answer for.

Do Blights lose their charges at the end of a battle, both for temporary Blights which become lasting and for any existing lasting Blights? I know lasting Blights created through Badass Feats start with one charge and that you can charge Blights up with Badass Feats but it wasn't super clear how the existing charges on a Blight at the end of a battle work.

I'm good with my dice, but not so happy with my tokens. I use glass beads for lightning and poker chips for might and they feel ok, but I think I want something more thematic. What's the coolest thing you've used or seen for lightning and might tokens?

I have now finished reading the book, and my girlfriend is about halfway through with it, and we think that we're ready to play, but don't want to spend $60 on all the dice and materials until we KNOW the game is for us. Would anyone be willing to Master a game for the two of us and/or join in so we've got a party of 3-4? Dates are still up in the air, but it definitely won't be this week, possibly next week on a weekday, or sometime after that

What is the difference between a Time, a Moment, a Turn, a Round, and an Action?

My current understanding is that Times are split between Enders and Masters, Rounds are one complete cycle from Master Time to Ender Time, Moments are each individual player's chunk of each Time where they can do stuff. Turns are Moments just in combat, and Actions are the process of describing, rolling, and then aftermath.

Also, i am to understand that, usually, there is one action per turn, one turn per time, and one time per round, however Gifts such as Swiftness can alter that, allowing for multiple Actions or even Turns during a Time?

Hi folks!

I'm preparing to run a game on Saturday for some friends, and since we won't have that much time, I was thinking of pregen characters - the book mentions that we can find some on the website, but the only ones I could find are the "halfgen" characters...

Are there full pregens, too? if so, where?

+Ryan Macklin or anyone else who may read this who has built their own Myths, two questions...

* what is a reasonable range for the five base stats of a Greater Myth? (e.g. Wound Cost, Storm Dice, Starting Thunder, Starting Might, Might Refresh). The rules give range suggestions for lesser Myths, but not for greater.

* Do these values really matter that much in differentiating Myths, or is it really the Weapons that make the difference?

I ask because I plan to run a 4-7 session campaign of this starting in April, and will need to make up multiple Myths.

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Hel, goddess of everyone not cool enough to go to Valhalla, has been my default convention scenario for a few years now.  I've run it perhaps a dozen times.  Hel never wins, even against new players but I believe she's a bit tougher than Thor.

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Some cue cards I printed up to serve as play aids for Mythender!

Battle rules, Mythender time, and Mythmaster cue cards.
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