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Today, I will accept premium subscription: That means you will get access to all my projects that I released in the past, and also to my future projects. The premium subscription cost 40 euro (one time, no monthly fees).
Now available projects are: Material Tasker Scenes + All tasks included, Dark Red Tasker, Dark Cyan and Dark Red UI Zooper, Eleganty, and Voice Assistent, The lastest homescreen for Nexus 5 and 9 (LLX), Material AutoCast, Full KLWP setup with Tasker integrations,... More will be uploaded soon...
Subscription can be done by clicking this link:

Thanks for the help in retrieving your shared profiles.
I have copied the profiles and task but in several of the task "unknown plugin" is shown. How do I correct this problem I have autovoice, autocontacts etc and there configured properly .

How send message from phone about battery level to Home Assistant to Google Home?

Noob here hi ryoen I was wondering if you could help me with something it's about a video you posted a while back on how to create a file browser I created one by looking at the video the only problem am facing is how did you get all the file names separated to show without the file folders path please help

Hello Sirs, noob question. What's the difference between Autolaunch and Tasker's launch app?

I have read several tutorials, that if your phone connects to your car bluetooth, it will start spotify ect.

What i am looking for and cant get to work is the other way around. So, when i start spotify, it also will start up the bluetooth since i have it always off.

The same for like google maps, if i start it, that it starts my gps.

Can some one help this noob?

Ryoen come on back to doing tutorials with Joas now developing tasker I see some big things coming

Suppose i have this array "%ARRAYPRINC" containing: "Item - $Value" for each line:

COCA - $8
PIZZA - $28

How to calculate sum values (to the right of the dash) without considering the names to the left of the dash?

Total: $39.00 dollars

Pessoal, alguém conhece um método para que o celular realize a seguinte operação:

- Cheguei em casa ou no escritório, onde tem Wi-fi, ele liga o Wi-fi e desliga os dados móveis.

- Saí de casa ou do escritório, ele desliga o Wi-fi e liga os dados móveis.

Tudo isso, baseado na localização.

New to Tasker... Can I pass WhatsApp content and the contact details to SMS so I can read them in the car? If so any pointers would be appreciated, thanks
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